Satire at its best…

…And wit. And, finally, satirists, who are needed as truth is needed-for is not satire, simply, truth grinning in a solemn canting world? “ Gore Vidal, United States Essays 1952-1992 Pg. 30

Make Mine Mink :

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Nanette Parry

The most delightful character in Make Mine Mink is character actress Hattie Jacques who plays Nanette Parry. Her facial expressions are simply marvelous darling. I want to watch the film again and again just to study her facial expressions.

This whimsical, funny and thrilling film is a must see for all. It is offbeat and hilarious. Terry Thomas at his best. The film is about how some unusual characters get together for bizarre reasons. The motif of the film sounds like something that might be tried today, which is to take from the rich and give to the poor…or your favorite charity.

A British “B” film that is in your face humor with an excellent soundtrack that will make you laugh, giggle and spill your coffee.


Satire at its best…yes…I would say so!!

Lionel Spanager: [Speaking to his wife concerning his “barmy” mother-in-law] Why don’t you put her to sleep?

[His wife looks shocked]

Lionel Spanager: I mean take her to bed!

The Right Chord


Holding his hand up and using his finger to make a circular movement Kerry said, “Remember to go in the opposite direction of the slam pit.”  My young son did not understand his sense of punk humor & doom. I laughed.~ Kerry singer of Love Canal

Bass player of Love Canal and punk rock history galore..
Bass player of Love Canal and punk rock history galore.

The Canyon Club in Agoura California has been around for ages. Last night was my first time there. It is a large club that offers fine dining; at least the prices are fine prices. If you want some drinks before the show, I suggest somewhere else nearby. Carpet floors, large booths, lots of comfortable chairs and a large funky chair made the place seem like something out of Alice in Wonderland; or maybe we were in the I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle. Large Buddhas and Ganesha the elephant of success added a disjointed décor feeling to the atmosphere: along with a current Christmas theme of snowmen and ceiling stars.

Love Canal, The Gears, TSOL and The Adolescents were primed, mutable and youthfully transformed on stage with a massive loud sound system to carry their music to the full crowd of fans. We sang along to Love Canal. The Gears warmed us up with their familiar continuity of original punk music. TSOL drove the fans wild as Jack talked his dirty talk and The Adolescents came on us like a fire truck’s alarm.

“So, mom what is this thing you call a slam pit?”

“Wait and see”

Youngest son has been to a few punk shows. He never seemed to focus in on the weird folk dancers. This time he seemed to be on a mission and as he got closer and closer to the pit, he said this,

Frank and Mary
Frank and Mary

“Ok, I am going to the bathroom, but when I get out, I am going in”

He was talking about the pit and before he knew if three big guys told him,

“Son if you want to go in, we have your back… we will watch out for you.”

So as if catching a wave, he went in and initiated himself into the world of punk… to the live sounds of TSOL and The Adolescents.

Thirty years ago, the punk scene did not have the diversity in ages as it does today; guys now seemed thrilled to share their love of the pit to a youngster. I was touched.

“Ya know when I was his age my three brothers and I would sneak out the window at night and go to punk shows. Sorry to tell you I was drinking my first beers in alleys before a show when I was 12.”

My ears were filled with stories that night as I watched my son learn the moves of this wild folksy dance of the fans of punk rock music. I felt humbled, proud and part of something that I loved too. Some boys get initiated into adulthood at their Bar Mitzvah… my son’s onset to puberty seemed to be achieved by having the guts to walk into the pit.

As I held my hand to my heart, I felt the drumbeat move me as I was thinking,


“Now that is the right chord!”

Overall a great place to see bands.. clean restrooms!

Happy 40 years T.S.O.L