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All togther again…

It took some time but I have brought all three stencils together again.

Hudley's Esoteric Art

Gifts fogotten

I tell my two sons to clean their rooms

and they don’t

it is like pulling teeth

I am guilty too..

Then when I do clena up,  like them

we find forgotten gifts…

toys, books, art or a poem

and these are some I found today…

Shayne by HudJF By HudMa Ma bu HudFlowers by Hudley 2001

October Folly

If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise…and folly is the choke of knavery. ~ William Blake

A special treat….

Sacred place watercolor by Hudley 2011

Images come forth and I work with them for long periods of time. I put them up where I can see them and reflect on them in oder to understand them.  I wait often until the meaning comes to me. I understand on  a personal level and on a collective level as a human being. Remembering some long ago fellowship lost in antiquity but found again in an image, in the words of another, and found at a place that still holds its meaning.

One of my best watercolors…

I keep this in my bedroom… art is meditation for me… and I try to grasp the essence of what the flower projects to me.. and then at my skill level I draw and paint… this one gives me great joy!!! My goal is to someday make my own frames for all of my water colors… Paper Mache frames maybe?

Latest Art purchase: artist Johnny X from West Hill, Ca

The song of the Siren

“Oh My heart, Oh my heart, shies form the sorrow” ~ Tim Buckley, Song To The Siren

A haunting mythological tale that speaks of the place of the sea. Maybe dreaming and the call of loving beyond. I chose this today because of its haunting beauty. As Venus will eclipse the Sun this coming June. I feel the pull and this song draws on these emotional strings. Love , loving and sensual. For me it is that time to bring forth the desire to create and give voice to the siren in me, calling to the physical manifestation of life. It is affirming the mystical in this life…the muse and the creator.