Bobbing at the top of the waters of the LETHE. Review of Push the Sky Away ~Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

“…And here I come to the hill

I’m pushing my own wheel of love

I got love in my tummy and a tiny little pain…”

I have not bought an album in  some time. We use to have an iTunes account. I don’t know if anyone notices the music posts that I use quite a lot from Nick Cave and The Bad Seed’s new album Push the Sky Away?  It is about time again when I reward my kids and myself with the instant gratification of music. I feel that I have been using so many YouTube songs for free that it is about time to pay the piper.

I don’t feel comfortable ripping others off or taking things for free if an artist worked hard to create something beautiful.

Push The Sky Away is beautiful to me. I am enchanted by this album: The lyrics, music and singing by Nick Cave are pulling at my belly; bringing forth feelings that I have lost in the real world. He has become my musical companion of the netherworld. He inspires my dry and jaded libido as the rain, wind and the sea does. He speaks from the deep unconscious of longing and love.

Nick Cave is a master of archetypal resurrection.

Son hot-burned some cds for our flying machine on the way to and from school. While driving home and listening to the full album, I felt as if I was hovering over the dark asphalt streets. As a jet takes-off; I felt that feeling as if riding on a swing where I almost took off to the rain clouds above.

Nick Cave is a man from my generation and from the same rebellion. As we engage in this collective aging I hear his wisdom!

 I know where he is !

He is at the same magic place of life. Yes it is real magic! Nick’s music makes us slow down to listen and wonder. I cry with a wonderful longing that I have not felt in a long time.

“It gets you right down to your soul!”

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio

When I think about the continuity of life I don’t think of humanity as much of a continuity of things. We are puffs in the wind compared to the planets in our solar system. Astrology is based on this continuity of life. It is part of us physically like modern-day science but also much more.  My example begins with a book. It is a book in my secret bookcase behind the computer desk. It holds chess books and esoteric books. The other day while cleaning I opened the door to this bookcase. I unconsciously reached for a book and put it down on the table where I put books that I am currently reading. I then began to read it. I am amazed on what it says to me now. I researched online to study the planet Saturn. I am amazed to find that Saturn was moving into the sigh of Scorpio. There is more to this story. Saturn rules the sign Capricorn while Neptune rules Scorpio and tomorrow the opposite is happening. We find Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn. (October 5th)

The book I reached for is called The Saturn Pluto Phenomenon by Joy Michand & Karen Hilverson.  

So what does this all mean? 

51Pe72+nOuL._(article will continue..have to go pick up the Kid…”

Rock Fight Curated By Timothy White

The event was a dualistic creative assembly of many works from photographers


Carlos Palomino In Training by Theo Ehret. and Mike Ness by Edward Colver

rock fight

Been staying local for some time but territorial pissing can be a drag, so tonight was a dash to do something different on a whim. An invite, art and continuity of friendship aroused those taking a risk feelings again. Yes the 101 was heavy with traffic at 5:30 PM; but we could use the extra time for finding a place to park. Easing the stress with a pint before the event is always a reasonably social thing to do. So around the corner was a delightful Pub with a kind-hearted giant bouncer hanging outside the door.

Guinness will do thank you or maybe a Firestone.

We arrived there early but the rats from the press smelled the cheese first. When we came back to the event a bouncer was courteous and remembered us.

A Pub is where the heart case you lost yours !!
A Pub is where the heart is…in case you have lost it…
George Foreman Training for The Rumble In The Jungle by Theo Ehret and Iggy Pop by Ebet Roberts.

The photography was large, clean, and in your face. The general motif was a compare and contrast between boxers and musicians. The event was a dualistic creative assembly of many works from photographers. The building was rather small but was filled to the rim with a mixture of all ages; video cameras and technology galore with the usual turned up nose.

A rip current moved towards the host of this event.

Henry Rollins by Hudley

I must admit after all these years it was a goal of mine to shake his hand and give him a hug. A couple of synchronicities happened recently to inspire this need; a picture of him smiling and a lonely article in the local LA Weekly rag.

Hedgemon Lewis and Armando Through The Ropes by Theo Ehrel and Elton John by Berrie Wentzell
Hedgemon Lewis and Armando Through The Ropes by Theo Ehrel and Elton John by Berrie Wentzell

The heart the host lacked must have been misplaced, even though he gets credit for being accessible.

The broken heart of Punk Rock..
Sid Vicious By Bob Gruen, Dallas circa 1978.

