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Hudley Flipside aka Holly Duval Cornell

Housewife, mother, artist, writer, cartoonist


At the The VIVA May 21, Photo by Daisy Obetsanov

Hudley Flipside co-owner and editor of the punk Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989. As a housewife, mother of twenty something years, she now writes daily on her blog The Seminary of Praying Mantis about punk, art, humor, and spirituality. She likes to give talks at special events. Speaking in-depth of her life as a punk rocker from her unpublished memoir The Seminary of Praying Mantis, My Punk@lullaby. Hudley enjoys creating her Bubble Gum Comics. A series of small-sized comics based on characters which she created named The Flopside Family. She also self-published her chapbooks of prose and poetry. Along with writing poetry, she enjoys painting watercolor images of the praying mantis as caricatures of the nine muses and three graces, or Pallas Athene the goddess mantis.

Contributions …



“This film pays homage to the American DIY spirit and the diversity of the US musical landscape outside the commercial music industry. While many other music films never make it beyond hero worship, director Nicole Wegner consistently maintains eye level with her twelve interview partners,…”

“Minor Threat skateboard fun” video in this film “Parallel Planes”.

~ Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine : Flipside Video, Courtesy of Hudley Flipside,

⇒February 9 – 10, 2018 University of California, Los Angeles


Giving Punk Academy Talk…. picture by Kurt Porter


I presented Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Issue 54; The 10 year anniversary Issue. 1977 to 1987

A short review of the event.!


Hudley Flipside (Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine ) reads live at Pat Fear and Other Stories, presented by WE GOT POWER! Hardcore Punk Scenes from 1980s Southern California book. with Hudley Flipside at Stories Books and Cafe.

Pat Fear and Other Stories
December 3, 2017

The Punk Hub Masters…

Poems, Songs and Stories a Literary Lounge by the L.A. River

September 10,2017~ “Throwin’ Back”
We had some pretty amazing events in September. Our “Poems, Songs & Stories-A Literary Lounge by the LA River”, on September 10th was a bit hit! Writers and musicians contributed poetry, music and original writing to collective the mix. Our own Lewis MacAdams was in attendance for a glorious afternoon full of artistic expression and camaraderie. “

S.W. Lauden, Hudley Flipside and Danny Gardner Picture by Michelene Cherie – Friends of the LA River

Punk Like Me

July 2017



May 2017











Presentation at Whittier College

October 7, 2015

Hudley Flipside co-owner, editor and publisher 1979 to 1989 of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. An underground alternative punk rock fanzine !

Punk Rock Swap Meets Canoga Park

I was excited to participate in two of these events locally in my backyard. Yet the second one I attended was violent. I had all my art and books damaged or destroyed by a fight that broke out. This was the kind of violence one sees in prison during a group rape. The environment was so filled with drugs and testosterone that I felt violated. I have been to many shows over my life span, supporting the punk rock scene, this was bad. So, the promoter and the owner (organization) of the place showed no interest in any apology. I guess punk rock comradery is dead. This is what shadows my heart for this place. I was ignored.  I feel that the history of what happened to me needs to be seen for what it was. The owner knew who violated my art and me. Yet he was not willing to do anything about it. I posted about this at the time it occurred. The bands playing the event did not support me or seemed to care at all. Some punkers I’ve know for 20 plus years too.  Very sad story and pathetic. I did a Go Fund Me and received some support and financial help. Yet, the time and love I put into creating something as an offering to the scene I love… is a challenge for me to get over. I thought it was a great time to support and honor each other. I guess not.

Mock set-up before event . I was so excited !

⇒Extra Punky Tidbits

1. Book / Music CD’s: Let Them Know, The Story Of Youth Brigade And BYO Records


2. Written by Mark Stern, Shawn Stern and Jamie Stern, Picture and comment included in their book from Hudley Flipside Pg. 43.


3. Book A Walking Of A Town

“An Oral History of Early San Pedro Punk and More” 1977-1985 By Craig Ibarra. Several items from Flipside Fanzine reprint permission and from Hudley Flipside.


Shared 1984 ~Music Fanzine with Flipside Fanzine on the Radio: KFJC 89.7 FM. Thirteen 1 hour tape!! Hosted by Hudley Flipside. Tape One included interview with Ian and Alec MacKaye.


Modern Art Blitz

Modern Art Blitz -Hudley Flipside – Episode #52 Part 1









1. Dagger Interview with Pooch and Hudley ~ Flipside…25 years strong !!!

2. Trust Fanzine Interview

5. Stig Stench Radio Interview. 2009


Acknowledgment from Robbie Fields, Posh Boy Records, Social Distortion. to Holly D Cornell aka Hudley Flipside in 2016.




2016 Film

20th Century Women


Photo included in this Film 

Black Flag with Kieth Morris Singing. Last image of this band in their original lineup.1979 Photo taken by Hudley Flipside aka Holly D. Cornell

Nice to be acknowledged in closing credits.
Very honored to be a part of the film.

Art Walk Sherman Way

Art Walk Sherman Way, CA June 4th

New Wave Chicken

All issues of this fine Fanzine …

Haggus Society


I enjoyed working with these gals very much and
was saddened when they decided to close shop.❤




Punk Museum

Punk pic

Helping Tequila Mockingbird curator of Punk Museum with my kids.

Punk Museum Flipside Cartoon Issue Presented

Punk Museum with Martin Atkins. This evening was NOT on Valentine’s Day


Photo taken by Hudley


Los Angeles Valley College ~ AA Humanities

California State University Northridge ~ BA Religious Studies

Mount Saint Mary’s Los Angeles ~ Master of Arts in Religious Studies (Incomplete)



The Punk Hub Masters…Pat Fear and Other Stories, presented by WE GOT POWER! Hardcore Punk Scenes from 1980s Southern California book. with Hudley Flipside at Stories Books and Cafe.

Picture taken by Bob Cantu

At Mr T’s Bowl with Shane (RIP), Hudley and Falling James a few years ago. Picture by Bob Cantu


I am holding an Image of Mr. Fuck next to one of my journals at DroneBox Labs…from The Trump Cards Bubble Gum Flopside Comics   


Punk Like Me Event with Terry Graham and Hudley Picture by Karin Lindberg Freda 

Mr. Fuck Go Go Dancer !