Goodbye rebel 
friend of my youth 
you touched my beating heart!

In the circle
Of fire
He came forth now
A motif of youthful

We remember together
A time of music
And knowing attraction.

A smile
A wink
Water guns 
both soaked to the skin
Touring van was warm
Your test cassette of Metallica
On your Ghetto Blaster.

The Whisky A Go Go
He circled round me

Slowly dancing and singing
“Me and Mrs. Jones
we got a thing going on”

I walked around him
following round
his circle 
boldly declaring.

Two punk friends
a guy who plays the drums
a girl who writes for a fanzine.

Who else observed this friendship?
And this continues still
From the start.

The good feeling of being desired
Innocence and fun
I will remember you always this way.

~ Poems about punk friends by Hudley Flipside