Told destiny continues


Typing words over two years as poems, stories and current events.

Smiling she knows this free creativity.

The responsibility and following it though to this very day.

Consistence moving.

  Spice and herbs of muses’ magic.

Documenting a mind.

A vast open technology.

This told destiny continues until comes her death?

Automated retail cheap to go at all gasoline stations.


Today while driving I noticed the intensity. People rushed and gave the finger; as well as myself. I don’t do it out of meanness but I try to mock it up with both hands held up to my ears while wiggling them. I always try to get them to smile. Amazed that we all get along as well as we do on our Southern California roads. I think we should replace cigarette automated retail machines with funny faces in a little plastic sealed cup. At all gasoline stations.  Cheap little bobbing fuck you fingers made to suction to the back of the inside of your car. Collectables, as vinyl records, to be sold at some future date at some off beat swap meet. Let’s face it most of you out there are nasty drivers who project your frustrations from your car. Monsters of the road. The happy clown nose, the green alien fuck you finger or the cat showing you a butthole. Maybe little guns that shot out, “Be cool,” “get down,” or the big shaft “Motherfucker!!” For those of us who are good at heart there are the multitude of happy faces which you can suction to your head, “Get out of my way have a nice day,” “Gosh you can go screw,” and “Love is more punk rock than you!!”


A jest of summer solstice drums!!

A promotional trashy subliminal Jester plot to share a little ridiculous joy in this troubled world!!! Happy Summer solstice…. As the world turns !!!


rebellious hit

Bobo before she spits at herself in the mirror !

At Starbucks the young woman behind the counter said,

“I like your shirt!”

“You like G.B.H.?”

She gave me an intense  look of inwardness.

“Yes…like Minor Threat and…China White!”


“No one listens to Punk anymore.”

“Only the old punk folk!”

I was referring to myself. She gave me a sheepish smile while giving me a receipt for two Grande Café Lattes.

It was the first time we were in this Starbucks. Walking the streets here in the evening is pleasant. Noticing the many closed storefront businesses along Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena made us wonder. Our conclusion was that the businesses that offered a service survived. This is where the people mingled. As colorful clusters around most coffee shops here. Foundations of parking lots, businesses and apartments went up above this!  This gave me a dreamy concern. I imagined living this way.

“John, After the kids grow up and are on their way, maybe we can get an apartment and live this way?”

“It might not be so bad.”

“I wonder if they allow cats?”

It was because of a longtime friend that we were out here, a few miles from out hometown. The Laemmle Theater a couple blocks from our home closed down about three years earlier. Once down the street from us now Pasadena was the nearest one.

My punk rock heart asked me,

“Do you really want to see another film about punk rock, I mean didn’t you experience the real deal already!?”

“I don’t know? A friend told me that the film has “girl energy,”  it seems like I could use some of that!”

Researching the film I was pulled to it more and more. I decided to get a ticket online and drive out to see it alone. Husband jumped aboard and said,

“We can visit the Yard House or Lucky Baldwins after the show!”

This we did later.

We Are The Best does have “girl energy,” it has something more that touched me deeply too. Something, that I must say, defines the punk rock experience for me! It always has and it always will.

Since its creation and migration around the world. punk rock , has been raped-skated-and-donated!! What this film brings forth in a true way is the experience of punk rock. The film puts you in the world of three 7th graders. Three thirteen year old girls that don’t fit in! So they reach out to music, each other and to other punks.

Having guys call you ugly and being ignored by popular culture are two real initiations into the punk rock girl experience.

It is all about rebellion, ideologies, music and fun! The film is sweet, innocent and honest! Defining that having a band and friendship is more important then the guys you’re sleeping with.

I enjoy the freedom the girls have to get around on subways. The film is based in Stockholm Sweden during the 1980s.

After the film and a nice long walk I found myself perching at the Yard House with a dark beer before my gaze. The monitors were all about Hockey. I am naturally repelled by organized sports as well as the commercials. The ones before the film were awful too…Porsche to Lexus commercials. Madmen designed to get that needed uplift. Why did we pay money to watch commercials as well?

Anyway, I thought upon Bobo, Klara and Hedvig and how the punk culture was portrayed in the film compared to my real experiences. As I sipped my beer I made my usual under the breath insult about the Kings game. With wide eyes and mouth grinning,,

“Hate the Sport!!”

Adding another rebellious beat to this old folk punk heart of mine.


Maxed-out Cooperate Chihuahua bark

LA Madam 1986

Diversity is maxed out where I live. My kids are experiencing a vastly different community from mine. I ask myself,

“Are we still living in the same place where I grew up ?” My mind says yes.

