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The influence of 1970s film once had a deep impact on society as art imitating life, or life imitating art? It is the imitation of life. This time in history brought us films that had a defiant motif. In a place of chaos, uncertainties or stagnation, love comes a calling. A person finds a friend or lover for a short time within the impossibility of life. A transformation takes place even as the world goes on with a life and death struggle. Bliss, peace, and love are found within a cocoon of time to be opened into the impossibilities of life again.

Don’t always manifest as we hope !!

Midnight Cowboy

The first X rated film I viewed was during the early 1970s at the Movies of Tarzana in Tarzana California. The first theater in our area to have multiple viewing rooms. As youngsters we would buy one ticket and watch as many films as we could. This meant being smart and sneaking into films that we weren’t allowed to see. Midnight Cowboy is the first X rated film that we viewed. The Midnight Cowboy’s soundtrack made a big impression on my young mind and heart.

The impressions of this film influenced us as teenagers growing up with a mixture of the most decadent of 70s and 60s mentality. Music and sexuality influenced our actions. The musical score in this film embellished a beautiful thematic guide and is arousing and true to each scene of this film.

Even today when I hear a song somewhere from the soundtrack of Midnight Cowboy, I know which scene it complements.  I just don’t get the same experience from films these days. It is an intense film and at the time ‘way-over’ my head. It opened my eyes to love, despair and hopelessness, where our naïve dreams of youth don’t always manifest as we hope they will.

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