An unrecognized alien

Dr. Jacques Vallée: You’ll have to get out of these little boxes, you know, physics on my left and psychology on my right, you can’t do that, you cannot do that in dealing with UFOs. What I’m saying is you cannot do that anymore in dealing with astrophysics. The problem that scientists have today is that time and space, the way we were thinking about them, don’t make sense when you begin to deal with particle entanglement and with entanglement of larger physical things. So we’re going to get to the same place eventually.

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Page 88 The SacriDcal Murder Carl Jung “Red Book” – Carl Gustav Jung / The Red Book

“But the way is my own self, my own life founded upon myself. The God wants my life. He wants to go with me, sit at the table with me, work with me. Above all he wanted to be ever-present. But I’m ashamed of my God. I don’t want to be divine but reasonable. The divine appears to me as irrational craziness. I hate it as an absurd disturbance of my meaningful human activity. It seems an unbecoming sickness which has stolen into the regular course of my life. Yes, I even find the divine superfluous.” Jung 78/98

I have not done this for a while. To randomly pick a book and open the page and read a paragraph. It is a type of trance effort. Some of the worst and best loved characters that I have read or studied live in a kind of trance world.   A place of myth, magic and raised consciousness.  William Blake, Carl Jung, and the pitiful creature known as Adolf Hitler. I am studying Hitler’s biography now. I was amazed how his and their lives moved in the same worlds.

The place of science, math and technology works in our modern age.  The world of Blake, Jung and Hitler are different. One cannot superimpose our current world upon theirs. Which leads me to the randomly picked book and paragraph today.

Blake is a marvelous visionary and artist. He inspires humanity to think and brings beauty in reach of our grasp. Jung heals humanity with his depth psychology. Hitler inverts compassion and goodness. He shows us what the worst part of human nature is. They all use their unique wills to inspire or destroy. Blake and Jung show us that humanity is a wondrous reality. They have dived into their unconscious and show us luminous stars and a good conscience.  We find our history and our future with inspired foresight; what it is to do good for humanity. Blake keeps the best and the worst at bay while focusing his will to ascend to transcendence. Hitler did this too.  To understand him, his world, one becomes aware of a trance of darkness; he is a mythologist of national German superhuman qualities…of what it is to be demonically insane!  He is without a touch of human soul or spirit! No sparks make him human. Hitler is the trance of a monster! How can anyone in their right mind address such a hideous freak as him with a salute?

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William Blake ~ Europe, A Prophecy 8

“It is one of the wonders of human existence that a person can live a long and happy life without once becoming aware of the reality of consciousness and its ability to transcend the immediate physical level. At the instant of death, will time suspend its rule long enough for such people to realize what they missed?”

~ Pg. 153 Jacques Vallee, Confrontations; A scientist’s Search for Alien Contact.

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I love Vallee. He is the scientist that places himself in the world of myth, magic and raised consciousness! He does not ignore art or music either. He rings the heart of a compassion that wants to know. He transcends a nationalist myth blending with Blake’s “universal humanity,” or Jung’s “collective unconscious.”

“In his late works, he embodied these and other ills in the nightmare ridden figure of the cosmic giant Albion, or universal humanity, who has fallen into deadly sleep of mundane existence. In humanity’s coma, the divine is a remote and forbidding sky-god: nature a sterile heap of atoms, lovers and family members, enemies; and one’s own innermost being, an unrecognized alien.”

~Blake’s Poetry & Designs ` A Norton Critical Edition.

Sunday Random pick…

I looked over. A book was yelling at me to take it and open it up. I did not want to do it. I did it. I randomly did what it desired… for me…to see…

Wild Purple Thistle watercolor by Hudley


“This investigation was rounded out by the Mysterium Coniunctionis, in which I once again took up the problem of the transference, but primarily followed my original intention of representing the whole range of alchemy as a kind of psychology of alchemy, or as an alchemical basis for depth psychology. In Mysterium Coniunctionis my psychology was at last given its place in reality and established upon its historical foundations. Thus my task was finished, my work done, and now it can stand. The moment I touched bottom, I reached the bounds of scientific understanding, the transcendental, the nature of the archetype per se, concerning which no further scientific statements can be made. ” Pg. 221, Memories, Dreams, Reflections , C. G. Jung.

Denizens and Destination Changed

Before the X-Files and Ancient Aliens theorists there were Jacques Vallee and Whitley Strieber.

