Flipside Video Ten

The last of the Flipside Videos from the 1980s. I will not do the Doggy Style “A Hard Dogs Night” because I had enough of them back in the day. That was a Gus and Al thing. Like the day Detox, ASF and Doggy Style were at our fourth Flipside house on the same day. My body and mind blew up and that is when I realized I was burning out big time, while Joy sat there with her tight mouth. ASF and Doggy Style were like oil and water and then Detox… well all around confusion. I wish I video taped that day with them. I am going to do our Flipside Records next from the Flipside CATALOG. Be more than a witness as little old Hudley continues her walk down memory lane in her vast pursuit of Intellectual Property is a good thing journey. Now is the time to fucking organize.

RIP Reed Mullin of COC… and Julie Lanfeld-Keskin of Sin 34

Ya, and life goes on TOO! And this here video has lots of bands to savor and enjoy! A colorful combination of bands from different parts of the scene.

RADWASTE the bandy band that drums and guitars their way int your viewing entertainment. Tribal sounding and unique this band plays “Radwaste Is Here” and “Rock and Roll part 1& 2” and a 100 Flowers song “All Sexed Up.”

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY blaring and loud they play “Technocracy” at the O limp Dick.

Then some Raszebrae.

“Young till I Die” at the Rollaway, in Placenta and “Strength” at Sun Valley Sportsman Hall and “Out of Touch” at the O limp Dick all show what 7 Seconds is made of.

Sin 34, “Do You Feel Safe” and “12 Hour Trip” filmed at the O limp Dick. Mini Interview.

Man, catch this, The Necros “Black Water,” “Guns,” and “Walking the Dog.”

I’m scared of these big women called FRIGHTWIG, the song “Frightwig” and “A Man’s Got to DO…” are a couple of ball breaking songs. A band that you just got to go see if you can LIVE…!

A bit of humor brings you to a band called Big Stick. A special song for all you drag racers called “Drag Racing,” the singer in this band wears a tube top, tube top because her boyfriend Eddie takes her to the drag strip (in the summer)!

And ending this video are the GRIM with two numbers “Live to Dies,” “Summer of 85” and “Sunday School.”

The End.

Sorry I am in the process of finding another YouTube copy of Flipside Video Ten…  if you have a copy and want to share, please do. It is my goal, of collecting and sharing my intellectual property as a need to preserve the history of Los Angeles Flipside at a place where the full story can be heard. Not just random videos dissected all over the place. I know collectors sell them for money and I know that people share them online… I am just asking that this video be presented in a way that I want … shit I did the hard work of gathering all this material, interviewing bands, going to endless shows, and cleaning up the equipment after shows. Part of a 3 to 4 Flipside Crew. Al, Gus, Hud (me) and sometimes Joy and Joe. A showcase with a story…   

Flipside Video Nine: When Can I Sleep In Peace?

Shoot this is messed up because the original Flipside Video Nine produced at Flipside was in sink and had a nice continuity. Yet one can get a feel for it and the message from the bands listed. You can play the game, “I spy, that song and that band member.” So, the original CATALOG is a good outline of what is going on. Thanks to the characters who posted these videos. I asked them to write up a little story about their journey with these tapes but no reply. Oh well, this is just my little project of gather our Flipside Products tighter in a place of love, peachy peace and prosperity. I mean Intellectual Property is a good thing. If only a place where my grand children can see what their grandma was up to. Like me maybe eyeballing them in the future at the beginning of this video. Had to laugh. I like that. I think the message comes through. The punk rock patina shows though.

When Can I Sleep In Peace is one of our hottest videos yet, A action video waking up the viewer with the realities of a troubled world.

All the touring bands of this decade.

The video opens with the band MDC, with their song “Revolution In Rock.” And mixed through the video are three other songs of theirs “Corp. Death Burger,” “Blue by Day” and “Church and State.”

