The box was addressed to a rented room; it was part of a large old Victorian house in Rochester New York. The box contained several copies of Flipside Fanzine and 13 cassette tapes of KFJC. I guess AL Flipside felt sorry for me and mailed them.

Twenty years later the box has been with me on a long journey. In time I upgraded the cassette tapes to CDs. Then for the last 6 years the box, with CDs, was placed in a closet to mature almost as good as whiskey.

I often wondered what I would do with the tapes, and thought to just throw them away. I tried a few different approaches of presenting the discs, but lost interest.

Now, I have found the perfect place to present the tapes on my WordPress blog.  It was rather easy to do: I can rip the CDs through Windows Media changing their format to a compatible one to post on my WordPress blog. Good golly Mrs Molly !!!

These CDs preserve a part of Flipside Fanzine’s musical history which is all about the BIG PUNK ROCK.

I have not listened to them in 28 years. I admit to being embarrassed, humiliated and happily touched by the last three published tapes.

This was one of many examples of being MORE THAN A WITNESS….

Now for Tape Four 08/13/84…

KFJC Hosted By Hudley Flipside Tape four 08/13/84 02 Track 2 a

KFJC Hosted By Hudley Flipside Tape four 08/13/84 02 Track 2 b

Here are all 13 tapes…


Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Ten Year Anniversary Issue # 54 for sale. (replica) 1977 to 1987 Documentary of the early Punk Rock Scene.