1984 ~Music Fanzine with Flipside Fanzine On The Radio: KFJC 89.7 FM. Thirteen 1 hour tapes !!




A nice young fun Henry Rollins…. pic by Al Flipside for Flipside Interview with Black Flag by Al and Hud.

 I was enlightened in an alley. Beer, anarchy and music became my God.

Before cell phones, computers, and the WWW…   records were what the punks were listening to… scratched because they were played too much!!! Hear the records as they came warm from the vinyl bakery… a history of a youth gone mad… and then got older…some dead… the patina of punk rock. You just cannot send me away. I survived the valley of the dolls…Put this in your punk rock nostalgia blender… then on your pizza with garlic for punishment. There are many stories from THE BIG PUNK ROCK…this is just one of them …documented and served up for your ears only!!

Flipisde Issue 44 Lee Comic Issue KFJC Ad 001

KFJC 89.7 FM… notice the miss print in this issue of Flipside… ya we were too busy back then for editing…part of the old school charm..

KFJC 89.7 FM original aired Flipside Radio in 1984.

Here are thirteen 1-hour tapes with mostly a punk rock genre. Hudley Flipside hosted and recorded each tape at the Flipside House in Whittier California. Flipside Radio lasted for about a years’ time. Flipside Radio includes interviews with current individuals involved with the punk rock scene at the time; when all was unique, fresh and on the forefront. Lyell from KFJC was the guy that asked us and Hudley was the one to take it on… it was a peak time for punk rock and Flipside was running very fast with it…this is a taste… a little bit of that history.

Flipside Fanzine published from the late 1970s to the year 2000. It covered up and coming bands from the underground music scene in Los Angeles as well as internationally

So ready let’s go…on to Tape One

Tape One

Flipside 31 001


This is the first 60-minute recording from 1984. Right out of punk rock history. Enjoy, because you just never knew who would come a knocking on our door?

An interesting article in the Los Angeles times today 11/17/2012…in the Business section. “Hostess to go out of business” and how it synchronizes with the above tape, which contains an interview with Ian MacKaye about straight edge virus eating of sweets… and Al mentions the “Twinkle defense” in so many words…. awesome. Dan White killed San Francisco city supervisor Milk and Mayor Moscone due to the eating of Twinkies, and that he was depressed (hypoglycemia). Also, one of the reasons Hostess is going out of business is because consumers are getting smart about their diets and just don’t eat Twinkies anymore. Some 30 years ago and I win the argument today… how good is that…ahead of me time …. ahata life is strange…nasty sweet.

Tape Two next…

Tape Two

Halloween time with the crew...Gus, Al, Hud, Helen

Halloween time with the crew…Gus, Al, Hud, Helen

Hudley at the uptown art loft where we lived and did business for over a year.

KFJC 1984: Tape two is about the revolution… “The Revolution is going to be now… doing it Now” This is for all the nostalgia that is happening now in 2013 and the fun I am having looking back.  Communication was difficult then…speaking and writing was not our perfection… yes, we were coarse, angry and at times silly…. But we were real and did something regardless of how unprepared we were… raw, ready and in your face…learning as we went forward… hopefully, just like the kids today…out of the past into the future…remember to have fun!! (I did not like Saint Vitus then… now they sound OK)

At that time, we were having some issues with SST. In truth, I am thankful to SST because they abundantly advertised in many of our issues and helped us in the process of being published. Then again, we got their message out to their fans and contributed in the process of record sales. A nice little punk arrangement. Don’t you think?

I am not going to tell yak what is on the tape… you never know who you will hear from~ music or interviews… so surprise…

(The big punk rock revolution became nostalgia, big festivals with big babysitter bouncers… and The Ramones on stupid TV commercials… )

Razorcake Interview Podcast, By Staff, Tuesday, September 01 2009

Razorcake Interview Podcast, By Staff, Tuesday, September 01 2009

1984 the BIG PUNK ROCK!! Watch out for those bean burritos…!!

(2 out of 13 tapes 1984)!

Tape Three next.

Tape Three



The Streets of San Fransisco. With Pete Landswick, X8 and Hud. Picture by Al Flipside. We were following The Specials and Madness late 70s.

