No teeth and giggling

Coming generations will learn equality from poverty, and love from woes.

~ Khalil Gibran

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A bowing to my hidden psyche, and a bowing back to the child of the cosmos!

We will be OK!!

At the most troubling times strange things happen. I knew a flip was on the way. I felt it! The super moon affirms it. Yet, the continuity and mathematical perfection of the dance of the earth and the moon, do leave a way to contingency. Made hopeful, I was reminded of this today.

Times like these I turn to poets, philosophy, and depth psychology. A mental triangular thought of three words guided me. The last few weeks causality, teleology and synchronicity moved me.

I try to remember the powers of these principles as meaning something special in my life, and as I see the possibilities, as special happenings, in the lives of others.

Today while giving blood to the vampires at Kaiser, my eyes fell upon a father and his son. He had his, under a year, child spread out ready for a fast diaper change. I said,

“How lucky you are!”

He smiled and tickled the belly of his son.

The child was looking in the opposite direction. I spoke.

“Hello there.”

The child turned to me with a big smile. A hello that would make the whole world rejoice. No teeth and giggling with the power of the cosmos glowing in his being.

I was deeply touched by this.

“Oh, how lovely. You have made my day… thank you!”

As I walked away from the hospital, I knew that the principle of contingency zeroed in on me in a cosmic moment.

2 thoughts on “No teeth and giggling

  1. Sounds like you are into transformation. Me too. I did an ‘alt rock’ search to find new people. Here is something you may find interesting…’s a rebellious blog for

    1. I will look into in. I study Carl Jung and other spiritual sources. I like Jazz too. I have 10 years of heavy underground involvement during the 1980s. I am an alternative type of person.