More Adventures of Sony and Raubie : He declared.

 “I’m here I’m there, I’m everywhere…I’m the underwear man.!”


While shopping I pulled the wet mustard greens up. Curly, green, and alive, this image sparked a memory from my mental files. Back to when the million-dollar homes around my parent’s house were once fields of green, purple wild flowers or yellow dirt weeds; depending on the season.

This is when the hills and fields of Mulholland of Los Angeles County were also as wild. The new asphalt streets echoed with the sound of nature and children playing. We were somehow the hillbillies of Woodland Hills. Not too rich but wild. The neighborhood was horsey and Ruff and I noticed the for-sale signs around. At dusk, we pulled the real estate posts down with a rope looped around a saddle horn. The signs always were reassembled the next day.

Through long walks and long strides; windy days and pounding rain…we kept on riding our horses. I am spoiled to have had such a wellspring of wild freedom as a youth. Dangerously taking to the hills. One-time off Topanga Canyon Blvd., which we called the Snake, we were riding towards a dark forest in the curve of a tall hill. Sony and I fell into a ditch hidden by a monster of wild sage.

I can still see that ditch today driving the Snake to and from Pacific Coast HWY.

On this day Sony and I were trapped. I could not get Sony up. He was pinched in. The only way out was down a 10-foot drop… or longer. We all were terrified. Ruff and I went to the closest house and they dialed 911. Fire trucks arrived. Alarms turned off. Twelve big men, two young teenage girls and one-horse safe, while my Sony was stuck. It was a terrible adventure that left the Firemen overwhelmed. I heard them talking and analyzing the situation.

“It does not look too good for your horse.” Said one of the men.

“Do you parents know where you are?” Said another man in red.

I just shrugged my shoulders. An hour went by. Sony was surrounded with dirt, weeds and hanging over a cliff… with a red shell of fireman around him mocking protection. I was beside myself in grief. Then I turned away and heard a scream. I turned back, looked up and witnessed Sony dancing a full 360 head first then gallop down the hill as flying directly to me. He nuzzled his nose to mine and we both walked away. Sony was fine.

The green fields of Mulholland often were filled with wild mustard greens that housed many a tick. Black little bugs that sucked the blood of our horses or our legs and bare feet. The yellow little blossoms in bunches came higher than our horses. The wild flowers went on for miles.

Once riding through a long dense forest of mustard greens we came upon and opening. We were about a couple of miles from any homes. A big rock was in the middle of a round tunnel about twelve feet across. We saw a little boy come out screaming from bush and then ascended on top of the rock. He was in his underwear except for his red cape behind him.

“I’m here I’m there, I’m everywhere…I’m the underwear man.!” The little strange boy declared.

He looked at us and then ran down the rock and back into the wild mustard greens, now taller than our horses, never to be seen again??

To the Snake… From A Mad woman


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