Then on to my fave band on this video the DICKS with three songs, “Sidewalk Begging,” “Hate the Police” and “No War.”

PREDITION from the out back make a slice in this video with the song “Diseases.” He don’t want it.

BGK play and sing an animal rights song call what else “Vivisection,” and a song called “Arms Race.”

And on to the big one, CONFLICT with two songs, “Which Ever You Want It” and “From Protest to Resistance.”

Oh boy, did we score when we got these songs from The Dead Kennedys. “Moral Majority” and “Chemical Warfare.”

And FINAL CONFLICT contributes one song call “Political Glory.”

And who could forget the SUBHUMANS with “Cradle To Grave.”

Then on to REAGAN YOUTH with “It’s A Beautiful Day.”

And our buddies from out back bring us a number called “Suppy Demise.”

Ending this video is the well-known band SCREAM with the very heart-warming song called “Solidarity.”

Flipside Video Eight

Can’t believe these tapes are holding up as good as they did. A nice cameo of Al’s voice and Me on the beginning of this Video. For those who don’t know Al and I ran Los Flipside Fanzine together during 1979 to 1989. Along with many Flipside players. Pete Landswick, Gus Hudson especially who helped a great deal with the production of these original 11 Videos. Including Hard Dogs Night.

Keith Morris By Hudley From Punk Singers Gone Mad a Flopside Bubble Gum Comic.

Straight from the original Flipside CATALOG.

This video has nine good bands on it. Sooooo, we start out with those wild and crazy guys Doggy Style, with their infamous “Donut Shop Rock” which is from Flipside’s first conceptual video. Then we have live at Balboa Theater “Side By Side,” and “Denial.” All you guys will be happy to learn what Doggy Style really means, oh baby! Just ask the Boyz about the Greek Girl.

Then one of our fave bands with the man of Rock & Roll himself Don Wrap singing “All Fucked Up “and “Red Light Green Light.” At the beautiful Safari Sam’s and the smelly O Limp Dick. I miss this band, I love ‘em so will you, Ya I’m talking ‘bout Plain Wrap

And on to one of the longest living punk rock bands, the Circle Jerks with “Making The Bomb” at the Cornhusker and “Killing For Jesus” at the O limp Dick. Something to cherish.

Aggression…. with mini Interview. Then “Salty Leather” and “Money Machine.”

On to a hot Canadian band called the Asexuals, this band has SOOO much energy, they’ll burn your eyes out. You’ll want to dance all night long! Their premiere performance “Contra Rebel and “Circus” at Fenders.

Marginal Man the hottest band, DC Band too, since the Buzzcocks perform “Marginal Man,” “Tell Me” and “Turn The Table.” Lots of fun including all recorded at Steve’s (from Ink Disease Fanzine’s basement.) Have fun and sing along with ‘em as they sing “Waffle House.”

The Detonators perform two songs at the O limp Dick, “I’ve Got A Reason” and “Do You Understand.” Ready and go…

If you’ve heard about ‘em you just got to see them live at this show at a small 12XU show in Pomona. An honest interview included that just might surprise you, it did me! And the band’s name is Agnostic Front.

The End.

Flipside Video Seven

Someone told me once that Chuck Dukowski from SST Records and I from Flipside Fanzine were the only ones that answered our mail. That made me feel good. It mattered … still does.

What I like so much about my WordPress site The Seminary Of Praying Mantis is that it is part of a global community. Every day I can see who is reading my posts from all over the world. It thrills me as much as it did back in the 1980s. We had bulk mail. We distributed Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine all over the world. And even though it may have taken two to three months for another country to get their Flipside Fanzines, I always got letters and corresponded to young punks all over the world, kind of like now but maybe not as intimate. It was cool hiding in my Flipside cave and corresponding like that.

Flipside Video Seven

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 39 1983 Government Issue..

Now for the video that everyone contributed to. The compilation video with all your fave bands.