If you notice, these two characters are not mentioned these days. I even forget about their books on my bookshelves. What I like best about Vallee is his respect for oral tradition. As a scientist, an astrophysicist, he is a very special one.

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It ought to be remembered that the oral transmission of history and genealogy, with the most careful attention to language and details, was a perfect science among the Gaelic-speaking people. Pg. 100 DIMENSIONS/The Alien Chronicles.

UFOs are not a strange phenomenon in the scheme of things. The Elves, Aliens and hairy militant dwarfs have been with us forever.

The UFO occupants, like the elves of old, are not extraterrestrials. They are the denizens of another reality. Pg. 109 DIMENSIONS.

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Jacques Vallee

So you may wonder what this is all about. I had a UFO experience. I lost time and had my destination changed within a moments time. Vallee says that we need to share our experiences with others. We all need to share in this other dimensional reality. We don’t need government or the media to solve this mystery for us. Going back and reading my Jacques Vallee books is so darn comforting. A real friend !!

Sunday Is Random pick and random read day….

th.jpg one

Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.

~Arthur Koestler

Humid and a belly filled with coffee on a Sunday while kids are playing their games; I find that I am OK!  I look to see that the cats are OK too. Youngest is silent as oldest is screaming at his friends as he games online. An easy Sunday in my cave, then all of a sudden like a flash of lightning from yesterdays storm, my imagined sharp arm reaches through the air pulling me, with eyes-closed, to the books on the brown shelf. I know, I just saw the cult classic Equinox* last night. All about a book and a Demon…Yes a book can change ones perspective about life. Here this reading of some random video promotion… moves us to something musical…

“To the Minutemen, the world was divided between two things-gigs and flyers. Everything was playing shows or getting people to the shows. The rest was not reality.”

~ A History Lesson Part One Synopsis by Dave Travis

This small paragraph can’t be the motif of Punk Rock… but it is…, riding the wave with many guys who were at that place from “one note to the next,” I am glad that this random pick helped me to let go of my grieving process. What I feel for my punk-rock-youthful days, and when life really was only “gigs and flyers!”

Until next Sunday….

Random Book Day By Hudley
Random Book Day By Hudley

*Equinox 1970 Film

“…Few in the most polished circles could bear…”

Random Book Day By Hudley
Random Book Day By Hudley

On this bittersweet Sunday…caramel, salt and sweet day on accomplishment and fucking stupid neighbors and old fences torn away to expose my private sanctuary. I am pissed with Lilith beyond enduring… my voice speaks fire… so the best I can do to water this flame mouth and heart is reach for the first book I see next to me… oh little Mantis with you long razor arm…. I see a yellow blur as the book opens…

A random page, a random paragraph moves in my green mind… reading…

Page 251, Heroism, Mary Shelly by Emily W. Sunstein… I type as each word appears randomly to my understanding…


“For the rest, she was annoyed and depressed at being confined to middleclass inferiors; “a new world” to one accustomed to Shelly and Byron, and to one who distinction warranted the best England had to offer. Godwin’s best were a few professionals the older playwrights Knowles and Reynolds, the youthful Landseer, and the Prentis brothers, Stephen a poet, Edward a painter whom he invited for teas, supper and whist at The Strand, where Mary looked so out-of-place that Henry Crabb Robinson did not know her at first; “elegant and sickly and young’ and an implausible author of Frankenstein. Harriet de Boinville, who had broken with Shelly when he left Harriet but now pitied and admired Mary, would compare her to “an exotic transplanted unhappily into an unsuitable soil and shrinking before rude and shilling blasts…Your early and intimate intercourse with the most refined of human Beings has left you a standard for comparison with few in the most polished circles could bear and from which springs (of necessity) your dissatisfaction…”

Mary Shelly


Book Reading of The Day Randomly, Every Sunday !!

Random Book Day By Hudley
Random Book Day By Hudley

Sunday hot Sunday is here. Too hot to handle and no fun at all so Mantis looked over to the nearest book on the nearest shelf. One that holds a few Rock & Roll numbers if only indirectly. A Gofuckyerself Press paperback book called MOSQUITOES & WHISKY by Chris Walter  tumbled into the green claws. <Made In Canada> ;P

“More wine glasses!” shouted a waiter. He was very upset with the way I wasn’t doing things. Why didn’t he cut me some slack?

I shoved a large rack of wineglasses into the hungry maw of the industrial dishwasher. “Two minutes!” I hollered over the horrific din of the kitchen.

