Ode to Hawk and Sabrina

Sung by the crones of many-colored scarfs.

Sabrina’s red scarf hung on the tip of the crescent moon. As her leather dress slid off her and fell below towards the earth. Hawk and Sabrina relaxed together on the curve of the moon. The light and darkness of the crescent moon held the two lovers together bound by her. Setting into the night. Nothing was hidden from Hawk and Sabrina anymore. What was revealed, what was once hidden, was their love. Two hearts, a crescendo of love that would grow with the full autumn moon.

Episode one – four…

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Sweet Water and Heavy Heart

Sabrina Cowgirl Extraordinaire Episode Four

Sabrina and Cooing Dove’s first encounter with each other. Or Colin’s best friend Hawk.

Hawk was a traveler from tribe to tribe. He shared stories about the Great Peacemaker. He often would have to earn favor with each community he approached. Showing he was not a Brave of war, trickery, or bad medicine.

The Place of The Shells

Sabrina Cowgirl Extraordinaire: Episode Two

By Hudley Flipside

A place of the past and future met in a young, orphaned girl of the prairie…one could hear the cooing of the night dove.

They traded baskets. Sabrina gave them hops and they gave her wampum belts which were adorned with stones and a funny stone with a bolt shape on top. She did not know the names of the stones with bolt shapes.

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Sabrina Cowgirl Extraordinaire

by Hudley Flipside

Episode One:

Call Me By My Name

They met many a nomadic cowhand and grounded sailor. One man in particular caught Sabrina’s eye. He was a scout for a wagon train and showed up seasonally to help at the farm. Colin was amazed how Sabrina could ride her mustang. Before barbed wire or the rape of the land made by the train steam monster there were the wild days where a young girl grew up. She rode a horse, roped any calf, and carried a gun at a young age. Her family, a blending of colonists, found land and made it home.

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