Now for the video that everyone contributed to. The compilation video with all your fave bands.
With… Stukas over Bedrock, Government Issue, Adolescents, Plain Wrap, Big Boys, Armed Citizens, 76% Uncertain, Dandelion Abortions, Cheetah Chrome & The Motherfuckers, Skate Death, Gay Cowboys In Bondage, I Refuse It, Psychedelic Skeletons, Clying Onz, Riistetyt, Rappid, Musta Paratti, Lama. Lovedolls Superstar (film) commercial…

Lovedolls Superstar (film) commercial.

Stukas Over Bedrock open with their conceptual piece call “Life Like Yogi.”

Government Issue have three live numbers from 9:30 Club, “Vanity Fair, “Understand,” and “Familiar.”

And from the Starwood, when the Adolescents were still hot live, “Rip It Up” and “I Hate Children.”

The Big Boys have two tunes live “Party” and “Baby Lets Play God.” Taken from a live cable show.

Then on to some garage video rehearsal stuff with two songs. “Myron” and “Punk Rock.” Thanx to Plain Wrap.

Live from CBGB’s we have Armed Citizens with “Toxic Waste” and “Moe Sense.”

Live from a studio we have 76% Uncertain with “Dr. Jekyll” and “I Hate The Radio.”

The fun video from the Dandelion Abortions is something different to watch. With “Teenage Reject” and Dandelion Abortions.”

Then we have some Italian bands, like with Cheetah Chrome & The Motherfuckers and I Refuse It.

And some more bands from Alaska like Skate Death, Psychedelic Skeletons and Clying Onz. All live from a studio.

Then live from Florida we have Gay Cowboys in Bondage singing and playing “Big Fat Baloney Sandwich.”

Then of course we can’t forget the Finland bands, which are listed above.

So, all in all, a good fun video to have …Ta Ta.

Lovedolls Superstar (film) Commercial.

Flipside Video Six “The Right To Be Wild, The Right To Be Free”

A lonely thing without a real or true story or without original source.

This tape starts out right to the point. As I have said I am finding these online because a lot of our Flipside material is all over the fucking place. I am pulling it in or trying to collect it a bit. Giving our Intellectual Property a story of context and authentic experience. We at Flipside Fanzine did this all and it was fun but hard work…. More than copying a few video tapes or two… we went to the shows, taped the shows and hung out with the often wild and free punk players. Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine documenting a scene. A little more than being archived somewhere or someplace.

The greatest punk band around opens this video. We bring you D.O.A. with three of their greatest “Fucked Up Ronnie,” “Enemy,” “Burn It Down.” The O limp dick is the concert hall, watch out they might just burn a whole in your boob tube.

Now we’re proud to bring an acid trip… on us, take it with Sonic Youth. “Kill Your Idols,” and “We Want Out.” Maybe right out in your living room?? Who knows?? All filmed at the Mojave Desert.

And now at the Flashdance brings us Target Of Demand, live with two songs “Airhead” and “No.”

Oh where, oh where did my Love Canal roam, or where oh where can they be? Well, they were caught here live at Cornhuskers in Azusa, and boy were they loads of fun, a real ball of laughs. “Punk Is OUR Funk Is In,” is the song. Boo Hoo, I miss these guys boo hoo. Mini-Interview. (Al And Pete)

“Hey Bob What’s Up,” is the famous son from Pillsbury Hardcore. Live at the Sun Valley Sportsman’s Hall. Don’t you want to know what’s up??

The Stardust  brings us a dream live from the band Condemned To Death, with “Night of The Succubus,” It will suck the Life Force from you. So, remember to eat lots of garlic.

We love Wattie Boy oh yes, we do, we love you Wattie Boy and we’ll be true, when you are away, we’ll be blue, oh Wattie Boy we love you. “Alternatives” at the O limp dick. Mini interview back stage fun. (Al and Hudley)

The Flashdance again with Toxic Reasons “Do You Feel” and “No way Out.’ An overlooked band so give them a viewing, serious like.