Another day another dive into a blast from the BIG PUNK ROCK past… this tape includes an attempt to hear A – Z selections from our once authentic underground Flipside Fanzine record vinyl collection … have fun and enjoy or suffer. PLAY LOUD and listen with your favorite person, animal, or brew… or whatever. It isn’t want you may think. and it will surprise you…listen for the prizes on the CD of music. Sometimes I played White Nigger to get a certain guy’s goat… there was a lot of power in a song back then.  Don’t worry I did not pull out any songs from Al’s special 70s collection… oh maybe a few. A special thank you to Pete Landswick, Al Flipside, The Dickies and Buzzcocks live, and Minor Threat special songs… also I forgot to give credit to a song by Channel 3, Manzanar…

Tape Four is next…

Tape Four


Food in Whittier California…


The box was addressed to a rented room; it was part of a large old Victorian house in Rochester New York. The box contained several copies of Flipside Fanzine and 13 cassette tapes of KFJC. I guess AL Flipside felt sorry for me and mailed them. Twenty years later the box has been with me on a long journey. In time, I upgraded the cassette tapes to CDs. Then for the last 6 years the box, with CDs, was placed in a closet to mature almost as good as whiskey.

I often wondered what I would do with the tapes, and thought to just throw them away. I tried a few different approaches of presenting the discs, but lost interest. Now, I have found the perfect place to present the tapes on my WordPress blog.  It was rather easy to do: I can rip the CDs through Windows Media changing their format to a compatible one to post on my WordPress blog. Good golly Mrs. Molly!!!

These CDs preserve a part of Flipside Fanzine’s musical history which is all about the BIG PUNK ROCK. I have not listened to them in 28 years. I admit to being embarrassed, humiliated, and happily touched by the last three published tapes.

This was one of many examples of being MORE THAN A WITNESS….

Tape Five is Next…

Tape Five

Wattie 001


No justification for playing what I liked in 1984…there was a scheme on my part of supporting and promoting bands that we at Flipside Fanzine liked. There is repetition of music and this was because back then we did not have such an over stimulated media of hand-held devises with instant gratification fucking all the time. There were lots of spaces between us: of waiting and …wondering and …creating: then pulling and gathering together around bands, radio, flyers, and fanzines.

While hosting, sometimes I like being irritating and penetrating on purpose…who can tell what was on my mind back then… Remember most of the music we were playing was fresh and juicy…new and everyone was eager to see what was happening… a community of wild youngsters, such as “Suppose they gave a war and no one comes.” This quote was directly ripped off from a 1970’s Hawaii Five-0 episode. I love TSOL!!

I always tried to put a little tender music into my 60 minutes; because the testosterone was peaking in most band members at about that time… so it was good for us… I guess. At the time…

Enjoy Flipside Fanzine Radio…!!

Tape Six is Next…


With special Pat Fear of White Flag humor RIP


Records to go in Whittier California

“What’s changed?”

Has saying “FUCK in front of your mom*” turned to shooting your mom down and are “the terrorists” now our own young men? This is what has changed my jello biafra!

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

― George Orwell, 1984

It was a brave new world…1984. Years later it is worse …and as I write this on the eve of, 6 days before, December 22, 2012…I think what a terrible year it has been for our children. Yet, from so many years ago this music seems as relevant today as it did then. It is saying something strange and uncanny to us now. Antenna up I am listening to the new music but I am not caring as much as in my youthful days. When people die life goes on, when some individual stops listening to new and upcoming music…the music goes on.  This is the continuity of punk rock, new and underground music. This motif is and can be applied upon any underground scene. Back in 1984 it was tight, refreshing, and crazy out of control… and this tape captures it.

This tape balances in some fun …lots. We all can use the humor to slap the sober out of our disbelief. Yes, finally the interview with Pat Fear of White Flag (some musical history humor) …also the Charged GBH mini interview and live Dead Kennedys from the Olympic Auditorium~ via Flipside Fanzine live videos…

oh, happy birthday Penelope Houston!!!! Today… Dec/17/2012 …another ironic touch down from the past to the present with Penelope Houston of the Avengers… a thread that pulls…listen to this tape and it will give you the chills!!

