Flipside Video Eleven

This is an attempt to weave together my ornately unique original Los Angeles Flipside CATALOG with Flipside Videos. The original line-ups have changed due to re-editing and such (From unknown people and not part of original source). I feel a need to bring it together pulling from the vast dissected material of Flipside merchandise all over the WWW. It is unnerving to me. I need to have a precise place for others who care or at least would like to understand the original source or the Flipside narrative as it relates to the original punk rock scene. I see so many using and posting Flipside stuff without sourcing the material, which is sad for Flipside, the bands, and the scene, historical narrative, in general. Thank you.

A Hard Dog’s Night

Image from original Flipside CATALOG “VIDEOS, FANZINES And RECORDS” by Hudley Flipside.

Doggy Style’s debut full length movie.

This video features plenty of live footage mixed with the whole story of a typical day in the lands life- from getting up in the morning, tell death. Doggy style and their friends go skating, relax in the sauna, beg for money eat red hot chili peppers and basically just fuck around.

Plus you get to see personal insights into the bands personal life, including serious interviews with the bands parents and family. If you liked this band in the past, you’ll love their wacky hijinks here.

This video also features a complete soundtrack performed and recorded by Doggy Style. One hour of fun and excitement for the whole family.

(In process of finding it.)

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