More professional punks like the Stretch Marks are needed. They play “What Do you See” and “Another Tragedy” from Perkins.

The macho side of punk brings us Kraut with their very well-known hit, “Twisted.” At the O limp Dick.

Oh, Oh, Oh… Detox’s “Placydyl Polka” oh, oh, oh…. At the O limp dick… oh, oh, oh.

Two different clubs bring you the same band, yes, the wondrous and OCingest band called D.I. play “No War” and “Guns.” What do all these men have in common? Do you give up? Dicks!

That’s ALL FOLKS … da, da, da, daa…. Ptttttttt.

Sorry I am in the process of finding another YouTube copy of Flipside Video six…  if you have a copy and want to share, please do. It is my goal, of collecting and sharing my intellectual property as a need to preserve the history of Los Angeles Flipside at a place where the full story can be heard. Not just random videos dissected all over the place. I know collectors sell them for money and I know that people share them online… I am just asking that this video be presented in a way that I want … shit I did the hard work of gathering all this material, interviewing bands, going to endless shows, and cleaning up the equipment after shows. Part of a 3 to 4 Flipside Crew. Al, Pete, Gus, Hud (me) and sometimes Joy and Joe. A showcase with a story…   

Flipside Video Five “Remember It For What It Was.”

Roxanne’s, O Limp dick or O limp dick or O Limp Dick… and the Lhasa Club were three of the punk clubs where we recorded video live. I know you know I am speaking about the Olympic Auditorium above. A pet name that I guess was mine to give. This tape is a great blend of bands and personalities. Music was youthful and diversified by many themes and styles. People who became big wigs and others who faded away. Yet here it is as it was. Enjoy.

Below from original Flipside CATALOG, Contextually sound… with a side kick of really? Bands ended but as we all know reformed again… and are even coming out with new records now. What a treat. Not everything fades to black. Enjoy mini interviews with bands, skating shorts and bad Mr. Baboon Dooley.

Opens with the infamous cartoonist and rock critique John Crawford …. Can you hear our VW Square back? Also, a zombie HUD… we had fun… at our Second Flipside House…. In Whittier CA. (Year 1984 of FLipside Radio KFJC hosted by Hudley Flipside)

This video opens with a live gig at Roxanne’s in Arcadia with, Decry. They sing their “Falling” and “Warlords.” See Farel at his best. Short interview with Al Flipside. RIP Decry.

New York’s Heart Attack play live, and boy are they in a frenzy! One great band live energy, energy, energy!! “Man’s World” and “Brain Washed Heroes” and the tunes you’ll hear by these guys all recorded at the O Limp Dick. These guys sure have good hearts.

Drugs and fun with Redd Kross!! They have been around cause they play “We Are The Ones” and old Avenger’s song. And they do it in the way only they can. Live at Lhasa Club in Hollyweird.

And who could miss the U.K. SUBS perform “Stranglehold” and “Crash Course” and “You Give Me Disease.” Older but wiser, older but younger, the fun never ends or the truth! Catch it.

Basic Math at Roxanne’s

More peace punk with Conflict, “Back To Palace.”

Iconoclast Van Nuys.

The O Limp dick again brings us TSOL, with a few of my faves. “American Zone,” “In Time,” and “Suppose They Gave A War.” Which is featured on the Flipside Comp. #one. Some real feelings here.

Another night out at Roxanne’s with the good old Justice League and you can see a young band show their stuff, with two songs, “Something Else,” and “We Always Laugh.”

For all you hard/core fans we have Bad Religion. See them older and matured playing hits such as “New Leaf” and “Bad Religion.”

Vagina Dentata open next with “Work Till Your Dead.” Gerber and Pat Smear, we know Hollywooders shows. The new style wild baby wild.

Pariah a band that shows their lights every once in a while. Play “Striking Back”, Posh Boy could have done good with these boys if he would have played a fair game from the start!! Live at O Limp Dick.

