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Margo Likes Pink

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(The early punk scene 1979. When Punk Rock was new , scary and was created each moment it was experienced…)

Margo is here.

Look at her she is so punk. She is tough. I have watched the girls at the Whisky A Go Go. They scare me. They are wild and free and I want to know them. How do I do that? Do they like me? Do they notice me? I feel like I will throw up. I am shy. The girls will never see me. They hate me. Today she is here. Punks are coming and going. I am just standing. Afraid to speak.  Walking down Hollywood Blvd.  Margo goes back into the alley. Will she be back? Will we wait here. Out of control. Steaming underneath.

Margo plays the bass.

I can hear the girls music. The alley leads to the studio. I am too afraid to go in. It is dark and Margo has come out. I hear the girls laughing and talking. Should I run away. I will stay here and listen. I can’t talk. What will I say. It is all so new to me. I am wearing black straight legs I bought from a thrift store. I have a large colorful shirt on and cowboy boots that come to my ankle. My hair is short. Margo has come up to us. She is so cute. She is dressed like me. She is plump and friendly. I look down and say nothing. I listen with fear. There is silence between us only.

Margo is at the Masque on Cherokee.

This is the punk club I have heard of. I listen to KROQ. This is the club where all the noise comes from. It is heard from the street above. A bomb shelter under the city. Beer cans and cigarette butts. Saltine crackers and band flyers  everywhere.  I wish I had a cold beer now that takes away my shyness. The Masque is closed down now. Bands only rehearse here.  It smells and is cold today. Wind in the alley.

Taken From FLipside Fanzine 10 year anniversary Issue.

Taken From Flipside Fanzine 10 year anniversary Issue.

Margo smiled.

My God she is smiling at me. She is looking at me and talking. I don’t know what she is saying. I am so nervous and want to run away. When will this be over? She is so cool and classy. I think she is asking me where I got my clothes and that she likes them. She is asking me again. I look down and I softly say…” at a thrift store.” Is this coming from my mouth? My God that is so stupid to say. What an idiot. Oh now what do I do? I look at her again and look away.

Margo talks to my boyfriend.

I was going to say something. My boyfriend never stops talking. He is talking to Margo. He is telling her all sorts of stuff. He is saying my girlfriend will get you anything you want. Margo says the girls in the band like to wear bright large shirts. Margo says that she likes pink. She had on pink lipstick and was her hair pink? No it is brown and red. She has a great laugh. My boyfriend wears leather pants and leopard-skin-T-shirts. He reads Fear and Loathing. He says 1984 is now! We hang out at Hollywood Towers and take the bus to South Gate. He likes old films from movie revival theaters. He has an opinion about everything and he ignores me when we are around other girls. I want to tell him to shut up. Words never come from my mouth. We hang out together in Hollywood. We go to Tower Records and Licorice Pizza. They have all of the new  punk LPs and 45s we crave !

Margo likes Pink.

My boyfriend told Margo that I would get the band some shirts. Margo says she wants them just for her. Large shirts. Colorful shirts. I like pink. The girls in the band and I like pink. I looked down and nodded my head. She gave us some buttons with the bands logo on them. I knew about logos. I am a paste-up artist. I was happy to get it. I put it on my shirt. I was smiling now. My boyfriend was still talking. Margo looked at me and then looked up in the air. She left us there in the alley.

Margo takes one shirt.

Where do I park ? Will she be there. I hope she likes the shirts I got for her. It has been awhile but I am going  to drop them off without my boyfriend.  He is not my boyfriend now. I am going to hang out with my girlfriends.  I parked the car down the alley.  I know when the girls practice. I waited outside the studio for a long time.  A couple of guys ran out of the Masque past me. Then they came back and asked me questions. They gave me a drink of their beer. We talked for a while about bands. I was feeling confident now. These guys were nice. They looked scary. They had leather jackets and lots of buttons on them. We got drunk.  They knew my story. One of them went to get Margo. She came out. We talked and I showed her the shirts. She took only one. The large pink shirt with white polka dots with buttons up the middle and collar on top. I was happy and bubbly.

Dedicated to Margot Olivera !

Rock and Roll Punkalullaby

During the 1980’s the above column entitled Rock & Roll Punkalullaby was published in Flipside Fanzine. This is where I learned to love writing. It is not perfect but it is where I learned to express myself in a creative way.

No, The Big Boys: God Bless Me I don’t fit in!!

Saw the Austin Texas punk band the Big Boys at the http://www.whiskyagogo.com/site/ my first time. This song defines the wild electric craziness of that time period: the early 1980’s Punk Scene.

Where Musicians and Writers Collide: Publicity

I finished my Flipside Punk Rock memoir about two years ago. There are so many books coming out about the punk rock days of the late 70’s and 1980’s. I just feel a bit jaded at this point. All the revival and nasatgial… I got over about three years ago as well. I am still reading books about the subject of writing and publishing. I found a pretty good book called  Booklife  by Jeff Vandermeer. An excellent review of this book is included on the site Where Musicians and Writers Collide: Publicity. So far I find the book interesting. Jeff writes about setting goals and tells writers just to do more writing over all. He writes about the difference between the public life and the private life of a writer.  As we know the public life is a very social one and at times very political. The private life is about the time writers need alone to have the time to actually be creative, and write. For me it is also about how I wish to present my book. I am looking for a good editing program.  It is putting the two elements of a writers time together that makes for a successful writer. So I may still put away this punk book and write another one or two. One  about my days growing up in the San Fernando Valley of California, and another being a murder mystery novel about how a woman tracks down the girls who bullied her in her school days and hides  them in her bomb shelter. The point being Jeff’s book has inspired me and that it always helpful.


Punk Museum with Martin Atikins. This evening was NOT on Valentines Day

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