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Built by the Knights Templar


It is always interesting when a symbolic painting painted from years ago comes forward to reveal itself. I remember what the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung said,

“…that when creating art from an unconscious or spiritual place one should share it with others or the public…”

Yet, I do because as Jung  points out, that when one does it can touch someone else and affect a chain of events that has meaning.

The Temple  By Hudley 1991

Last night while watching the History 2 channel.  I came upon a TV series. In general it is about an unearthed structure that may have been built during the medieval period on American soil. It is a very interesting topic to me. As I watched the program a special moment happened. I call them synchronicity moments. This structure seemed familiar to me. As many ancient buildings, it seems to be in tune with the four directions and with the sun, moon and stars in the night sky. The Knights Templar focus was on the divine feminine and for them it was the star Venus and also the symbol of the egg.

On this particular structure on American soil there is an egg shape stone that lights up as a certain time by the sun. This holds great meaning symbolically when understanding the Goddess.
As I was viewing this program I looked at the clock below the TV screen and noticed the time was 11:11.

Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence. This belief being based on the concept of synchronicity. Some authors claim that seeing 11:11 on a clock is an auspicious sign. Others claim that 11:11 signals a spirit presence.

Knowing this I had to listen to what I was watching with more intent. Then the image of a watercolor painting I did years ago came to my mind. At the time when I created the painting it was based on my inspiration. I was working with the American Indian Medicine wheel that is based on the four directions: North, East, South and West. I also placed a triangle shape over the threshold of the building of my watercolor. The building I imagined was also built of stone like the structure in the history channel.

At the time I created this simple water-color I was thinking of it as a holy place that I would like to build on a large piece of land in a natural setting.
I am now content to share this story. To think about it and this new experience of what it is saying to me now. What is saying to you the reader?
So be it, I shared my story Mr. Jung!!


scatter the mold, of duality

 Dystopia! is the vision of a society that is the opposite of utopia



ften from nowhere a quote from a book emerges from the underworld of my mind. It nags me. It bullies me to come forth in some profound way into the life that I am living. It is not my original thought but a thought of some other writer. The quote has become a part of me. Fermenting for years until a time when the ripening of its identity needs to be expressed. One such quote now comes forth when I think upon what is possible between dystopia and utopia, which is the paradox of all possibilities.

Polarity, polarity, and polarity I am so fucking sick of polarity. 

Just see that we have a sun and a moon is enough to affirm this type of thinking. One can look at the United States Government as part of this as well. Two parties meet to have a dialogue of ideas are now creating a world of dystopia in the minds of we the people; we the people a utopian ideal. Here is the paradox the place of real possibly. We the people need to think outside the box, we need to realize that polarity thinking forces us into a dystopia-utopia reality.

The particular quote that has come to mind is this:

Chiron teaches us the philosophical perspective and the perspective that our wildness, which may put us outside the status quo, may be our wisdom.


The quote is from Astrology Beyond Ego by Tim Lyons. I have not looked at the book for quite some time. Understanding astronomy and applying astrology is beyond duality. It is a place of the profound and the magical, where perfection and imperfection function in a new way beyond duality. You can call it magic, wisdom, spirituality, esoteric, mythology, or good politics. It is beyond heart and mind thinking because it is reasoning that moves through the solar plexus and the small and large intestines; as well as womb in women.

It is intuition and our gut feelings and is powerfully creative. Here is where acquired knowledge and experience blends into knowing. Where synchronicity blows through us, the world, and the universe and into a book into a mind and out again. This is where mythologies can be activated into a culture creatively through its archetypes. This is where we the people can come together collectively and effect change in our dystopia like government and our world.

Welcome to earth! Here patterns and rhythms and circular forms are the continuity of nature. Marking seasons of life and death every day between a dystopia-utopia reality, but for some, being wild and acting outrageous, is a way to break the hold, and scatter the mold, of duality and perfectionism.