We end this video with the SUBHUMANS cause we want to leave you with a questioning mind. Bye Bye. The song is “Black And White.”

Flipside Video Number Four

The fact that GBH is still around playing, and a solid punk band says it all. The proof is in the pudding! Their story is a great story. Here is a bit of their history and I am happy that we grasped it.

Shyane wearing Mama’s old punk leather jacket originally from X-8, she added the art and studs later … )

Brit Boys Attacked By Brats

(Words From Original Flipside CATALOG)

Now if you go up to someone and ask them if they like GBH be careful to some people it’s like saying “fuck you,” to them. Or if you tell people you like them, they call you a sexist. But after seeing the video I think that you’ll understand that the members of GBH, Jock- guitar, Wilf- Drums, Ross- Bass and good old Colin the singer are guys to be loved and friendly with. The media can really screw things up sometimes. I say this video is one of my faves. I will always love Charged GBH– Hudley

This tape is all GBH, live footage and close personal interviews with the band. We also include fan interviews outside Perkins Palace. All footage is from mostly their first tours. Including San Diego and Las Vegas. Lots of fun for us and the band. I hope for you also. Included are: Big Women, Alcohol, Needles and Pins, Hellhole, Drugs Party In 526, City Baby’s Revenge, Give Me Fire, Generals, Gun and Guitar, Forbidden Zone, Las Vegas Babies and the infamous Wild Thing.

Flipside Video Three for your Favorite Bro or Sis…

The line up on this one is spot on with the original Catalog line up. Even the Buddha Man blesses you with his tongue on this one. I will give you a free Ten-Year Anniversary Issue # 54 if you know who he really is. Yet only a hand full of people know.

Flipside Video Three.

Oh ya, now we open with the rad boys from Agent Orange. Live from Music Machine they play “Bloodstains” and “Shakin All Over.” Of course, this whole sequence was filmed with Al’s fisheye lens, lots of fun! And then on to an interview with the boyz. Watch Mike (singer) skate and play guitar at the same time.

Perkins Palace is the happening place with the Big Boys cause they move and groove with a couple of their good songs, “Why Can’t You See “and “History.”

Some older footage with American Hardcore make this tape a wonder, because you can see Drew Burnstein as a straight edge punk, before he went onto being a Crass punk and before he became a glitter Punk playing songs like “Running Backwards” and “Trash Your Love.” Taped at the Roller Works in Van Nuys.

Now you can’t miss M.I.A. play a couple of their best tunes. “Murder in A Foreign Place” and “Boredom is The Reason.” You can catch them at their peak at Perkins Palace. A Must!!!

Subterfuge, subterfuge, subterfuge, and not enough subterfuge. Though these guys have called the quits, you can catch them at their peak. Also, at Roxanne’s Bar with the son “Macho Man.” Subterfuge RIP

The infamous Ichabod’s in Fullerton brings us the Confederate. And they play one sparked up production for the song “American Farmboy.”

Our hero is on this video, the Darby Crash band performing an old Germs song “Ritchie Dagger” Live at the dead Starwood.

Ironically, Suicidal Tendencies follow the above performance with “I See Your Mommy” and “Suicidal Failure.” All at Perkins Palace.

Some old footage here too with the Killroy boyz at the good old Cathay De Grande. “Degeneration” is the song and a mini-interview also at Pop Burger in Woodland Hills.

And on to fun, fun, fun with the Toy Dolls preforming “Barry Manilow.”

And some Duty Dora party fun with the old wild and crazy fuckheads Mad Parade. They play “Animals Riot and “Tearing Down The Wall.” Fun Boyz.

No fu here with Eddie And The Subtitles cause they are talking about drugs. Live at Ichabod’s.

The peace punks get their say here wit two songs from Iconoclast, “Domination or Destruction” and “Battlefields.” Ya boyz tell us what you know about battlefields, I wanna know about peace.

