I’m acting dumb…

I am not one to get bored but at this age of 62 several decades of life do surface up now. Being isolated with three cats and a 19-year-old son is ok. Husband working on the front lines does cause anxious moments. We have a fine garden. I have growing wild Santa Monica Promethean Fennel, wild Hollyhocks and have so many other nature creatures to focus my attention on. We take safe drives now and then through the deserts and by the ocean. A friend of mine is doing an on going walk down punk memory lane and I just wrote an essay for another. He is coming out with a book about music venues. So, while outside in my garden I dreamed up taking a picture of the First Flipside I was part of.

Los Angeles fLIPSIDE fANZINE 16

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine had not come out for about 5 months. There was a depressed feeling in the punk scene. I helped Al get it back going. Maybe it was my enthusiasm, but Al said he needed a paste-up artist. So, the story goes…. I only did a few Flipside Covers and this was my first. On a hot summer day Al traveled from Whittier to the San Fernando Valley to give me everything I needed to do this cover. I laid it out… it more ways than one. I goofed on this cover as you can see. You most likely will not think it is goofed up and think it was punk. I guess both ways work for me. Yet here it is. I hear Exene Cervenka had a museum in the 1990s where she had presented this Fear Cover with many other images. I did not know about it then I just was told about it later. OK by me.

I've taken this extravagant journey
So it seems to me
To arrive from nowhere
And to go straight back there
You know me--I'm acting dumb
You know the scene--very humdrum
Any Black Flag before Henry was the best…
The closest i got to the Saints with Algy Ward
Map made by Dee And Hilda…

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