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Dear Boyd Farrel

You never wrote a letter to Flipside especially the issue you are holding up in this film. It is our Doggy Style issue # 48. Yet in early issues we did have a nice write up on the DC scene and did include the Slikkies and Teen Idels… yet Punk the Capital includes a richer history if anyone wants to know about the DC scene evolution.

One time we did do scene reports … so many hubs among hubs and unique histories. An evolution of a scene in any punk community, any city, state, or country.

Looking back is so rich to me because there is so much, I did not know about which was all happening at an amazingly fast pace. As fast as our youthful rebellion could run. Now looking back, I see similarities in time. Friends, a rundown club and breaking the membrane into a larger global community of fans.

I thought you might enjoy this letter below. It is a real historic dialogue between a punk who wrote a letter to Flipside which is about the DC scene. We sent the letter to Ian at the Dischord House to respond if he wanted to. He did. It pretty much says it like it was. Flipside offered an honest place of communication before the world of handheld devices where little hubs of isolation merged in a driving and sometimes contrary way. As Jeff Nelson said in the film, “Isolation is sometimes the best place for something like this to happen.” (I may not have the exact words.) But there are many brilliant ones in Punk the Capital.

Love Hudley

A troublemaker as well…

Flipside Issue 49 pink cover with many bands issue cover. (DC letter)

Flipside # 47 Washington DC Special …

Boyd Farrell


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