Flipside Fanzine Catalog 1980s

I mean, from all the randomly, bloody, ripped apart, images, videos, and stuff from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine products online…I hope this pulls it together! I originally put this catalog together because that was my job. A special time to have creative fun!

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine once was on the cutting edge of supporting and documenting a growing punk rock scene.

Let us face it … trees are doing much better now that the printing press is getting competition. The popularity of eBooks over paperback novels is a well-known truth. Great for the trees!! Yet, there was a time, not so long ago, when the Xerox machine was just as revolutionary. I do not want to bore you because all the knowledge you need is on your hand-held device. But not the experience…. I got that until I die over you so go screw!! I see a lot of the old Flipside Fanzine stuff online, all over the place. The shit hit the fan!! Collectors ask me questions which I do not want to answer. So here is the catalog, for a certain time and place, that may help you organize all that free and not so free Flipside shit out there. This is designed by yours truly a long time ago when I still had a period.

Use it, abuse it, print it, and then use it again, delete it or scream at it…. best yet, laughter may be the best medicine…it is for me. It was damn creatively dense back in my punker youthful days, like a star being pulled into a black hole. This was not a theory or based on images or equations but shows what really happened. As a romantic, for me, experience trumps anything and everything… which is why I am surprised this is still around. Enjoy and it will help you put the puzzle together.

Cover of Flipside Catalog 001
Page one of flipside video 001
flipside video two 001
fs vidoe three 001
fs video four 001
fs catalog five 001
fs cat six 001
fs cat seven 001
fs cat eight 001
fs cat 10 001


As they did to me… hand over mouth and big wet kiss…

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