Imperfection is not understood much by humanity these days. I don’t like perfection. Every time I read a book and find an editorial error I scream out loud with joy!! Even with all of these professional editors, even with the many people with BAs, PhDs and years of experience, an error gets by their clamped anal eye. Stephen Hawking says that the cosmos came into being because of imperfection. I do not like the guy much but when he confirms this in his theory for the creation of the universe, something in me goes off and I feel a great sense of release. I am content with the imperfection of the cosmos.  Energy, gravity and imperfection, a nice kick in the butt to our rational mind…I like that!!

Weird Ass

Murcury And The Cardusus

My son and I read Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales together and they are weird ass. We love them and we think about them often. They are based on oral tradition and their roots are based on a time so long ago and yet we blend with them in that place of our imagination. This is why I like William Blake, Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla. They take different paths on religion-art, math and science but what unites them throughout time is their great imagination. They do something even more profound they also open a door into the imagination of nature. This is also the place of mythology and religion. I am not talking anything literal as in the dogma of any religion, science or math formula. My focus is on the weird ass part of all of these; as the funny, strange and sometimes truthful fantasy that becomes known as theories for example like relativity . A modern combination of astrology and astronomy seems like a paradox but not in the imagination. The lines between religion-art, math and science seems to be drawn now, but long ago as in fairy tales, never!  We can also loosen up our minds now as well. Here we, as human beings,  find a strange place in this mystery and it is a very weird ass place.

We go to the Griffith Observatory a lot. My husband and kid are into astronomy. I like it too but I enjoy the myths that hide behind it, as the ancient stories, the oral traditions and the images that endure over time. Weird ass stories and theories about the universe itself. The only integrity is the sun, moon, planets and beyond. This observatory stands high on a hill just like some weird ass magical castle or Greek temple. When you walk in its doors and look up you see religion-art, math and science. It reminds me of a medieval church where bible stories are painted on the walls. Great artists, architects and masons were hired to build these stories in stone. People could not read the stories so they learned by images and symbols. Is it any different today?  Maybe, but it is still very weird ass.

I use to be a member of the Rosicrucian Fellowship based in Oceanside California. There on the grounds is a healing temple. It looks a lot like the Griffith Observatory on the outside and very much the same on the inside. One looks up and sees an artist’s interpretation of the zodiac. The only difference is that the Observatory promotes science and the healing temple promotes love, healing and weird ass esoteric Christianity. Both buildings were built around the same time. Maybe I am an odd-ball that uses my imagination too much? I do admit to listening to the whispers of those long ago, once upon a time, oral traditions too closely.  I find that my imagination cannot tell the different between the two. They both look-alike and teach religion-art, math and science. Yes the focus is different but it is the same stuff.

After reading a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale before my son goes to bed,  I often walk outside and look at the night sky. With all that we know about religion-art, math and science. It is still very weird ass to me !!

Notes from the Book: Jung, Synchronicity and Human Destiny~The Archetype of the Magical Effect

Sunflower watercolor by Hudley

Reflective notes:

Archetype of the Magical Effect

Thus I  have found the diamond within this book by Ira Progoff.  Jung calls it the Archetype of the Magical Effect. To understand this concept one has to bring up the background of how it works. This is a beginning study of something that intuitively is part of us as human beings. Some are more awake to it than others. This is not a good or bad thing, a smarter or more gifted thing,  or anything like that.

It is based on curiosity and the desire to  focus on something that I find fascinating, and to explain feelings and ideals I could never quite grasp before.

I would like to start with what Carl Jung says about us as human beings. He says we have four levels.

1. Ego Consciousness which is at the surface.

2. The Personal unconscious which is just below this.

3. The Collective unconscious which extends for a great dept below this. It is called the transpersonal level.

4. The Base is called the Psychoid.  This is the level that is the very realm of nature itself

Next is the idea of self. Jung calls this the self r and the self R.

The Self r is the ground of human reality. The basis for all the phenomenon that the sciences of man undertake to study.

