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Hudley is an all around the place artist, cartoonist, journalist and author. She is a documentary filmmaker, an underground bard, behind the scenes punk and mystic. She enjoys blogging on her WordPress site. She also runs The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing. A co-owner and editor of now defunct punk rock fanzine Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. (1979-1989) [2002].

Special Image Remembrance. 12/6/2019 Stories Book & Cafe Echo Park.

Picture by Gary Leonard
(From left to right, Keith Morris , Hudley Flipside, Chris D., Annette Zilinskas, Iris Berry.)

Our Lips Unsealed! Tom Bergin’s Public House

Carla Olson Music Hudley Flipside Elizabeth Iannaci Alex Stein Jonathan Tipton Meyers Kim Kalish Joel Lipton Claire Partin

September 17 2022

What a fun night of amazing rock ‘n roll stories at Tom Bergin’s! Thanks so much to everyone who came! Alex, Carla, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Carla, and Hudley, your stories were so heartfelt and generous- even the funny ones! Joel Lipton, thanks for taking control of making us look good and documenting all the performances.  I felt like were all in some magic clubhouse! Oh, and a special thanks to Claire Partin for the great impromptu tale!

~ Marina Muhlfriedel, Miracle Mile, Los Angeles.

Join us on Oct 22 for another evening of Our Lips Unsealed!

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I will miss my gals….

Four Asteroid Goddesses.

Up Coming Events December 2022:

December 3rd 3PM

Made a donation to this upcoming event Jail Guitar Doors. Art show benefit.


Student Art and Californian Artists 

Original art and a few bubble gum comics.

C.A.P.O. (Community Arts Programming & Outreach).

ABOUT US | Jail Guitar Doors 2

Jail Guitar Doors goes into the prisons, jails, and juvenile detention facilities all around this nation bringing with us the undeniable, UNIVERSAL POWER OF MUSIC to help our fellow imprisoned human beings onto the right track toward successful reentry.
 Affiliated with Graphic Non-violence 



The CAPO Center, Near Farmers Market

Posts from My Blog

Praying Mantis is an anthropomorphism often found in all my art.


Backstage with Hudley Flipside, Glen E. Friedman, Shawn Stern and Lee Ving as nobody punks… photographers, promoters, fanzine journalists and bands supporting the Los Angeles Punk Scene. It was a lot of fun back then. Picture by Punk Photographer Al Flipside 1980s.

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine The Narrative Documentary/ Film Flipside Fanzine the Creation Story.

Interview clip narratives will include two creators of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine and one band member of Orange County band the Adolescents:

“Those Who Caused Considerable Trouble.”

Original Punk Staff Larry Lash

(Steven Shoemaker) Runs a local business in Whittier California called Steve Shoemaker Live Sound.com.

Original Punk Staff Tory Paisley

(Jorge Torres) Has a PhD in Musicology from Cornell University. Associate Professor of Music at Lafayette College.

Lead singer for the punk rock band the Adolescents Tony Reflex

(Anthony Brandenburg). A career in teaching and has been a vocal advocate for the rights of people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as for music and fine arts in education.

Doug Fitzsimmons @punk_diversity is dedicated to sharing music and art with a focus on the early LA punk scene.

Punk Diversity

Now in dinosaur ranks as history or something for the researcher.

I decided to let go and accept this inclusion. Delighted to help someone understand the profound world of the punk rocker, who was once ridiculed and ignored. Life is funny. And Flipside Fanzine was there to document a punk scene. Loud music grr grr and growl growl……

Flipside # 3 ~ Al, Larry Lash, X-8, Pooch

I granted a license to Adam Matthew to use Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine (s) to be used in teaching and research.

“Los Angeles Flipside Fanzinie would be a great additional to this, and we would love to be able to include it within our resource to directly explore the history of the Los Angeles Punk.”


Punk The Capital

building a sound movement

washington, D.C. | 1976-1983



~ S.W. Lauden

Out on Rare Bird Books


Where The Wild Gigs Were –

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happy hudley

~ Tim Hinely & Friends

HoZac Books

The Art Issue # 9

~ Steve Hart

Fluke Publishing

Review in Razorcake fanzine


I released an image which is used in a film out currently . It will be on a T-shirt…— very hard to see but it is viewed by the big eye in the sky ! 🌟

Tito Larriva Los Plugs / Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine #54 Ten Year Anniversary issue. (replica) Paperback.

I am thrilled to have negotiated with Jim Hunsaker, Manager, Product Placement, Universal Pictures Feature Production. So much integrity and creativity and concern for original source which is my pet peeve.

