All about a song…. once more… one note to the next …

Black sheep

I know this Minor Threat song and what it means.. It was understandable. Today I can relate to it in a new way. I feel more punk today then I ever have in regards to how things are going. Being out of step with the world especially popular culture. Doing my own thing like the little black sheep (lamb) that runs from the crowd. I was young when the song came out… wanting to change things… now I am a crone still wanting to change things. What has changed for me… nothing really. I may have aged and gained a few pounds; but my integrity is still sound and  I am an honest odd ball that shows loyalty as a major fault. I still believe in something bigger than myself and I still believe that an individual can make a difference.

So now that Pluto is saturating the airways I feel overwhelmed with the anger/anxiety to express myself… to a luke-warm world… ya you most likely want to put an ax to my head. If not literally… symbolically…well there was a day when that voice did mean something and it still does…at least to me it does… maybe there is a little black sheep (lamb) on the planet Pluto… a friend to the underworld… my friend too.

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