Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go

The rain is coming down today. I love the rain. I am sad in my belly about current events. Priests abusing children and getting away with it and bans being pulled for women to fight combat duty.  I think some laws are absurd. I am for equality for everyone this mostly includes children and women. I can not understand any woman who would want to kill, or any man for that matter. I can not understand why a priest would abuse a child when he represents Christ on earth? So the rain is coming down and the wind shield wipers are moving and the jazz  on the radio is playing smoothly. In this movement of reflection I know what is sane and what is insane. I think that maybe our culture, maybe American society is slowly going insane. It has lost a focus of reality and is absurd and shattered.  I want to help some way. I do it here by writing if I can get one person to think differently. To stop the war machine, to stop the abuse, to stop and think… then the pain is not so bad.

HOLY SPIT or Mahony the fahony…!!

A Flopside Editorial

Jester watercolr by Hudley

The memos the men wrote made clear that they were aware children had been raped and otherwise assaulted and were attempting to keep authorities in the dark. They discussed giving the abusive priests out-of-state assignments and keeping them from seeing therapists who might have altered law enforcement. – Los Angeles times: Charges unlikely for Mahony by Harriet Ryan… Wednesday January 23 1013

Mahony should admit his guilt and step down. All the parents of the Catholic Church should give up their faith and step down because a terrible crime was committed, again and again and again. He did not protect the innocent nor did he give help for those in need. The Catholic Church is based on a mythology that is as false as its actions. I am going to start a new ritual. I call it the HOLY SPIT and each time I see a Catholic Church I will do you know what? I invite you to join me.



Time to let off some steam…

I cannot image how people could stockpile guns now. Statistics show that white men over 40 are buying guns. It is crazy! What is wrong with them? I don’t get what the problem is. I feel what Obama has to offer this country to handle this problem is very responsible and sound. Try not to forget that 20 children were killed because of a problem that our conservative government is not addressing. Shame on the NRA too!! You have to see that people are more important then gun manufactures.

Military weapons should not be in the general population.

Stupid white menover 40

Congress agrees : In Twain we trust

A bill authorizing commemorative coin to honor his literary legacy is approved by both chambers.

“It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress”

How ironic it is that this bi-partisan bill wins approvals now? It only shows us that they can work together if they want to and that sometimes it takes an extreme individual to do it…way after his death.

Fallen Heroes for the Masses

No heroes or heroines that is my motto for life.

I like to be inspired by other human beings.

The whole myth of heroes is based on demigods.

The immortals, but sadly enough our modern heroes are anything but immortals

or something to be a cult follower of.

Lance Armstrong, Clint Eastwood and Alfred Hitchcock.

are falling down, falling down.

We human beings are a strange brew.

As the ‘ole song says…

I rather listen to the blackbirds…Conk-a-reeeee, Conk-a-reeeee…

Am I assuming too much? Why not be horny for peace instead!

CAIRO – Ema Mostafa, a village girl was shot and killed last month when she dared to spit in the face of the man who groped her.

~ Los Angeles times taken from article by Reem Abdellatif

I looked up the word groped in the Urban dictionary,  http://www.urbandictionary.com/, and it means what I know it means but put the word down and dirty on the kitchen table.  It defines the word as to touch or fondle someone sexually to get em horny! This man was horny but the 16-year-old woman was not. The fact that she was brave enough to go up against a patriarchal system that she did not create amazes me. I think of all the young women who did not.

Think of all the women who did not…pause! This man was not charged with taking this young woman’s life. So he has done it before and will most assuredly do it again. Am I assuming too much? The article does not speak of any relationship between this man and young woman. The fact that she spit into the man’s face tells us the whole story very clearly.

Cairo Egypt on the red sea part of the Nile Delta. Oh Cleopatra! She now adds to her hidden army of women in the eternity of the afterlife , waiting. This death does not go unknown to the world.   Ema is brought up and out to  our attention knowing that here in the united states there is an accountability associated with such as action against any woman.   She would find justice here, hopefully so!

I see a multitude of Ankhs turned toward this part of the fertile crescent. Forcing them to put down their political beliefs and ideologies and work strictly towards drafting a constitution for their [our] Nation.  Why not be horny for peace and communication, where men and women come together in the continuity of history that goes back before this hateful inane patriarchy. CAIRO ! Listen to your women! Something old and new calls this place of women and their young girls and it is not to succumb to the hands of disrespectful men.

Song Of Solomon Chapter 4 1-2.

How beautiful you are, my love

how very beautiful!

Your eyes are doves

behind your veil.

Your hair is like a flock of goats,

moving down the slops of Gilead.

Your teeth are like a flock of

shorn ewes

that have come up from the washing

all of which bear twins,

and not one among them is


Fusillade no more !

A donkey with a load of holy books is still a donkey.

In eastern Libya an U.S. ambassador is dead.  The political machine is turning on this one and some have unsuccessfully used it to their disadvantage. This beautiful land of Africa on the Mediterranean Sea holds a deeply conservative Muslim nation. Ak-47s, Islamist militant armies, Ambassador Stevens and a film  “Innocence of Muslims”, all speak of hate and death. Then there is Morris Sadek Egyptian Christian Activist and Coptic man who embodies his war against the God of Islam. Joining his battle is Pastor Terry Jones a conservative Christian of Florida  who promotes this hate on September 11th by showing this film.  While the best of the best, Sufi Muslim Shrines,  are destroyed by religious extremists. The Majority of people who live in Libya are not hateful.  We need to remember this.

This beautiful fertile crescent is a historical place of war shed for extreme generations of time.  It is a love hate religious war. I wish we could gather up all of these extremists and put them on an island at sea and just let them kill each other off. The extremist Muslim, Christian and Jew seem to hate all the time. Truly my deepest wish is that they would just sit down and talk and learn to live together without all this childlike emotional hatred.
These religious traditions all are Abrahamic religions that come from the same seed. I feel now is the time to trace their generations back together.  Joining together in  their common religious heritage. Then drink and dance with the whirling dervishes. Healing the fertile crescent. Childlike spiritual emotional hopefulness works too!

Happy are those who find fault with themselves instead of finding fault with others.

Muhammad (Essential Sufism)