Be More than a Witness…”do it yourself”

Learning while doing  is the process of achieving some strange goal. That is what I am going to start covering in my BLOG… and other stuff too… I am going back to the basics…quality over quantity…

JF 001

OK here I go to yak, yak, yak.. and I like to… I just started this and here I go..  When I started working on Flipside Fanzine in the late 1970s the term “Be More Than A Witness” was a very serious motivation behind the scene of a fanzine. Yes there was the ideas of anarchy but what I feel really highlights this period of  punk, what really was happening.., was something very productive not destructive. There of course were the fanzines, but most importantly there were the record labels, and  the fans who were all supporting the bands. We all had a close symbolic relationship. Even to this day some 30 years later there is a strange kind of knowing bond between us. If anything has survived besides the music from that early punk period it is this. Getting involved in doing something. Now you can have your podcast, A Punk Rock Museum, play your music at the local pub, or maybe sell your art at the local community store. This is all going on now and lots of it. I know about DIY.

“do it yourself”