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My brother was a flower-child… and I saw lots of wild things during the 60s. Dragnet 1966 (Aired 1969) is a good program to watch if you what to get a feel for that time period. I grew up in Woodland Hills near the infamous Topanga Canyon that lead the Flower Children to Pacific Coast Highway. My friends and I would spend hours watching them. They sold incense, candles and hitchhiked all over the San Fernando Valley. It was one long party that lasted 10 years. To remember how it once was and to see what it has become now… is just one of many heartaches of growing up. I was a kid, a witness to these changes.

A Letter to Bernie Taupin, Alfred E. Newman and Gahan Wilson.

Dear Teachers,

These are the Benadryl days.

Too much listening to Elton John and remembering my crush on Bernie Taupin. Foggy dreams. Dreams where the threads of remembering can’t be pulled down into this world. A changing mixture of memories swirling around me that I have experienced in real time. Remembering my, heart heart ~fun fun, days as a youth and teenager.

As sitting under the pool table in the boy’s room reading Mad Magazine and Playboy. Alfred E. Neuman or cartoonist Gahan Wilson went on to inspire me in my own fanzine. Where I created images or doodled between the pages.

Magazines are now becoming obsolete. Newspapers stands too except for the billionaires that do resurrect some. A fight that is not going to win.

To my teachers that came from those awesome perverted magazines.


Hudley Flipside aka Holly

The song Alfie

Here’s a song that had me hocked since 1966 at 8 years old. Now a classic Jazz standard. One of those songs that moves through my life and enhances the human experience. Making life lovable in troubling times. The original film Alfie is a sweet film with major dangerous life lesson learned. Michael Caine is beautiful. Shelly Winters’s character is one that I can now relate to more thoroughly in my feminine older years. The song Alfie is a deep and reflective song. Originally song by Cher when she was a rather unknown street singer/ musician. Yes, they, “Sony & Cher,” did hang out with Rodney Bingenheimer. Who cares after all these years.

“The title song, “Alfie”, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, was sung by Cher over the film’s closing credits in the US release. It became a hit for British singer Cilla Black (Millicent Martin sang Alfie on its British release) and for Madeline Eastman and Dionne Warwick. Numerous jazz musicians have covered it and it has become a jazz standard.”

Here is an interesting example or another jazz standard interpretation that I found lovely of the song Alfie.

The Gals and Michael Caine in Alfie (1966)

Alfie (by David K. Mathews featuring Amikaeyla) from DAVID MATTHEWS — Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol.1 Standards released 2018.

A song for the heart. Always good to hear.

penny candies

I sometimes miss the wildness of the street. Every street corner there were many people hanging out. Most were friendly and handing out flowers. Most eventually grew up and went on with there lives. 

1968–69: Manson Family crimes Main article: Manson Family

In the late 1960s, Manson attracted a quasi-communal cult based in California that was later dubbed the “Manson Family”. The group gained national notoriety after the murder of actress Sharon Tate plus four others in her home on August 9, 1969,[15] and LaBianca murders the next day. The Tate–LaBianca Murders were executed by Tex Watson and three other members of the Family, acting under the specific instructions of Manson.[16][17] Family members were also responsible for a number of other assaults, thefts, crimes, and the attempted assassination of United States President Gerald Ford in Sacramento.[18] 1971–present: third imprisonment

rowing up in the San Fernando Valley during the 1960s was wild. All the corner streets were filled with hitchhiking youths. Carrying incense and their innocence. Topanga Canyon was a way to the beach. They moved towards the Pacific Coast Highway.

As a kid I would walk down to Gary’s Market on the corner of Dumetz and Topanga Canyon. My friends and I bought penny candies. We also got bakery goods. We would sit and eat. We sugar gazed at the craziness.

Now I often take a drive to Box Canyon. That place where the Manson Family once lived. I love writing about this place and that time. It seems to be a place that has not been touched by time. It still feels and smells like the late 60s and early 70s.

As kids we walked or rode our bikes there. Not as many cars made the ride or walk easy. There were trees to climb and plenty of friends. We felt safe. Gone for hours at a time! Funny my parents never seemed to worry about us.

It was not until after the Manson trial that I learned to fear the wild places of my youth. Yet smoking pot would always highlight this paranoia.