Now every home is a community in itself. Not like the open community I came from, where families knew each other and did the same things together. Change is a great thing but it can make it hard to blend in and make friends. The kids don’t have an issue with it but it is harder for the parents.

Today I am watching the big trucks put new asphalt on our street and I ask myself this question,

“How can I avoid the winter Olympics?”

This is one global community that turns me off. Cooperate powered youthful competition does not interest me at all. My house is winter Olympics free!!!

From the, out there, global communities to the, right here, local community, I am a bit disappointed. Instead, I have created a great computer community for myself. One that stirs my many interests and friendships tighter together. My brother Greg told me once,

“We now have to create our own communities…!”

I just read in Harper’s magazine an editorial by James Marcus entitled Easy Chair: Dodge the Draft! Yes there are politicians trying to get that darn thing going again. In the article it states Representative Rangel;

“I am saying that everyone should have to make a commitment to national service.” Pg. 7 March 2014

Maybe he is right, but let’s do a twist on this. In my community a growing number of massage parlors are opening up like wild-fire, which is most likely putting the elegant and expensive Madams out of business. Hey, if you can get it cheap and dirty, with an illegal young woman, why not?

 Let’s legalize prostitution. I have written about this before. Let’s be open about this. Women from 16 to 23 can do their national service. The big wigs all use them, as well as the perverts. So why not make it up front. This way the young gals can save up some big money for their future college educations. This is before they get married and have children of course: A much better alternative than giving their lives to the war machine, now that they could get drafted. This might give us a happy community, locally and nationally while putting those cheesy massage parlors out of business and opening up some quality Madam owned Federal brothels.  Our women deserve better, especially those women who have come here to make a fresh start from another country. They could put their 2 to 3 years in national service and become legal citizens. Hey that is what I did pretty much from 15 to 19 anyway… why not get paid good money for it.

Locally my community is very diverse. We have a few hip cats and many types of dogs in our neighborhood The new neighbors, a few houses down from us, let their little Chihuahua bark all night long. I finally had to go over to their house in my pajamas last night,

Knock knock, noticing the beautiful stain glass window on their front door; a young man answered the door.

“Hello” I introduced myself, “We have been very patient with your barking dog. My husband has to get up early in the morning; if you don’t bring your dog in we will have to call the cops!”

“Call the cops then!” He said. I then asked him his name as a way to nicely balance out my Adam 12 assholism. He of course shut the door in my face, I don’t blame him. I wasn’t going to call the cops but I was feeling rather put upon. The dog stopped.

How strange life seems these days with local and global diversity. So much news and so many changes around every corner …even in my little neighborhood! Yet, the continuity of an irritating barking dog will never change. This is what I look for in life, those things that may help me to feel normal and safe…like the barking dog. At least the little Chihuahua got me out and over to say hello to our new neighbors. That dog barks all the fucking time too…day and night. I can hear the dog right now!!

SLow Grooves

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

Cinnamon honey in my coffee… how progressive..!!

Routine is a good thing.  It creates grooves in our brain. Makes us feel part of something dependable. Inspirational random unusual acts help the brain to expand and grow. This puts us outside of our comfort zone. We create new grooves in our brain. This is an intellectual process that we need to keep on going. As in a vinyl record, sometimes we can get caught up in the same old grooves. Although this is comfortable for us of course, sometimes we need to listen to different tunes and expand our sensitivities.

A country and their government do get caught up in a simple safe motif as well.


I suppose good capitalism, as well as communism, can work progressively, which is letting these Inspirational random unusual acts of change motivate a culture or community or person for the better. Over a long period of time a stream or river can wear down big rocks, So too can progressive and humanistic was of creating. It is subtle change but slaps our awareness as noticeably unusual, It is happening right now under our noses. I like what I see.

This must inspire hopefulness in our hearts.

This cold Monday morning I went shopping at Ralphs Grocery.  I have not been there for a long time. I noticed these Inspirational random unusual acts of change. It is happening ever so slowly.  Progressive and healthier products are being sold to the community,..more and more every day.


Just some silly thoughts while drinking my coffee.

Their little hearts mock others.

Relevant ~bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: a relevant remark.

Hudley in san fran 001
Picture by Pete Lanswick 1980 Hud in San Fransisco

In an exclusive group a relevant remark may be very pertinent to the matter at hand but to the rest of us it is not.  It is the opposite of inclusive. Though I am a private person I am also an inclusive one. When comments are exclusive they warp on the matter of a firm context to the rest of us. People that do this are like little gerbils in the corner mocking others because of their lack of intelligence or the ability to communicate properly. Their little hearts mock others.