The weird and bizarre freaky band that everyone used to ask about No Trend. And they sing about “Teen Love” live at the Cathay. The strobe lights knock you out, ya man, like a crazy square root.

Flipside Video Two: Professional Punkz or Dennes Boon and Keith Morris go go dancing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 039.jpg
Cover Design original Silk Screen by Gus Hudson or CAZ / Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine

We did all the editing in one office … usually a bed converted into a Flipside office. As so many projects started at Flipside, there were many hands in the FS cookie jar. Gus took a course at Rio Hondo College in Video production. In the City of Industry which was awfully close to us in Whittier CA. Pete had a video camera, and we bought a camera or two and the editing equipment. Designs were created for the video covers and prices for each video. All mail order cash only bases! It was hands on fun and a creative challenge. I want to thank all the bands, clubs and events that let us move freely throughout the environment. Roaming front stage, on stage, backstage and outside was thrilling and part of the job. We were Flipside busy bees. Getting to a show early and leaving late took its toll on me. I had come to find punk rock now by way of promoting, negotiating and hard work. Recording shows was a job more than just having fun. Like cleaning up our equipment after a show. That was simply awful… I don’t want to go into it. Yet the key was at the time bands needed the promotion. Where else did they get it? Live videos, fanzines and records was it! Touring was the key as well! We were mere behind-the-scenes punks who helped capture many of the touring and local shows, and knew all the players intimately … We developed on our creative style. shooting with three cameras live with split screens. I am amazed how well these Flipside Videos have held up; each video is a documentary punk rock experience. And for me that is what it was all about … experience baby.

Flipside Video Two

(From original CATALOG By Hudley Flipside)

(The particular Video YouTube copy I am using posted below has been eddied from the original CATALOG LINE UP and I have edited in the changes in my write up… yet I am sure there are many variances out there! My goal is to bring it all together as best I can.)

Now if you want to see the good old Video Monster in action you just got to catch this video! SO, if you get it, and if you put it in your VCR, you might just die, because opening Flipside Video number two is the band White Flag. Guttzy and pure, Pat Fear will knock your block off while he plays guitar for the opening theme song called “Flipside,” with backup singers, including some Redd Kross members and one Bangle member.

Remember the Vex shows, well here’s a real oldie featuring 7 Seconds on their second trip to L.A. They perform “Skins Brains & Guts” and “Out Of Touch,” such to the dismay of the pissed off bouncers.

A BIG Frank break… “Are You Bored Yet?” and Flipside Kitty kitty….

Minor Threat are captured here in a rare gig in L.A. They blast thru a live performance of “Stand Up and Be Counted,” and “Stepping Stone,” Then finish the video off with some fun time skating. Inspired by Rodney Mullen, who does one of his simple routines just for the Threat boys to watch.

Big Boys were too great to leave off this tape. But since only one song was usable, all you get is “Brick Wall.” Another rare performance. This time in the Vex small room.

Did you ever imagine being a professional punk? The Stretch Marks did and maybe are, cause that’s the song they perform at the Vex. Great!

Then the not to miss last show of the great and wonderful “100 Flowers.” At the Anti club, with Dennes Boon, and Keith Morris go go dancing. Lots of fun to watch and heart warming too! The songs performed are “California Falling,” and “Surfin’ with the Shaw.”


Then on to another Vex show with the Minutemen. With a 100 Flowers hit, “Ack Ack Ack.” And one of their own “Split Red.”

Then ANGST with Interview.

Live with the Dickies ends this video with their four faves songs, “Stuart,” “Manny, Moe and Jack,” “Gigantor, and “You Drive Me Ape.”


Available at Amazon…

Flipside Video One

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fs-cat-10-001.jpg

Flipside Fanzine Catalog~ Videos, Fanzines and Records.

I put together a catalog for our customers. I reviewed all we had and came out with a little fanzine. I called it a “CAT A LOG” but that was in the 1980s.