Charles Manson is dead or is dying. The creepy crawl is not over though. Today I will take a drive-up and down Box Canyon. With freedom there is always danger lurking about. Those corner streets filled with hippies were not so innocent as I thought they were. As I once was. Maybe darkness gazed at us, unaware to us, back then as we ate our penny candies.



All Bout A Song – A friend in an old 45.

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On the flipside B Note: At the end of the film there is a Valley Of The Dolls ending song that is a direct response to the original theme song. The film ends on a positive note for Anne… but this is of course not the case in the book.

Theme song from Valley of the Dolls and I Say A Little Prayer are songs which speak to an individual woman and to all women. The songs speak to all individuals and to all people who collectively struggle with life and finding their identity in this paradoxical world. Also a questioning of our humanity for each other and for something beyond us all.

“Ashley St. Ives: You’re a groovy boy. I’d like to strap you on sometime.” Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

The theme song from Valley of The Dolls had a profound meaning for me as a young woman growing up in the underground music scene of Los Angeles. At that time things like records were not easy to find. Before technology came to make getting things fast there was a time when waiting to see if you could find it was a thrill.

Will I find that old record at a thrift store or will I see that forgotten film on late night TV?

Valley Of The Dolls is a novel by American writer Jacqueline Susann, published in 1966 and the film came out 1967. A quid pro quo for the 1960s.

I read the book, viewed the film, when I could, and found the Scepter 45 vinyl at a thrift store. I engaged it as part of who I was struggling to become as a woman in a male dominate punk rock scene. I played it on a few of my broadcasts ~ Flipside Fanzine KFJC Radio 1984.

Connecting up with the mythos of the film/ book and theme song made my struggle in the world of rock & roll and journalism seem strangely important.  I identified strongly with all of the female characters from Jacqueline Susann’s book. Where else was I too find women role models in the world I was part of? It was my continuity with the struggle of women reaching out to me from the 1960s. An echo of a women’s revolution which I feel is taken for granted in our modern times.

th (15)

Side A

RIP Patty Duke.

Equilibrium and Sparks

“This he [she] feels, is my proper vocation, this is the optimum, the law, the life for me to live. Here I find the degree of equilibrium, safety, calm and leisure which I need, or here I find the challenge, passion, fight, and hardship with which my soul’s energy expires.” ~ Pg. 256 Par. 1, The Varieties Of Religious Experience William James


Dad, mom and me

Making fruit salad this morning is a proper thing to do for breakfast. It is when I got to the pineapple, after the strawberries, that I thought about Dad. He was the one that showed me how to cut up a pineapple. He grew up on the California Santa Monica Pier. His mother gave him his own stand on the pier selling pineapple. She set him up good for a young teen. He cut up the pineapple and sold pineapple on a stick. All profits were his to keep. Along with diving off the end of the pier for two bits, or body building at the original Muscle Beach, his stories where nice to hear while he taught me just this skill.


All about A song ‘Tis the People

the peple

2015 Current Political Message from “we the people”…

‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.
~ Thomas Paine

Tis the song that keeps on giving. Always fresh and always politically correct. The youthful beauty of Stephen Stills and the uniqueness captured on this video may not be live, but it does express the creativeness of this ’60s band. I try to pace myself with Buffalo Springfield, from this time and place in musical history, as not to burn out on them. Kinda like other bands I am devoted to. Every 6 months I ‘gotz’ to have ’em.  Anyway this song speaks for what is going down now. A current events song. I am digging it too.

All about a song , I don’t remember what day it was…

Dancing in the super market aisle , if only in my heart, how resilient is mine! Flashbacks to youthful walks going everywhere barefoot: markets, hills and asphalt. Tan faces and arms as we walked on our long walks around town. Certain songs from the 60s and 70s strike that chord of crushes on boys and hopeful futures ordained by Lynn’s Ouija Board! Over the last 30 years the movement of life has taken me to some multidimensional places.  I am not on the fast track anymore and the only thing I promote is my family and myself. At times it breaks my heart open! Yet today in the supermarket I was back at that youthful place of crushes on boys and a hopeful future. How resilient is my heart. A song can do it…. it did for me ! One silly song bringing back all those good feelings like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I was clean, fresh and my heart was as healthy as a school girls!!