Today a friend asked me if the Flipside Memorial page on Facebook is relevant. My first response was to what? It is a memorial page because the fanzine has not been published for 13 years.  Joe and Ed wanted to create a place to share memories of Flipside Fanzine, workers on the fanzine and the early punk scene in general. They were riding the beginning of the old school punk rock nostalgia of the Big Punk Rock. Joe’s focus is on the late 80s and the early 90s. Ed I assume was more weaved into the 90s but was not a hardcore member of the Fanzine by any means. They both helped out indeed, I am not denying that.

Yet, do they have a deep exclusive understanding of the heart of the magazine? I have to yell out,

“no fucking way!”

This is where the Flipside Memorial Facebook page is lacking. They superficially dip into the realm of Flipside to protrude some sort of authority. They control rather than inform. They mock and delight in shocking others instead of illuminating fans about the underground punks scene. I agree that many images and insights from fans on the Flipside Memorial Facebook site can be fun.  It does bring back some of those good old feelings, but It does not take the place of the real deal. Not even close.

The creators of the Flipside Memorial page have a diabolical hand in posting some very disturbing posts. Ones that made me disassociate with it. I only view their page if a friend shares a post with something pertaining to the Flipside Memorial page. I contributed images and comments there at one time but not any more. You judge for yourself.

The Flipside Memorial page brings friends together and this is a great thing. I can forgive Mr. Joe and Ed and move on…which is what I have done for the last couple years. In comparison I created The Seminary of Praying Mantis which also includes memories of Flipside Fanzine.  I make it inclusively relevant to the growing old school punk nostalgia, which I call THE BIG PUNK ROCK. People like it and do respond to these posts more than other ones that I write.

I am cursed by Flipside Fanzine and punk rock in general. It ain’t what it use to be and it is always barking at my heels to be remembered. I am not saturated in it anymore. I pick and choose. I feel no more accountability to it. I try to make this site relative to the past, present and future from my perspective in life. Sorry folks it ain’t always about the BIG PUNK ROCK… but it is honest and I love publishing it like I loved publishing Flipside Fanzine.

In memory of Shane Williams and Pat Fear (Bill Bartell) true comrades and mentors of punk rock.


Positive projection of art if only indirectly…

This is my response to The Basic Big Problem With Most Art  by Mat Gleason

I read his criticism based on his knowledge and insights of art, but what I saw between the lines of his writing was a truthful alternative possibility. Instead.; A  projection of what exceptional art is. By saying what he did not like about art and artists; he affirms indirectly what artists and art should inspire towards.

Engaged in the community

With humanity and/or nature

To be one with a vision beyond the sleeping

Awake as an artist and as a creative writer

To be sensitive,

to inspire this in others

to awaken others to the extramundane

deep in their longing hearts

to share

through the process of creative honesty !!

A Terrible Threat

Punk Rock Historian, COLLEAGUE and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

th (13)

“Walk on the Wild Side” is a Lou Reed song from his 1972 second solo album Transformer. David Bowie produced it. The song received wide radio coverage, despite its touching on taboo topics such as transsexualism, drugs, male prostitution, and oral sex. In the United States, RCA released the single using an edited version of the song without the reference to oral sex.

Being weird is always a terrible threat! A wonderful and eternal weirdo place way to be!! RIP Lou Reed!!

“For indiscriminate empathy, which is characteristic of Neptune, we often try to make this into a very exclusive and discriminating empathy for him alone. We can see the same kind of mechanism at work here that is suggested by a Uranus-Saturn contact. Even if the individual is not expressing Neptune in a particularly conscious way–and few do expect through the creative media of music or theater–this lucid and magical quality will be apparent to the person whose Saturn is affected. It is an entrancing quality while it is a terrible threat for although Neptune seems to say, “I completely understand and love and accept you, he will say the same to everyone indiscriminately.” ~ Liz Greene

When I was 14 years old the song Walk on the Wild Side was the hit song of a generation. The song reached mass appeal. I was not aware of The Velvet Underground or Andy Warhol during the sixties but by 1972 Lou Reed reached the place of “creative media of music,” where he would say “the same to everyone.”  I hated this song because the song began with my name. The kids at school already labelled me as a weirdo.

 “Hey Holly want to take a walk on the wild side…hahahah!!”

 Quiet and shy I took the bullying. Little did I know that in a few years I would be walking into a similar underground music scene that Lou Reed climbed out of; a creative flowing rebellious world of freedom, music, art, dark streets, and clubs! I would be promoting a world of youthful Rock & Roll that, sometimes, does not age; only personally when we die at an age past forty something!!

 When I hear Walk on the Wild Side I smile now, a song, because I did take a walk on the wild side. Being weird is always a terrible threat! A wonderful and eternal weirdo place way to be!!

The reminder of death..
The reminder of death.. by Hudley Flipside