Holly White’s story: My Clone, Don’t bother to explain!


I love the film The Three Faces of Eve staring Joanne Woodward. Having multiple personality disorder has always seemed interesting to me. Her personalities are Eve White, Eve Black and Jane. I really like Eve Black because she has all the fun. She does all the things that a responsible mother and wife can not do. Eve Black goes out dancing with all the men. She goes to clubs, bars and parked cars at night. She told lies and seemed to get what she wanted such as shoes and dresses. Eve White did not know about Eve Black but Eve Black knew about her. It is sad when Eve white gets better. Jane takes over as the dominate personality and both Eve White and Eve Black melt into her as a whole person. I miss Eve Black when she dies to Jane’s personality.

My clone would be like Eve Black, the difference being, that she would be her own person. She would do all the things Holly White can’t do because of responsibilities and commitments. Holly Black would not be an evil shadow of Holly White.  Holly Black would bring to life those entirely wildly romantic, silly and fun things that Holly White dreams about. Holly Black would not be shy or bashful. She would be the complementary, contrary and opposite of Holly White. Not that Holly White is boring!! Holly White and Holly Black would get along handsomely.

The clone war might start, as witnessed with some identical twins, when Holly Black starts really being her whole separate self from Holly White.  Holly Black would do the things that Holly White could not get herself to do. Holly White would always be looking over her shoulder and wondering,

“What if that guy over there thinks it was me who he spent the night with instead of Holly Black?”


 Human nature is a strange thing. I wonder what sort of unfulfilled dreams Holly Black would have that would be naturally different from Holly White? This too would start a clone war because what would eventually happen would be Holly White’s deepest fear. Holly Black falling in love with Holly White’s husband…

My Point being is that a clone of Holly White would be genetically the same. Yet, Holly Black would not have the same soul or spirit as Holly White. If there had to be a clone war then this is Holy White’s story.

Moral of this clone war story…

I do not like wars or the idea of clones… it is all so complicated and nature does a great job with the birds and the bees and us strange human beings… let’s not mess with it!!  I think this is the message that Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was warning us about in her novel Frankenstein.



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