Foresight Blossoms

Foresight: knowledge or insight gained by or as by looking forward, a view of the future.

I have always had foresight. As a child it flew around and through my brain and heart. I noticed that this ability was part of my family’s undercurrent. We did not always listen to it. I was amazed by it and kept silent. As I got older, I found that though I had keen foresight there is not much you can do if others do not see it or get it. Not many want to understand it either. For myself I indulge it and work with it, as a muse who is tapping on my shoulder to say, “Look over here.”

You may think this sounds silly, but I find that nature’s response to foresight as kind of startling.  Here the word synchronicity is a constant and if one has foresight and steps into that zone or frequency it is a very pleasant experience indeed.

I have read plenty of books on the subject from mystics, occultists, scientists and (Jungian) depth psychologists. Yes, books hold a magic of their own.

Next is how I approach the study of astrology, astrophysics, and mythology, I find that foresight is an excellent way to read into a profound relationship with the cosmos and our solar system. Yes, I am prone to esoteric studies only because it is a language that I understand.

The last 10 years I have worked a lot with Saturn and Pluto. My relationship is a positive one. Saturn teaches me about positive affirmations and Pluto teaches me about love and transmutation. The shadow shines intensely with these two and I have walked with them there as well. Which brings me to this dream I had a few years ago that is rich with foresight and looks at the place we are at now. I post it often when Pluto taps on my shoulder to say “HI.”

Pluto does love Persephone. This means that he loves the earth, maybe women a little more than men. Yet in general the earth. Now as we address the Retrograde parade of Planets in Capricorn, I want to focus in on Pluto.

The mythology of Pluto and Persephone is not from the more popular tradition. Where he rapes her. Yet based on a very ancient and feminine rule. Persephone is the ruler of the underworld and helps those from the darkness into the light. She works with Pluto in the transformative process of humanity.  

We are living in that time. So, I think this dream I am sharing again can help those now to see where our focus may need to be.

Saturn amplifies, as a gift, my foresight.

My hollyhock stalks are beginning to dry up. The pods hold thousands of black seeds that are falling now to the earth. I hope that what my foresight tells me now will be heard by others.  A lovely image for me like placing seeds of understanding in others’ dark beautiful psyches.  Someday to bloom in understanding as lovely Hollyhock blossoms.

Pluto Love (My Dream) April 2017.

“To improve the external situation in the world, we must begin by accepting that world as a mother accepts her child; to improve our intimacies, we much extend the same benevolence to ourselves. The acceptance we must cultivate is the same: the emphasis remains on the inner world. As Jung pointed out, “The upheaval in our world and the upheaval in consciousness is one and the same.” We must come home to ourselves with a mothering acceptance, and so give birth to ourselves with a mothering acceptance, and so give birth to true emotion, the basis of all true intimacy.” Pg. 129 Astrology Beyond Ego – Tim Lyons

Awhile back I had a scary dream. I was with a group of people. We were all running from evil monster zombies. The feeling was dread. We found a train and traveled to the country. It was horrid. The thought of death approaching was a sickness in us all. We found a cabin in the countryside. I had my white cat Mr. Po Po with me. He ran from the cabin out into the darkness of the night. The zombies were there. The monsters were close. I had to run after my cat. Terrified I ran out into these monsters of chaos and fear beyond enduring. As I found my cat. I hugged him. I was confronted by the evil that pursued us. Everything stopped. I looked into the eyes of death and he said this to me,

“I cannot hurt you with that cat.

You all run in fear and hate

Yet there in your hands is your love

I cannot touch you or harm you with love.”

I was overwhelmed with dread, then fear, and then I felt only my cat’s love. I walked slowly back into the cabin and told the others what happened to Mr. Po Po and me.  We all sat in a circle and held hands. We now knew what to do.

We sang a new song.

Pluto and the underworld.

Pluto and death.

Pluto and nuclear weapons.

Pluto and power of the underground.

Pluto and transmutation.

Pluto loves Persephone!