Richard Wagner, Rudolf Steiner and Allegories of the Ring from the Mundane to the Esoteric

Brunhilde takes the ring from Siegfried’s finger and declares:

 This fire, burning flame,

Cleanses the curse from the ring!

It all started by a visit to the Griffith Observatory to the Samuel Oschin Planetarium to see “Light Of The Valkyries”  set to the music of Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. We called it an initiation by Wagner. It was. Since then the doors have opened for me and it is an intuitive time for me, as well as a time to go back and visit old esoteric friends, and their other worldly fairy tales. In all truth it whispers responsibilities of human consciousness and human evolution. The cosmos and earth are part of our evolution. This is all put into to a most simplistic little 170 page book by George Hastings.

I fool you by the word simplistic.

It is because of my 30 years of study which gives me the ability to understand the concepts and allegories outlined in this book.  When one combines Norse-Icelandic mythological and heroic poetry with Richard Wagner and the Occultist Rudolf Steiner, a lesson is meant to be learned. I cannot walk away from this and somehow I have been found once more to take on the study.

Wagner’s Ring Cycle Operas,

This rather small book outlines Wagner’s Ring Cycle Operas. Yes, from the Mundane to the Esoteric. He concludes this book with Wagner’s Parsifal because Hastings believes it is a conclusion in truth to the Ring Cycle. I feel one needs to be ready to read this book, if not one should read some of Rudolf Steiner’s work as well as a general understanding of the Operas. My background is based on the esoteric- occult writings of Max Heindel and Corinne Heline.

Heindel, Heline and Steiner set the stage.

Their books are exceptional foundations and very complementary to Hastings book. Yet, one can also be inspired just to read it and who knows what insights may be initiated by reading this fine work. I learned the world archai. This is the highest realm of the Angels. If you want to expand you mind and take on some fun and interesting reading; this might be the book for you. I loved it. I will go back to visit with it many times again !!


Richard Wagner, Rudolf Steiner and Allegories of the Ring from the Mundane to the Esoteric

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