The continuity of an interview

Working with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition and other sources made this process of creating a narrative documentary a challenging one. Unfortunately, my original Zoom interview had me in sync and Larry out of sync. Each clip between Larry and I had to be placed or edited in. All these parts were edited into the overall sequence or narrative. There are several ways to edit in Adobe Premiere, through this audacious process I’ve learned valuable editing techniques to improve upon in my next episode. Currently in process.

Yes, we complete our long planned, constantly initiated and painfully done projects with the expression of joy as artists. I walked into a rather new realm during a pandemic. I feel that good feeling of having given birth to something new, yet my doppelgänger is always lurking to assert the doubts, fears and worries of putting something forward into the world!

Just recently I put up one of my cartoons of Elon Musk on his Go to Space rocket campaign on Facebook. A cartoon- rendering of him singing the theme song to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I thought satire would be appreciated. Yet there are individuals who don’t get it. One woman told me that her two-year-old drew better. Of course, she is not getting the point of all politically motivated editorials…. So, I start to dwell on the nasty criticism. My shadow amplifies my work all the time…

Then I think upon my noble friend Dionysus and realize his words of “Believe in Yourself,” or my youngest son telling me that you should value your hard work. Money and value are not my motivations for creating… it is the act of doing, the process, which is my thing. Yet I am trying to understand.

So, this project started a long time ago. I never comprehended I would complete it. So many things to learn, blocks to break through, skills to earn. I have made this. Details might not be noticed. The continuity of an interview as a narrative is especially hard to do, but I did it.

Books, video learning and on the spot training by myself. Challenging my mind and soul. As a battle between my doppelgänger and my sweet Dionysus.

This project is blooming like my lovely Hollyhocks. A voice and narrative that is so important to me. A story I always wanted to hear. Now I share.

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine the Narrative Documentary / Film.

Epeisodion One… between the songs are the staff punks. Those who created a music fanzine.

Flipside Fanzine the Creation Story.

Original Punk Staff Larry Lash

(Steven Shoemaker) Runs a local business in Whittier California called Steve Shoemaker Live

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