Oct/8/2021 Origin ID-AHCA Alex Bovaird
Praying mantis …. Ha Ha causing considerable trouble in film ! 👽

Universal Pictures is in production on a theatrical horror motion picture by Jordan Peele (“Nope = Not Of Planet Earth.”)

March 20/21


I saw this image yesterday on Ragin Records by way of Instagram. I thought of the years of dreaming, the process of doing and the effort of getting it printed. Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue (replica). It was a long process. To have this issue in paperback format was a goal of mine since the original printing. From cd to computer, and from computer to formatting and using many programs to get it as good as I could. To find a publisher who would give me what I wanted. A free source where I also could make a bit of money. I started my own publishing company, The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing, to get it out with intellectual property and/or copyright foresight.

Now to see it hanging on a bookshelf with all my punk friends and beyond is so thrilling. I am turned on. No one else got it there just me. I think of this image without Flipside Fanzine there. No way! I pushed forward and got Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine the recognition it deserves, but most importantly, the original voices of punk rock. On the pages to be seen, read, and heard. 1977 to 1987. Mission complete. Thank you, Ragin Records! You just don’t know how bitchin’ this feels.

Hudley Flipside’ Action Stuff…


Flopside Comic

ARTCORE Issue # 3

Interview with Hudley Flipside


Photo by Ded Frazin, The Los Angeles Beat

Part Time Punks @ The Echoplex, Echo Park, Los Angeles – 05/26/2019.


(In memory of Jimmy Wilsey)!

February 10th 2018 UCLA

UCLA Center for Musical Humanities
Curating Resistance
10 February 2018

I presented Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Issue 54; The 10 year anniversary Issue. 1977 to 1987

Giving Punk Academy Talk…. picture by Kurt Porter

Parallel Planes

“This film pays homage to the American DIY spirit and the diversity of the US musical landscape outside the commercial music industry. While many other music films never make it beyond hero worship, director Nicole Wegner consistently maintains eye level with her twelve interview partners,…”

“Minor Threat skateboard fun” video in this film “Parallel Planes”.

~ Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine : Flipside Video, Courtesy of Hudley Flipside,



The Punk Hub Masters…

Hudley Flipside (Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine ) reads live at Pat Fear and Other Stories, presented by WE GOT POWER! Hardcore Punk Scenes from 1980s Southern California book. with Hudley Flipside at Stories Books and Cafe.

S.W. Lauden, Hudley and Danny Gardner

Poems, Songs and Stories a Literary Lounge by the L.A. River

September 10,2017~ “Throwin’ Back”
We had some pretty amazing events in September. Our “Poems, Songs & Stories-A Literary Lounge by the LA River”, on September 10th was a bit hit! Writers and musicians contributed poetry, music and original writing to collective the mix. Our own Lewis MacAdams was in attendance for a glorious afternoon full of artistic expression and camaraderie. 


July 2017 Punk Like Me

May 2017 Messaround

At the The VIVA May 21, Photo by Daisy Obetsanov

October 7, 2015 Presentation Whittier College

Presentation on the Psychology of Punk Rock.

Hudley Flipside at Whittier College Memorial Chapel.

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Picture by Sigrid Hudson Bishop (RIP)


1. Book / Music CD’s: Let Them Know, The Story Of Youth Brigade And BYO Records,

Written by Mark Stern, Shawn Stern and Jamie Stern, Picture and comment included in their book from Hudley Flipside Pg. 43.

2. Book A Walking Of A Town

“An Oral History of Early San Pedro Punk and More” 1977-1985 By Craig Ibarra. Several items from Flipside Fanzine reprint permission and from Hudley Flipside.


Modern Art Blitz

Modern Art Blitz -Hudley Flipside – Episode #52 Part 1

1. Dagger Interview with Pooch and Hudley ~ Flipside…25 years strong !!!

2. Trust Fanzine Interview

5. Stig Stench Radio Interview. 2009

6. Durst Find A Way, My L.A.


Acknowledgment from Robbie Fields, Posh Boy Records, Social Distortion. to Holly D Cornell aka Hudley Flipside in 2016.

A personal image taken by Hudley Flipside

2016 Film 20th Century Women

Photo included in this Film: Black Flag with Kieth Morris Singing. Last image of this band in their original lineup.1979 Photo taken by Hudley Flipside aka Holly D. Cornell

Nice to be acknowledged in closing credits.
Very honored to be a part of the film.

New Wave Chicken

All issues of this fine Fanzine …

Welcome to the music business, you’re fucked!

Martin Atkins

Approved by Hopalong Cassidy and his horse Topper…

Mr. Boyd’s portrayal of Hopalong—a “good guy” who wore a black hat but was a paragon of virtue — was the longest running characterization in Hollywood history. He rode the range on his horse, Topper, for a quarter of a century in movies and on television.Sep 14, 1972