“The greater a man’s talents, the greater his power to lead astray. It is better that one should suffer than that many should be corrupted. Consider the matter dispassionately, Mr. Foster, and you will see that no offense is so heinous as unorthodoxy of behavior. Murder kills only the individual-and, after all, what is an individual?” – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 10

The Vandals Song Anarchy burger. “FUCK in front of your mom”, Dead Kennedys “What’s changed” and “the terrorists”… direst quotes from songs and bands… this is my source of referencing. OK!

Tape Seven is Next…



Another day is here and time for an Interview with DC hardcore band Second Wind … interviewed by Huck the cat. Flipside Fanzine 6 year anniversary issue  Geez we use to have so much fun…Enjoy Flipside Radio the real deal!!! Also something at the very end of track two for all of you Germs nerds !

Tape Eight is Next baby…


Flipsideside Po Box 363


Weirdo Enjoy the BIG PUNK ROCK *1984 *the real deal * Flipside Fanzine radio *tape number eight.

This tape was released around 28 fucking years ago.  Where a process of recording, organizing, mailing, and airing tapes live turned out to be a very successful project indeed !!…  Wow!! Projects took some time back in the 1980s. All sent through our post office box. The Flipside post office was a busy place in Whittier California. One little tiny post office box handled vast number of gifts. Which consisted of records, mail, ads, and money. It was like Christmas every day. Then there was the Post Office Master. A lady that I hated at first but who turned out to leave little gifts for us in our ‘pobox each Christmas season. She thought we were weird at first with our wild ways… but later she became a part of our unofficial crew in her own dependable way. Enjoy a cameo appearance by Henry Rollins.

(You must trust your eyes you’re not insane)


Live Flipside Video Music with Plain Wrap at the legendary Cathy De Grande..on Track 2...



Always a special thank you to Lyell a Corrosion of Conformity song for you !!

Tape nine is next…


Flipside radio

Left right left.. Punch… Jane [John] Wayne was a Nazi… tape nine nine nine…Beware!!

Here is some more hissing and scratches on vinyl to listen to. Isn’t it precious!? I am publishing these tapes because it is fun. It is opening a door and visiting the past where some things are worth remembering and some things suck… those things I forget for good… “They can just go take a fucking walk.”This was released in the autumn of 1984 and it honestly documents musical herstory in a surprising way… so please do not enjoy at all! We are a generation of another state of mind also know as  the Jane generation. We will keep bugging you until all of our colorful balloons pop way up in the sky .The Sound of Music… Charged GBH, Lou Reed, Adrenaline OD, Live Redd Kross, The family of Circle One, Slade and much more!! BE MORE THAN A WITNESS… until next time…!! Thanks to all the bands on these tapes… !!
Tape ten is next…


Punk Rock Museum Flipside Cartoon Issue

Flipside Cartoon Issue form The Punk Museum



Sharing these tapes for free is like sharing an old jazz tune or inspiration experience. It has its place in the continuity of the punk rock experience of 1984. This is what I should have told the young woman who liked to come to this pub on punk rock DJ nights. She enjoyed listening to 30-year-old music. The thirty-year-old magazine she referred to documented the 10 % punk rock experience!

Once upon a time at the local pub a woman in her twenties looked over at me. She was talking to a friend and I heard her say,

“I don’t know what the big deal is? That magazine came out over thirty years ago?”

She then looked over at me again. I looked back at her. I raised my shoulders and rolled my eyes as if to say,

“I know what ya mean.”

This pub is considered a music pub. The founder Patrick Fairley was in the 60′s band Marmalade.  Here a long line of DJs who just happened to play 1980s punk rock. Punk rock is a unique genre and like jazz we all rejoice in the awesome sound of its originators. Going to the pub is kind of like going to church. The sociology of religion states that 80% of people going to church do so for social reasons. Only 10% go to have a religious experience. A pub is the same way. When ya add some great music and beer this is the place to be to do the 80% thing or the 10 % thing…or both.

As the spirituals gave birth to the Blues and then Jazz; so, does it inspire the music we listen to today? I don’t go to church anymore but I do go to pubs and for me it is a 10% experience. In the 1700s pubs often held meetings under the convert of drunks but, it was the beginning of revolution. It was about individuals who came together; who opposed the Church of England and their government. They sang their pub songs or hymns around the fireplace, and hidden in these songs were the lyrics and tunes that inspired the people.