“We need more serving platters, too!” yelled the waiter. Perhaps he thought I was a magician. Without waiting for the glasses, he spun on one heel and stormed back out to the dining room. Another guy who needed some café a la urine. Pg. 123


Read the Trilogy:

Mosquitoes & Whisky

I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk

I’m On the Guest List

Random Pick day is Sunday ….on the 1st day of summer.

Random Book Day By Hudley
Random Book Day By Hudley

Another Sunday for shy and ruthless Miss. Mantis. In the cave of cool air after eating, cleaning and exercising… a bit… time to reach out with that sharp stretch for something sparkling, insightful and unknown… well here goes. Eyes closed, reach and open book to…

Form Marianne Willamson, A Woman’s Worth is the book dustily chosen from the bookshelf. Sneeze and wonder and so here is the quote,

“And when a woman remembers her glory, a man of goodwill can barely contain joy. His real self arises in the presence of her own. I’m telling you, it works, this thing, this looking within to attract what is without. Make room for love, and it always comes. Make a nest for love, and it always settles. Make a home for the beloved, and he [she] will find his {her} way there.”  ~End of Chapter Embracing the Goddess PG. 75

Annex - Grahame, Gloria_NRFPT_02
Gloria Grahame

Ideology that idealizes motherhood

June 7 2015

A statue representing the scales of justice is seen on the roof of the Old Bailey courts in central London, January 26, 2007. British Prime Minister Tony Blair's ruling Labour Party faced new embarrassment over law and order on Friday after a judge freed a convicted paedophile in part because the government had warned the prisons were full.  REUTERS/Toby Melville (BRITAIN)
Lady Justice

A new bookcase was moved into our living, entertainment, dining room. At times I look up to gaze at an old friendly book. Some from my university days and some from mom or a colorful rock & roll one. Today a shadow of mantis took my focus towards a book entitled; She Who Is; The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse. A book from a course taught by a Catholic mother / professor from the east coast making a change on the west coast. Supervised  by a fascist nun who looked the other way claiming not to know of such a course, yet whispering to a Priest, head of the department, that it was in fact a humanities course. Confusing? It was to me too. Gay young nuns and intellectual theologians hiding under the holiness of a patriarchal religious university confused me very much; yet this course was fantastic. I am experienced with dysfunctional family dynamics. Anyway,  this is the book that came forth today… a very interesting and-insightful one to boot. Taken and opened randomly to a paragraph and then typed down here for a display post.

“There is yet more to the situation. Physically is constitutive of human persons. As spirit-in-the-world, women are embodied differently from men; the physical difference is not extrinsic to self-identity or relationship with others. The range of experiences associated with a personal embodiment capable of physically bearing, delivering and nourishing new life shapes women’s subjectivity in unique ways. Moreover, actually giving life and rearing children are formative experiences which affect not only individual women but the whole fabric of society. This is a realm belonging to more than half the human race that has seldom been articulated by those whose experience it actually is, until now. Feminist theory is thus working two sides of the barricade a once. It critiques patriarchal  ideology that idealizes motherhood as a universal norm but that simultaneously relegates the role of mother to the private order. At the same time it seeks to honor the distinctiveness of women’s embodiment and creativity, including the powerful experience of being mothers. It seeks to see with new eyes the worth of what has been trivialized and devalued in patriarchal judgment on female experience, and to avoid the trap of holding make experience to be the norm.” ~ Mother-Sophia Pg. 177 Elizabeth A. Johnson (1941)

Random Pick day is Sunday !

Random Book Day By Hudley
Random Book Day By Hudley

Here at the office of The Seminary Of Praying Mantis are many many books. Mantis does more than, with silence and insightful grace, sit on a flower or leaf. Often Mantis is found engaged in a book. As this is a seminary of sorts, and today is under the wonderful magic of a waxing gibbous moon; this day comes forth the ritual of random pick from a book day. Ordained by mantis and so forth etc… with a front leg, that is sharp with spines, grasps open a book… randomly of course !

Faust (Part One)

Mephistopheles says to Faust:

That’s very nice.

There’s only one thing I find wrong;

Time is short, art is long.

You could do with a little artistic advice.

Confederate with one of the poets

And let him flog his imagination

To heap all virtues on your head,

A head with such a reputation:

Lion’s bravery,

Stags’ velocity,

Fire of Italy,

Northern tenacity,

Let him find out the secret art

Of combining craft with a noble heart

And of being in love like a young man,

Hotly, but working to a plan.

Such a person-I’d like to meet him;

“Mr. Microcosm” is how I’d greet him.