I watched as youngsters bathed in his lecturing discourse like he was a professor of something. I gave him a hand shake and hug. He didn’t seem to understand that the images on the wall were all from 25 something years ago just like both of us. The heart the host lacked must have been misplaced because the bouncer at the pub around the corner had heart. He glowed with integrity, muse and love. Yes lost by the host of this event.  Too bad because overall we had a great time. I am getting a taste in my mouth for another event like this one…soon.

Mil Mascaras The Original Luchadore by Theo Ehret and Debbie Harry/ Pink by Bob Gruen
Mil Mascaras The Original Luchadore by Theo Ehret and Debbie Harry/ Pink by Bob Gruen

All images of this event are changed to black and white for this layout only, the original images are full color. (Except for my image)

Go through girls like I go through fines… But I’ll never leave my car.



(Ron Emory and Mike Roche knew who they were )

"Posh and Jack both say: Please don't drink and drive!
“Posh and Jack both say: Please don’t drink and drive!
Limited Edition On Colored Vinyl

Knowing that True Sounds of Liberty or T.S.O.L. are in Europe having fun NOW…makes it all seem worth while. Jack Grisham has come out with a few books as well. These guys went through many changes through the years…some good and some bad. Regardless time shows no mercy.  Here is another Limited Edition on Colored Vinyl as the kids that they once were. Mr. Posh Boy gave them the push they needed and so this is a little bit of THEIR special PUNK ROCK history.


Watch the Amoeba split into a clone…

1980 Posh Boy Records Limited Edition on Colored Vinyl

Hudley's old fart punk 45 on yelow vinyl

Posh Boy

Posh Boy left this for me. I never was much of a record collector. Back them they collected around us getting higher and higher as the years went by. So in our houses made of vinyl it got kind of tight. So many records reviews to do. So many bands wanting their promotional push.  It is the same old story of kids, record labels and promoters.  No matter the band the story is always an interesting one. I really don’t know what to do with this 45 now. It sits in a dark closet awaiting some eve of destruction… who knows??

On the Road with EEKA EEKA Boom Boom: An Image Review…

 CDS that we have been listening to or new ones.

Swords 001

Summer time is the time to do things. So what better thing to do then review some CDs. I shall begin with The Sword Of Fatima EEKA EEKA Boom Boom. Recorded June 2009 , June 2010.



When on vacation this CD is a must.. these images are inspired by their songs… on our way through the car wash and then on our car trip through the Santa Monica Mountains…

At the car wash… one can experience free art… that vanishes as a Tibetan Buddhist sand painting…

DSC01318 DSC01319 DSC01322 DSC01324 DSC01325  DSC01331 DSC01333

 Be inspired on the road to the sounds of The Swords of Fatima DSC01339 On the road with Swords of Fatima 2013

The Land Of Heart’s Desire by William Butler Yeats


I don’t remember the name of the bookstore. It was close to Odyssey Video near the crossroads of Camarillo St, Vineland Ave and Lankershim Blvd.  During the mid-90s this video store held mysteries and films to find. The bookstore next to it too. There is a wide selection of books, film scripts and beyond at this amazing book store. We found this limited edition by Yeats for my graduation.

This book printed for C.F. Benoit by the Brothers Johnson at The Windsor Press: 750 copies printed on Rye hand-made paper and the type distributed. In the year MCMXXVI.

Eighteen years now this hand-held book has moved  around from apartment to house; from room to room. Now it happily rests on the hearth above our fireplace. The Land Of Heart’s Desire  holds a story of Celtic twilight and Faeryland.; and at the time of summer I read from the book and dream.

To sit beside the board and drink good wine

And watch the turf smoke coiling from the fire

And feel content and wisdom in your heart

This is the best of life;…

This little folk-lore -story-play is not so content and the conflict is wild as the call of the fay by song and dance  is true:

The wind blows out the gates of the day,

The wind blows over the lonely of heart,

And the lonely of heart is withered away,

Shaking their milk-white feet in a ring,

Tossing their milk-white arms in the air;

For they hear the wind laugh and murmur and sing…

As Maire Bruin is called away, so she goes… and so would I … would you? A wonderful read this time of year!!

The Best Soundtrack for a Film


(Please click on the YouTube song below by The Swords of Fatima first before reading the story. Read with the music playing to achieve the full effect of the story.. This is a CD band embellished non-fiction review story...)



raveling down the snake again towards Santa Monica, this drive is so familiar, years and years and even in a mother’s womb when the journey first began.

