Prompt a long…the perk of acknowledge is a nice high now and then.

Punk Museum with Martin Atikins. This evening was NOT on Valentines Day More stats 1
City Baby from Highgate to Hawaii, Life and GBH by Ross Lomas More stats 1
Looking-For-Mr-Goodbar-01-4 More stats 1
555, Something like a Fairy Tale

I haven’t done a prompt for a while so I though it might be fun to do one today.

Stats on WordPress are fun to have. As you may know it alerts the writer to who is reading what and how often. I like this and I enjoy the continuity of some of my posts that seem to get the most viewing. My Punk Rock, films and sometimes “strange things” postings get the most viewing. I love to know that my readership is a global one. Yet mostly from the USA and England.


It still holds me a little back when I think that Punk Rock is so attractive to readers, NOW. During the 1980’s it was a hard-sell. It was a long time ago when I was that wild girl working on an underground ‘zine… but it seems books, documentaries, universities and readers want to know about that time and place. All those punk rock nooks and crannies over and over again.

Praing Mantis Valentime

I did not have their support 30 years ago. Now my posts and stories are not so punk rock or strange. I would like support for my new posts, art and poetry. I feel like I’m  back in the 1980’s when no one was interested unless it was free promoting, a free review or acquiring free information from us. This is getting kinda old for me.

A Quid Pro Quo is not what I’m looking for  now but something more integral!

001 - Copy

 I will keep doing what I want, SNAFU or DIY….. that is how I live. It is a hell of a lot easier to publish now but getting support has never been easy. That takes a lot of time, hard work and money.

Do you give people what they want more of? Or do you keep doing what you believe in and what inspires YOU? Easy question for me to answer. Yet the “perk of acknowledge” is always a nice high now and then.

“perk of acknowledge” like “5 buck” is OK by me… a pack of Condoms or cigarettes…

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