The magic school bus smells bad..


I know that the Los Angeles Unified School District should upgrade their stinky buses. They do not have seat belts either and the mufflers on these buses are behind to the right in your face. Choke, sick, dumb ass. I feel that it should be a priority to have all school buses upgraded to a modern hybrid green standard.

This would set the state ahead of all others.  So much bull on the voting ballads these days. Would you pay some extra taxes to upgrade school buses? I sure would. Just like I pay extra money for air-conditioning during the horrible summer heat. I think we should send a bunch of Blue Meanies after all of the LAUSD officials anyway…

SO today while dancing and moving on into the full moon on Monday, we now have a waxing moon that will be getting bigger, bigger and bigger. I am riding this wave while listening to a little moon-glow with the Blue Meanies… while licking roses that are blossoming… this early spring.

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