New to an older dame…

The Grinch by Shyane

The last month nothing has changed. Only that I also have another room juxtaposed next to this one; in this home I know as WordPress. One room is for posting and one for a new business. This is my Go-Daddy joint. I may have found out that I am riding more of a cutting edge, to what is happening now, in the online digital eBooks world. The variety is amazing. Underground to more expensive editing etc. What I have found out in the past year is that this in my WordPress home; an open door is available to a global community. English is a global language. Or maybe it is a shame that I don’t write and read more languages.

Reaching a global collective readership is amazing to me. Everyday  one read from Mexico, Australia and Brazil amuses me. Even though my creativity is taken a fall off, due to seasonal depression,  my readership is delightfully consistent, Now this is new to me.

Thanks to the global WordPress community….

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