Now, each day I will add one entry from the old catalog on my site. A little project of mine. I know all the Flipside Videos are all over the WWW. That is ok… I will bring them together.

I have a little story to tell you. At one time we saved all the video masters. Then in the 1990s Al Flipside gave them to staph worker Gary Indiana. He made copies and sold them. When punk rock cooled down, before punk nostalgia hit the punk scene, Gary lost interest. So, he called my sister who had my and my brother Gus’s phone number. Gary was trying to reach us to send us the original master tapes.  Al, Gus and I ran the business. Al and I owned the business. So, I asked her to send them to me. I will take care of them. As I have all my Flipside stuff. Yet she always favored Gus. He got them. Then what happened next is Gus put them in someone else’s garage. A storm hit, flooded the garage and no more master tapes. It pisses me off. Yet that is the truth of the story. Anyway, I feel a strange dissection with all the Flipside stuff all over the internet. So, in my own silly way, or my psyche needs a wholeness, I will try and gather and organize it all together again. The Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine documentation of a scene. As I have always done.

Flipside Video One

This video opens with Social Distortion, one of Orange county’s fave bands! With two songs “Under My Thumb” and “Atom Bomb.” Yes, you can see Mike sing and Brent play guitar along with Dennis (Dizzy) and see Derick hit the drums. All the boys in action before their drug days to follow. Good stuff here.

Next the Vandals live at “Devonshire Downs” with a couple of their best songs, “Anarchy Burger” and “Hocus Pocus.” Then mixed in all this is a live interview with the band thanks to Stella from “Stray Pop” KXLU. Loads of fun, Human at his funniest!  All the original members. Butts and beers.

Sin 34 takes a trip, wow, don’t you just want to go with them! Fame artist Dave Markey features his “Trip to San Francisco.” Special guests include “Flipper member” and “ET.” Catch Julie eat down a MacDonald hamburger and Dave watch the sunrise. A must!

Now what blows you away next is the big Black Flag live at “My Casita” in Torrance. Sweaty and best Henry rips with “I’ve heard it Before” and Dez sings “Louie, Louie.” If you love them now, you probably loved them then so, catch it where else can you?

Then on to RF7 performing a rare performance of “Vampire Lady.” All happening at Devonshire Downs.

Yes, MDC live at the Olympic (or the limp dick) plus an interview with them, mixed in with riot footage from the Mendiolas Ballroom police riot. Peace please.

Next the I Wanna Be Classified’s of punk rock, Descendants with the great, I mean fun song “Hey Hey at the “Mi Casita” (You guessed it the same show as Black Flag.) Then back to the studio with the DI boyz, I mean boyz jokes and all. So, you know what DI stands for? They before “Richie Hung Himself.”

And Next the sons “Code Blue” performed by the liar himself, Jack Greggor. Who of course was the original singer for TSOL. This all was happening at “Orange Coast College.”

“Wild In The Streets” and “Group Sex,” do you know that these two songs are Keith Morris’s fave songs ever? Well while the Circle Jerks play live at “Goleta Community Center” Keith sure sings those two songs like they were his faves! Enjoy… you know back in the days before “Golden Showers” …

Spin Magazine features them now, but back when they were begging for their first meal, I mean gig! Husker Du preform at “Mi Casita.” One of their first performance in L.A. and you can catch it… They rip through “Everything Falls Apart.” Also included is an interview with them at SST Records. WOW.

Did you ever think you would “Sink With California” till you fell into the sea? Well Youth Brigade must have thought they might! And they sing it live at “Mendiolas and Perkins.” At Olympic they sing “Violence.” Catch Youth Brigade when they were still young and youthful. Before they became, “The Brigade.” Before they became the “Old Farts Brigade” hey, Shawn have a beer on me.

  • End Tidbits: Mockery of Black Flag’s ” Rise Above” with Sin 34 and We Got Power Fanzine crew…. end song was Flipside Band…with HUD on Saxophone..