Non- Fiction Novella, To Ride A Painted Pony Wild

To Ride A Painted Pony Wild


Publication Date: July 19, 2019.

Woodland Hills, California,

“Often, we rode barefoot. When cold we had our
parents’ go shopping to buy us moccasins. We read
about the history of the Medicine Wheel and
experimented with our innocent religiosity.”

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley as a wild teenager was all about being close to nature.

It is about the freedom to jump on one’s horse and ride like a native.

It is a short time frame within the life of three girls and their horses.

A subtle echo of music that inspired them. A fiction novella with a voice that is all-natural prose

This is a year celebration of my publication of this paperback.

Writing a memoir is selective in what the focus may be.

Moments of time, days, or a feeling that one inspires as perfume towards the reader’s mind.

It may be the smell of wild sage, eucalyptus trees, or the feel of a horse’s breath on one’s shoulder.

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