Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Narrative

Call To Narrative

A call August 2021 until August 2022

Once I received a letter from a mother who demanded we refund subscription money. She did not want her son reading such degrading trash as Flipside Fanzine.

Flipside Logo Designed by X-8 Calendar Issue 11

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine’s story is about a music scene. It is also a relationship held between bands, promoters, advertisers, clubs, and Flipside staff. Likewise, it is about correspondence, those fans who wrote letters into Flipside, who also wrote in with classified adds. Hubs among hubs or friends among friends who worked at creating a punk scene and kept it going.

Locally and internationally from 1977 to 2001, “Flipside” documented an underground punk rock music scene. The importance of any fanzine is to document their scene. Flipside accomplished this and was successful at doing it. The motto “being more than a witness” was a mark of integrity for this Whittier/ Pasadena Sothern California based punk fanzine.

If one was to hold a Flipside Fanzine up and look inside, what would one find? Information, stories, a culture that communicated with each other. A punk scene beholding to all involved.

This is a call to anyone who shares in the continuity of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. This call to narrative, is a call to come forth and share your story.

A 500-word short essay of what you did, wrote, accomplished, worked on with ~ Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine.

This is a long-term project. A gathering of real stories about Flipside Fanzine. Some will be included as part of the Los Angeles Flipside narrative documentary film.

Maybe you were a band on a Flipside compilation, or a band that was taped live and included in one of our Flipside Videos? Maybe you worked as staff in the late 90s?

I have friends tell me that they wrote into the Flipside classified ads section and advertised for a drummer, hooked up and then formed their band.

Maybe you were a cartoonist, writer or photographer who had your first work published in Flipside?

This is not just a narrative of sweet words, but I hope a story that shares many levels of insight and a good balance of controversial stories such as Flipside’s record reviews or Al’s critical and biting essays.

Or some notes why you think your interview in this documentary might be informative, challenging or fun… a good story to share….

“I still wait for a drive by shooting because of some god-awful record review I wrote up.”

Best Regards

Hudley Flipside

The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing

Send essays to….

(A brief insight or a few notes is appreciated as well, I just love the medium of essays and like to read them… but the idea here is to hear stories, the narrative, your connection, experience with Flipside Fanzine )



If your essay is about a certain issue or time frame, such as the 1970s, 80s, 90s or 2000s please reference all your material with a sound foundation. Please reference such and such an issue, article, and page, that type of sourcing of Flipside material and or products. 

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