The Universal Cafe: Chinatown in San Fransisco Mid-1970s

Sallie and Holly 1970s 001Sallie and Holly 1970s San Fransisco

Before I awoke this morning a giant image came before me. This image was a scrolling web page that slowly came before my gaze…. announcing  the page was a man’s voice,

“Welcome to the Universal Cafe!!”

He kinda sounded like the guy who says,

“Let’s get ready to rumble”

Ya,  Michael Buffer. The voice I heard was not so ‘crescendoed-out ‘ but was announced in a firm welcoming way. I tried not to wake up but it was too late my eyes opened.

Yesterday sister Sallie and I were talking about the Universal Cafe located in Chinatown San Fransisco. We use to go there in the 70s. Sallie was in her early twenties and I was in my early teens. Mostly, we traveled up north from the  Los Angeles area to visit our brother Greg. We found this café while walking around Chinatown. When we went there it was a Chinese restaurant but it has now become an organic restaurant. At the time we always ordered the seaweed soup. It was severed in a big beautiful  bowl.  Our table had two individual bowls set up for us with our own lovely Chinese spoons.


It is a treat I will always remember. What we enjoyed most about the soup were the gizzards that added extra flavor and texture.


We were brought up on cannibal sandwiches…


so this soup made us laugh and enjoy every savory mouthful. I remember it being a chicken based soup with eggs, vegetables, seaweed and gizzards: Maybe even some shrimp, tofu and fish too?  It was simply delightful!


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