The Punk Museum Presents Punk Sex and Money June 10th 2012.

CURATED by Tequila Mockingbird and she gives everyone a good show for a 5-buck donation to the Punk Museum. As the Punk nostalgia nasties are hitting us all hard. There is art, music, and food to play with. Tonight, you can talk and mingle with artists. I feel what Tequila is achieving here is impressive. If anything, it is a hell of a lot of fun. Whether it is annoying longtime friends, making new ones, or just hiding in the corner in deep observation, it is alright.

It was good to have conversation with a couple of persevering women such as Gypsy de Szendrey (RIP) music editor of Power Edge Magazine or Artist L.E. Dubin. Punk Museum has good parking and that agreeable Los Angeles loud environment.

The pictures below are random free-radical shots to give one the feeling of being there. Towards the end of the event, I got lost when Radioactive Chickenheads played. I think it was the radiation that got to me or the Diablo!!

(all photos by Hudley)

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