The yellow Sticky Monkey Flower  blossoms are highlighting the canyon hills and the noble Yucca is all dried up this April. To the ocean we go and to the pier.

We are going to the place where Mom and Dad lived in their youth at the Santa Monica Pier. As a teenager Dad would dive off the end of the pier for money. They married and soon after the war sold cotton candy from a stand. The stories and images flow through my mind, knowing that they are now both but ashes in separate boxes side by side.

Lyrics to The Swords of Fatima

Taken from The Swords of Fatima Monsoon and Sandstorms CD

Sunday is the worse day to go to the beach. Crowds of people were everywhere. I almost got run over by a fast red car. There was a mad man at the threshold of a bridge who troubled us. This bridge arches over the Pacific Coast Hwy.  We did not give him any money so he said,

“You will lose everything and be out on the streets… fuck you.”

“What are you saying?” I said.

“Bitch, you will lose everything and will live out on the streets!”

He was a very unpleasant man so I walked away and gave him the finger, which made him an extremely crazy mad man.

“Fuck you…bitch…you will be out on the streets!”

I then gave him the peace sign and said,

“I have been out on the streets,”


“Get your kicks on Route 66”

Waking over to the pier the sounds of the cars, bikes and talking people got us feeling down. Should we eat at a restaurant? The beach it covered with crosses and coffins with American flags. We went instead to play some  air hockey but didn’t have any coins.  The arcade was so stuffed and full that I said time to go. They followed as I stormed away thinking,

“This is hell, this is hell.”

Gazing in at the Merry Go Round and feeling some joy we soon all calmed down for some food and a beer at the Ye Olde King’s Head, but before food and drink, we had to pass by the mad man.


US minus Dancing John

Waking up the steps to the mad man we found him singing a beautiful song for some ladies handing him money. I threw some long stem yellow sour flowers at the mad man’s feet before whispering in one of the lady’s ears,

“You are lucky you gave him some money, otherwise he would be screaming nasty words at you!”

He might have been a mad man, saint or Bodhisattva !

Another man came up from behind me and said excuse me as he then ran by with a purse. It had a broken strap. He looked at me and jumped into his car, which was parked illegally, and drove away.

“I bet he pulled that off of some ladies arm.”

“You are probably right.”

We all agreed that it must have been so.

“You’d be surprised how much that happens at a crowed place like this on a Sunday at the Santa Monica Pier!!”


Dancing John

Doug Moody

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mystic Records A

  thCA5WG8GA  Legend.


Candace D’Andrea asked me to take down the Book advertisement about Mystic Records for more information contact her…


(even though I have been friends with Doug for years and do not know her, he gave it to me to share… but whatever… I am not a control freak… I hope she does well with it!! for his sake )

We’re going down the pub: Looking through the sly seductive eyes of Joe Jughead one of The Static Age guys…


The Static Age brings us another fun show at the Scotland Yard Pub in Canoga Park. I could not refuse this free show in my backyard with the Smears (UK), Plexikill, Ingenue and Government Trap. I missed Government Trap but did see their flyers everywhere. Some of us made little paper airplanes with them. Flying promotional airplanes.

Ingenue is an all-girl band that has a certain kind of sound that I want to get lost in. That is what I look for in a band. That place where I get so lost in the sound that I forget myself. They also got to that point as well where they let go. That place where the line between band and audience fades away. Nice Bass sound and wildly played!!

Plexikill is a powerful band. Nice style with an awesome drummer. She had both feet going even if her left foot only seemed like it was vibrating up and down, cool…great sound!

Then came the headlining band from UK… The SMEARS. The lead singer Em reminded me of actress Rosalind Russell. They have a heavy musical current to their music. They played a few songs but not enough. It was like not having enough cake…or skimping on the orderves. A tease. I laughed when someone from the audience gave them shots of Sake, the singer said,

“Is this Semen?”

I ADORE seeing new and UNCOMMON bands. I included the bands websites below. All the stuff ya need like names, show dates and a little free listening.



Below are pictures from a night at the local pub… We’re going down the pub

You don’t have to tell me
That the thing’s I do are wrong
But everything I do in life
Is with us right or wrong
Now I think I understand
How to have some fun

Shame 69

DSC01059 DSC01060 DSC01061 DSC01062 DSC01063 DSC01064 DSC01065 DSC01067 DSC01068  DSC01070 DSC01071