Tony the Punk Rock Apprentice

Mentors, Friends, and Apprentices

As I am writing this, I am sick to my stomach. Maybe due to just getting my first Shingles Vaccine or due to the fact that doing these videos and all the work makes me a bit nervous. Editing is not easy and I learned a lot.

I am happy with the three.

They are gentle and informative and set the backdrop of the behind-the-scenes punks who supported a new and growing punk scene with a little Tony on the side.

Times changed and so the story goes

After all it is a good story to share. There are no good told stories or bad told stories there are just the narratives rich with history, punk wise.



Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine the Narrative Documentary / Film. Epeisodion Three from Hudley Flipside on Vimeo.

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