Now is the season of the peach blossoms


Stencil watercolor by Hudley

Walking into the darkened tomb of betrayals and the unforgiven. Sweeping the dust around of promises from yesterdays hopes; she looks out an ancient window and sees a vast wasteland. A sudden light arches by that is pink and vibrating with warmth and rhythm. A stage, a balance machine and a strange God comes forth out of peach blossoms of light. Family, friends and enemies march by as their hearts are weighed.

Falling back she is alone again and as the tomb transforms into another place something is downloaded into her body… in a knowing way,

” See this three-dimensional brain from every perspective.  Thinking, perceiving and judging; within the mind is vast knowledge. The tomb that houses this great brain is humbled, but greater still is the thing that pushed the blood and gives one aspirations of life and love. Vastly superior when known and awoken. Hail to the heart!”


Spell 30

For not letting N’s Heart create opposition against him in the realm of the dead

image  O my heart which I had from my mother, O my heart which I had upon earth, do not rise up against me as a witness in the presence of the Lord of Things; do not speak against me concerning what I have done, do not bring up anything against me in the presence of the Great God, Lord of the West.

image  Hail to you, my heart! Hail to you, my heart! Hail to you my entails! Hail to you, you gods who are at the head of those who wear the sidekick, who lean on their staffs! May you say what is good to Re, may you make me to flourish, may powers be bestowed when I go forth, having been interred amount the great ones who long endure upon earth.
Not dying in the west, but becoming a spirit in it.
~ Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

A Cold Wind in August

A Cold Wind in August (1961) is a low-budget independent film directed by Alexander Singer and adapted from the eponymous novel by Burton Wohl. The film stars a Lola Albright as a mentally unbalanced burlesque show stripper in her thirties who becomes involved in a torrid romance with a 17-year old boy played by Scott Marlowe


Netflix and their unknown B movies always are the best. B movies seem more realistic to me and down to earth. This is a delightful little story about a short romance. A young man Vito is just finding his sexuality and an older woman Iris is slowly losing the charm of a once very provocative and talented life. 8b30f83769407ab1baa26b24daeed933She is learning to make the usual compromises when her air-conditioning goes out. The father superintendent is too tiered to go to the room where the beautiful woman is, so he sends his son. Papa Perugino is a wise man. He wears his insight on his face at the beginning of the film, and it turns out to be true.  I think this film incorporates romance and intimacy very well. It leaves a lot to the imagination but the passions show on the faces of the actors. It is very believable. The characters in the film are earthy and the environment in the city is symbolically hot, and the drinks are extremely refreshing. The ending of this film is predictable but understandable. All and all this film takes you away to a nice little romance that flares up and cools down. I look forward to viewing it again.


Similar to a near death experience and nuclear weapons or B Movies rule!!

The Flight That Disappeared (1961)


 A transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to Washington DC, carrying three top scientists, unexplained begins a climb to 10 miles up. With all other passengers unconscious, the scientists find themselves in a dimension where time does not exist. There they are put on trial by citizens of the future for their potential involvement in the creation of “the ultimate weapon.” Written by Ray Hamel <>


I passed by this film a few times. It is Sunday so I took a chance. I love when I do this because I always find some interesting B movies that are better then most films coming out today. The Flight That Disappeared has that melodrama drive-in movie feel to it. I like that. The message of the film has a powerful anti-nuclear weapons motif. The big film Contact written by Carol Sagon kind of rips this film off, if only indirectly. SO here we go…the future comes to the present, out of time and space, to warn us about the destructive forces of building weapons used in war that are fucking insane. Happily the scientists and lobbyists come to their senses and listen to what has been told to them and destroy all of their notes. I wish this was the case in the real world. The three main characters have a dream, similar to a near death experience, and see the destruction of life on this planet; A scientist, a mathematician and a scientist/ lobbyist.  The mathematician is a sexy dame too with a beauty mark above her left cheek. Smart, pretty but not too quick. Sorry no sex scenes in the bathroom and no waitresses with push-up bras.

Just a good old B movie with a profound message to us present day earthlings from the masters of the cosmos. They may be speaking to you!!!

Good acting too!!

Do you ever not like hearing this song?