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Poems a different way to communicate to the world. The place of “Who fucking cares” to “Hey I hear what you are saying!”
“…to set forth or offer for attention or consideration…let me pose a question…”


It seems contrary that Venus goes retrograde
As Spring vividly approaches!
The underworld is spilling upwards
I’ve noticed shadows and illness
Addiction, handicaps, and depression.
My heart is hurt and overwhelmed.

Man at the parking lot asking for money
Young man in a wheelchair
As parents push him through the supermarket
his eyes deep in a world of despair. 

I hold on to the pain as it washes over me with tears
Helpless tears of acknowledgment and power
As we walk through these dark times
To acknowledge it all with observing hearts
That hear and feel!

We help by our vibrations of
compassion, empathy and caring.
A silent prayer of hope,
So, the wounded can find a gentle joy
That pleasure brings
upon their vivid blood-red hearts.

She knows and she descends to us
the gift of her sweetness
for all times.

Walking with those that hold the lanterns
In the dark desending spiral into the underworld.
Light that eliminates the darkness
By acknowledgment, letting go.

As hearts grow in applied ways
This is our wisdom
A balm for our world…
Breast bending up
Chest falling down
And love will be found there too.

Venus on seashell, from the Casa di Venus, Pompeii. Before AD 79.


The sun a disk of light. The flowers of purple nectar. My mind reflects. I am here. Yet, I am also with the women marching today…
Today was the Women’s March
Many cities and even in Washington DC
They are Marching …

I felt connected to it all-
Yet, today we cleaned the gutters,
As husband was on the roof
With a long powerful hose,
I waited to clean
the dark
Mud, leaves and earthy smelling mire-slush.

As I waited,
I looked into the pool
Clean and blue
I saw the sun
A round perfect sun.
Bright and surrounded
By clouds
as many cauliflowers
And I thought…

“How lovely and bright the sun is, will it hurt my eyes to stare so long?”


I kept looking into the pool
Watching the sun.
A reflection in a clean pool.
A crow flew between us,
The whole reflection and my single view of the sun.

Droplets from the power hose
Rippled in the pool water
I looked away…
A hummingbird stopped in front of me,
Long enough to see a red beating breast.
Then was gone.

I gazed at the sun
The grey clouds
The ripples in the clean pool.

I also thought upon the women’s march…

Earlier, I was in front of my home
I studied the falling rosemary
Exploding with fresh, delicate purple flowers.
The rain also brought the many marching honey bees.

The sun a disk of light. The flowers of purple nectar. My mind reflects. I am here. Yet, I am also with the women marching today…
Today was the Women’s March
Many cities and even in Washington DC
They Marched…

Jan./ 22/17 HF

Red Rose


Over thirty years ago
Finding a red rose
stained glass
five petals.

At a common thrift store
then, upon my wall
after,  a gift to mother
upon her wall.

Now upon my wall, again
a symbol
now I know
it means good magic
supporting me
all along…

Rose Vase

“Midsummer night upon the sword,
Knights and squires are standing guard,
In the grove knightly dance they tread
With torches and garlands of roses red”

~ Johannes Steenstrup, CHR The Medieval Popular Ballad, 1968

Endure …

Understanding life as one gets older is harmonious

things lost and insights gained

winds blow in the memories

time travel is easy…

child like fantasies still inspire

and adult responsibilities endure.

on my mind

Oft’ my WordPress shelf

on this green day before the spring equinox

I pull a picture down.

A rendering I captured of Dad

Glad I did…


His birthday was on the 2nd of December

his Death March 17th…

three years now gone?

Once a day of dancing and drinking

has taken a different tone.

Even through grief

…faded with time…

He is still on my mind today.

I imagine him dancing

with denizens on the Pleiades

happy and content.

Dad before death - Copy

Dad before death

My Dream Is Real

Today The Seminary of Praying Mantis has just published the first book (chapbook) of poetry.

A great accomplishment for me today. My first published book of poetry. DIY of highest degree with all the respect due to the many others who share their passion. It is just a hell of a happy day… just one step… of making my dreams come true.



To Abraham

 This is a poem created on a triangular form for a fellow student in a poetry class at Los Angeles Valley College. Abraham was a wise mature student taking a course with a bunch of young adults. He teased us and spoke Yiddish in class. He had Holocaust tattoos on his arm that were expanded and dull. He invited the class to his apartment in Van Nuys. Every wall was covered with bookshelves filled with a verity of books. I found a book by William Blake there that day from one of the dusty shelves! I made this to remember Abraham, a simple man of extraordinary insight and purpose!


Triangular Poem By Holly D. Cornell





Singed by Abraham Pesah Lenkawicki 3-11-1998

Day 7 off the Holy of Holies

Still & Quiet

Hummingbird is still on a branch

Looking around

Long thin beak

I heard a chirp too

Hummingbird quiet on a branch.

Today is a new moon

Like a vacuum it pulls

But like the humming bird

I will be still and quiet

Looking around…

Waiting for the time

To spontaneously vibrate my wings

And take off.

The Hierarchy of Libra rules this day of the new moon.

“The human body center correlating with Libra is to be found in the adrenal glands. These glands, when functioning properly, create absolute physical and psychological balance through each organ and it’s processes. ” Pg. 15 Corinne Heline

Pearl watercolor by Hudley

watercolor by Hudley

“May the element of space not rise up as an enemy,

may I see the realm of the blue buddha.

May the element of water not rise up as enemy,

may I see the realm of the white buddha.

May the element of earth not rise up as an enemy,

May I see the realm of the yellow buddha.

May the element of fire not rise up as an enemy,

may I see the realm of the red buddha.

May the element of air not rise up as an enemy,

May I see the green buddhas.

May the rainbow of the elements not rise up as enemies,

may I see the realms of all the buddhas.

May the sounds, lights and rays not rise up as enemies,

may I see the infinite realms of the Peaceful and Wrathful Ones.

May I know all the sounds as my own sound,

may I know all lights as my own light

may I know all the rays as my own ray.

May I spontaneously know the bardo as myself,

may I attain the realms of the three Kayas. “

~Pg. 101-2, The Tibetan Book of The Dead, Francesca Fremantle & Chogyam Trungpa


Libertia: A Tear For Lonely Persephone; Happy Spring Equinox.


I wrote this poem on 8/8/88, 28 years ago. The mythology and symbolism defines a change, a pull that moved me onto another path. From music and wild ways to a new life. It did happen. Now when I look back I am amazed at the internal movement of this poem. Today it holds value and this why I am sharing it today.


th (13)

Athena holds me to her bosom, dear, a sullen tear, I reply in fear. Alas her Owl comes from the west! Calling me to take me from my nest! Stir me up, shake me, I stand naked, as nothing. And her tear drops, I saw it, to the book here, I’m reading.

Alas she cries for all imprisoned women! Pregnant and within her presence, Now, I want to die, where could I go? death would not hide me from her! Inspire me, Aphrodite with love tonight.

I love her, in myself be true! Please say it is alright, lie with me this night. My tent is up, my lantern lit, all upon a hill, I have my medicine staff, as snake crawls up, my mythology dream stick self. In all my dreams, I never knew, A woman would bear-up my child.

Yes, that tear that fell, will be my watering growth. The Owl, my wings, shall fly The west, the east, the south and north. The snake on staff will crawl up, coiled then straight and fire blown.

Athena and Aphrodite the two stars, Together, moon beam shine upon me. This time I will not shy away, this time I bring you birth, I know you know, “Mine Krater” be filled this night.

And Persephone smiles in the morning East saying, “Ah look, there flies the Eagle!”

Poem by Hudley Flipside 8/8/88