Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Radio from the Big Punk Rock 1984 on KFJC 89.7

A gift to fans of Punk Rock and Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine…


Dearest KFJC,

I just fucked up and lost my 13 tapes and all I wrote about them from over the years, a long time ago. So, I found them again, and for propensity, I will put them up again. This time I will not write any stories. Suffice to say… I got a box in the 90s in Rochester New York with my KFJC tapes inside from 1984. You were so good to me KFJC the wild San Jose FM College Radio program. Anyway, the box with 13 tapes traveled with me for years. Them sturdy Old cassette tapes. Then around 2009 I formatted them into CD’s and then as mp3 files to upload to my blog The Seminary Of Praying Mantis. It was a long time going and the tapes really contain my youth and the cutting edge of a growing punk rock scene.

A real punk rock experience… Here is to the BIG PUNK ROCK. The tapes are not in order… a little chaos and anarchy thrown in this time… ptttt

(~Just recently I found some of my original posts and put them up again… (October `11/2019  \Category Archives: Flipside Radio KFJC 89.7 Hosted by Hudley Flipside 1984)

Love Hudley

Tapes One ~ Thirteen

  1. Randomly Tape.


2. Haphazardly Tape.


3. Accidentally Tape.




4. Aimlessly Tape.



5. Unsystematically Tape.



6. Unsteadily Tape.



7. Unpredictably Tape.



8. Capriciously Tape.



9. Oh Fuck Off Tape.



10. Fitfully Tape.



11. Irregularly Tape.



12. Casually Tape.



13, Informally Tape.



Los Angeles Flipside # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue Paperback Replica.

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