*Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine The Narrative. A documentary / Film

A call to a punky wind back.

A call to a punky wind back.

We were a DIY fanzine. It was a remarkable time to do it too. Flipside Fanzine helped support and promote a growing punk scene. I am calling in my markers here asking for the kind of support, promoting, and help we achieved for you in the past. My goal is to operate from a creative DIY energy. But let’s face it, the world has changed and doing projects are not as easy as buying a video camera and taping a show or showing up with our funky little tape recorder to interview some bands. Technology has changed. There are so many ways to capture the evidence of a documentary. I am exploring all the ways. It is all in the process.

This is just not Flipside’s story this is our story. Our amazing narrative… it is your story too.

My Mission Statement:

I am currently creating a documentary about Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. My focus is on the first fifty issues of this underground fanzine. The creation story to the end of the 1980s from punk to hardcore. This documentary will include interviews with characters from the punk scene such as band interviews, fans, and the creators of Flipside. A focus into the depth of a growing punk culture. Focusing always on a staff of punk journalists who were emerged in loud music, unique characters. Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine The Narrative is a real story that needs to be told.

I am looking for ambassadors to support this project. I am implementing a business plan and consciously seeking to build a fire of investors. It is also important for this project to recruit partners for a sharing network and I am welcoming possible fiscal sponsorship.

If you have an overwhelming desire to help in fundraising Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine The Narrative or just want to help out, I need and want your help.

Please contact me,

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine The Narrative

The Seminary Of Praying Mantis Publishing.

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