Flipside radio

Left right left.. Punch… Jane [John] Wayne was a Nazi… tape nine nine nine…Beware!!

Another Monday another tape from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Radio.  Here is some more hissing and scratches on vinyl to listen to. Isn’t it precious!? I am publishing these tapes because it is fun. It is opening a door and visiting the past where some things are worth remembering and some things suck… those things I forget for good… “They can just go take a fucking walk.”This was released in the autumn of 1984 and it honestly documents musical history  in a surprising way… so please do not enjoy at all! We are a generation of another state of mind also know as  the Jane generation. We will keep bugging you until all of our colorful balloons pop way up in the sky .The Sound of Music… Charged GBH, Lou Reed, Adrenaline OD, Live Redd Kross, The family of Circle One, Slade and much more!!

KFJC Tape Nine 1984 Hosted By Hudley Track 1

KFJC Tape Nine 1984 Hosted By Hudley Track 2

BE MORE THAN A WITNESS… until next time…

Here are all 13 tapes…


Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Ten Year Anniversary Issue # 54 for sale. (replica) 1977 to 1987 Documentary of the early Punk Rock Scene.