Rings of a tree are the chapters that tell the story of a tree’s life. They live a very long time. They sleep alive unconsciously but very dependent and receptive to the physical and spiral world around them. As their physical body sways in the wind their vital body takes in life: assimilates; while also being involved in the process of letting go of life: excretion. Photosynthesis and carbon dioxide is the life of a tree.  We are very dependent on tress for their processes of life. We have a physical body and a vital body too, but unlike trees we can walk, talk and cut them down.

Hecate in general is the ancient goddess of maiden, mother and crone. She represents the three-rings of a woman’s life. Not all women take this path and some men do it better than women, I am now on the third-ring. The three rings do spiral around like the tree and blend. Yet, there is a definite stage for each ring.

The image below describes the story of my life. Collectively, consciously and unconsciously I have grown with these three different rings of life.

If one could dive into any one of the three rings of my life they would find a different person.

Youth or maidenhood was irresponsible, wild and free… here life seemed to go on forever.

Three phases of Hecate copy

Motherhood is when my children taught me responsibility, joy and love.

Cronehood is teaching me how to be patient, respect others,

to know what real friendship is and what community is,

Life is precious and every moment counts for something.

I invite other women, and men, to create a three-ring image of themselves… for thoes who have lived as long….