Punk rock can be like going to church and it can be an 80% social thing. To me it has always been about the 10% punk rock experience. It is inspirational, thrilling and has the ability to awaken one to wild possibilities of hope and creativity as any good ‘old Jazz song does.


Flipside 44 Lee Comic Issue 001

A dollop for your reading pleasure from 1984 fans. Taken from the letter section of Flipside Fanzine Lee Issue # 44, 1984. We published 7 issues in 1984.    This tape is dedicated to all the Los Angeles Glitter Scene  women who became the foundation of an early punk rock scene….http://www.alicebag.com/womeninlapunk.html ( may not be current ?) and to Pat Fear for his Flipside theme song.

LIVE Public Image Ltd. from Flipside Videos !!

the missing 10 % is unclassified, SNFU or part of the X-files.. so go screw!

Tape Eleven next…




Terry Brogan:  So what is it you don’t like exactly, football players, tacos, or beer?
Jessie Wyler: I like tacos and beer. ~ Against All Odds -1984
It was 1984 and we did not like American society. The tapes were recorded in 1984. It was a time of not thinking so highly of yourself either. Just getting by day by day and putting out a ‘zine kept us inspired, and against all odds, we helped to give our scene a voice; both to spread the word locally and internationally.  These tapes are part of that voice. These tapes are very personal to me and have value to me. I share them freely out of the spirit of what the Punk Rock scene was. It has been about three months since I first started sharing these Flipside Radio tapes.  The response is good. Flipside Radio hosted by me…something for your heart and mind! Only two left to go.

FLipside Fanzine

Sounds of Music: TSOL, Kahili Gibran, Peter & Gordon, Fast Freddie And The PermissionsStiff Little Fingers, TSOL Interview by Pete and Al, Free Shows, Agent Orange, DOA, Joe Jackson.
Tape twelve next…


Hudley Flipside Picitre by Al lipside 1978


This may be the last tape of Flipside Radio. I have misplaced tape number 13; the CD but not the cassette tape. This is a good thing…I guess. So, if you are not totally saturated with punk nostalgia yet… I hope this pines at your heart and that the sounds, that the music and bands make, are like little cat Z who takes his hat off and unleashes a Voom, and cleans out the hardening of your arteries…

Sounds of Music: Kraut, Carrie Nation film clip, Desperate Teenage Love Dolls soundtrack, Merlin film clip, The Dickies, Butthole Surfers, Live at Perkins Palace DECRY .and then surprise ending… 1984 x-mas HA HA!! Kiss Your Ass goodbye!!

…on to the last tape…of authentic 1984 punk rock!!

 Tape Thirteen

John Crawford 001

John Crawford art in a Flipside letter section ..baby!!

Nothing like being rewarded after a good Spring cleaning and organizational craze and then finding the mysterious 13th KFJC Flipside Fanzine Radio tape, but I knew I would find it. Not in the kid’s CD collection like I thought but in the bottom of a family picture box?? Yet, I am fucking organized now. My life’s work, so far, in four plastic containers.

On track two of this tape is a revealing talk about Creative Anarchists of America and having a music festival, a very prophetic time for things to come, music wise. Yes, it did not take off in the ’80s…so the story goes. The seeds were planted and this may be the goal of any anarchist or counterculture individual. The 90s grew a few desert musical sprouts…yes, The Burning Man and Coachella are the mass appeal of something that once started out as a rebellious dream by a handful of nobody punks!! So, the profits go. Believe me I am laughing the loudest!!

Enjoy the tape. Some great bands. We were so spoiled, back in the day. This is it a type of emotional, punk rock, 1984, found tape, closure for me… it feels good for me…feels good.

Remember make a music love punk history donation… BE MORE THAN A WITNESS!!

Overkill on  and ZoundZ out on this music..track one… sorry but that is how it was… new, rebellious and it meant something… Tape 13 Track one and two …




Joe Dog

Image designed for a New Wave Chicken story to come out soon. https://hudleyflipside.com/2016/02/26/new-wave-chicken-zine/

Thanks for listening…

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 THANKS ~ Hudley

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