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Poetry is inspiration. Between despair and inspiration is the world of a human beings’ imagination. I have always written poetry. My grandmother on my paternal side wrote poetry and my great-grandfather on my maternal side was a writer and poet. Is it the French, English, and Scotch-Irish that cause my mind to dwell in a place of contrary? Or my ancestral thread of the Welsh that stirs my soul?

Poems by Hudley Flipside An Underground Bard May 25, 2014 – December 27, 2015 (1-24 )

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Poetry Book two Hudley 001

Poems by Hudley Flipside An Underground Bard August 5, 2013 to May, 5, 2014 (1- 16)

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Praying Mantis and Morning Glory Mandala.Hudley Flipside

Coming soon my chapbook of Fibonacci poetry.