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Chinatown Punk Wars

Ed Kuepper from The Saints (public domain image)

In the late 1970s, two Chinese restaurants became the unlikely epicenter of L.A.’s burgeoning punk scene. The emerging music form featured fast-paced songs and hard-edged melodies with anti-capitalist messaging. As told through interviews with John Doe (X), Alice Bag (The Bags), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag, OFF!), and Martin Wong (Save Music in Chinatown).

Another documentary about the early punk scene and Los Angeles / China Town. If you want to get a general full and in real time read of this early punk scene by a fanzine that captured it. There is Los Angeles Flipside Fanizne # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue. The many early punk voices who created a growing scene.

Lived 1977 – 2002.

Fanzine, Records and Live Videos.

Interview with Rodney Bingenheimer, “Rodney on the ROQ, a radio program that ran on the Los Angeles rock station KROQ-FM” by Pooch and Larry Lash for Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 5 December 1977

All the bands and hands in the cookie jar, punk wise….

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“The Go-Go’s played a Flipside Fanzine benefit night at the Hong Kong Café in Chinatown. I saw Belinda from the Go-Go’s sitting outside the club on a bench all by herself. It was dark and there she was looking at me as though waiting for me to approach her to talk. She was beautiful and very calm. I like how she was then, round and plump. I always thought she was so feminine. Damn it I wish I had talked to her that night, but I was hanging with the Flipside gang and only looked at her as I walked by.

She had a slight smile on her face as though somehow passing on a look of mutual respect. That moment is burned in my memory as if played in slow motion every time I think of it. I think Belinda liked what I was wearing, a purple velour mini dress with mod black and white checked boots. I regret not saying hello to her. I was so shy on the inside even though I was anything but shy on the outside; maybe she was just as shy as I was.

Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Midget Handjob and Off) was there at the benefit. He was drunk (as most of us were.) Keith was complaining about the price of the drinks at the club. Then he asked if I wanted a beer. He pulled a can of beer out of his pants and gave it to me. Keith said he had a six-pack hidden down his pants and it was getting cold. He said that his balls were frozen. I never laughed so hard in my life and enjoyed the beer.”

~My Punkalullaby By Hudley Flipside

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