th (17)I guess I am just down and dirty disillusioned. I am aware of the Punk Rock Picnics,,  that have been going on for the last few years. The Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas,,  for years now. I just do not get the appeal? What I see as the continuity of Punk Rock is appealing to me. The idea of a bunch of Punk bands playing does not. It is like condensed punk rock. So much and so many and out in the open is not appealing to me at all.

What pulled me into punk in the late 1970’s was the small clubs and small groups, the intimacy of friends. The Golden Voice shows grew in Los Angeles and Santa Monica into the Olympic Auditorium and Santa Monica Civic Auditorium…  shows as these were as big as I could stand it~ for me. I was spoiled and spent most of my time backstage. It burned me out too. I just do not get it? Why do these bands that I have viewed, known and loved want to gather together like a bunch of hippies and party in such as massive way? Like Coachella man. This really sucks! I am very sad and just don’t get that this is really happening.  My family tells me, “Hey, they can do what they want!” And, “Why should you care what they do?” My reply is from deep inside me, “It is so stupid…I hate this. Is this what Punk Rock has come to?”  Is it all about recognition, being cool or popular or making bigger bucks? I wonder how many punk bands said no to play at this outdoor festival. Is there any individualized thinking going on here anymore?

There has always been the fine line, a place that bands crossed.  They went on to the major record labels.  Some bands crossed the line and for them the fans could not be held back.  This is not what I am talking about. It is about jamming so many bands together over such a short time in a hippie like festival. I just don’t get it. It is a disloyalty to the small clubs and quaint shows.  This is not supporting your local bands.

Maybe I am wrong but I can honestly say that I just don’t feel the vibe, it does not inspire me and I will never go to one of these really big shows. I guess it is just me. I have been moving back to quality over quantity for a couple of years now. I feel better this way. It will not be the first time I stood alone. SO be it…