The Self R is what ‘Leibniz’ called the pre-established harmony. The Tao. It is the encompassing unity in which and by means of which the macrocosm and the microcosm participate in each other and specifically by which the ultimate realities of the universe are expressed and reflected in the life of the human individual.” (pg 113)

Now with the above information one can grasp a better understanding of the archetype of the magical effect.  Also one needs to  understand  numinoisty.  I will call it a place of the supernatural.  The below quote describes the archetype.

When a numinous event occurs, therefore, it draws a large concentration of psychic energy around it. This energy constellates around the archetype symbol that is active as the effective center of the experience. A complex, or cluster, of psychic contents is thus formed at this point. As the energies available to the psyche are drawn together in one part of the psyche, the other areas are left more or less depleted. (pg 109)

The blend is genius

In conclusion I find this a very fulfilling exercise in trying to understand this experience. Archetypes are numinous and correspond with nature,  human beings and the universe. It is an all inclusive correspondence and we all have the ability to become aware of it and this helps me to understand better my place in the whole of the creative universe.  It is empirical and far-reaching and magical. The blend is genius.!!

Quotes from @ Jung, Synchronicity and Human Destiny by IRA Progoff


Praying Mantis 2

The Mature Praying Mantis… by Hudley

The other night the local Pub, the Scotland Yard, my friend, a master toxicologist, was talking about synchronicity. She seemed a bit frustrated about them. They were happening to her a lot and she did not quite know what to do about these experiences.

“What do they mean regarding me?” She affirmed many times that evening.

She told me they happened many times in one day, one right after the other. I said,

“You know you have heard about multiple orgasms? Well when that many synchronicities happen in a few hours or minutes; I call them multiple-synchronicities.”

The pub was loud, but I think she got the drift in what I was saying. These synchronicities are extraordinary experiences found in rather simple things around us that have symbolic meanings relative to us personally. Now how can that be, that is just strange!

I was extremely interested in her conversation.   I used to have a lot of such experiences. I was glad she brought it up, the subject, because I did not often talk to others about it. I found my answers in books. Carl Jung the Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology; and the Medicine Wheel, based on the teachings of Native Americans, have both been major sources for me. They both teach us about synchronicity!


The medicine wheel looks at synchronicity as a coincidence. I was taught that a coincidence has great meaning, and one should take notice of them. They are more than chance.

Jung refers to a synchronicity as more than causality. Jung coined the term, and it was based on a visit he had with a scientific community.  Albert Einstein was in attendance and he had a great influence on Jung. Jung seemed to need to incorporate this concept of synchronicity within the rationalist scientific community. The five senses are especially important yet there is another sense that needs to be included that was more than the usual idea of causality.

Recently I viewed the film Forrest Gump. It took me many years to see the film. It was a highly published media movie. So, I tend to somehow reject this. Anyway, after seeing the film again I realized something. At the end of the film Forrest gives a wonderful definition of synchronicity.

“I don’t know if Momma was right or if it’s Lieutenant Dan. I do not know if we each have a destiny, or if we are all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it is both. Maybe both is happening at the same time.”

The proof of this is by the extraordinary life the character of Forrest Gump lives. He lives a life of synchronicity.

To me the heart and the mind need to be at a place of balance and our insect antennae, like the intuitive praying mantis, need to be up and aware and open to a new type of living. Somehow this is when we are balancing experience with emotions and intellect. It is letting the feather blow around you and then grasping the notion that something special is being revealed just to you as an intuitive pat on the back.

This little essay is based on a night at the local pub that took place a few weeks ago thanks to a master toxicologist.

(This whole process has led me back to Carl Jung and IRA Progoff and his book entitled Jung, Synchronicity, and Human Destiny. They have led me back to the I Ching. A book that gives one understanding and is based on ancient principles of synchronicity and Taoism.)

The Women’s Encyclopedia Of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker

This is a book of wisdom and secrets. One of the best sources of information when seeking the underbelly of truth and knowledge mixed with initiation. It is a magic book as well as a fact filled book. I am amazed with the information contained in this book. I use it as a source for all my research projects. A matriarchal support system that unites a global, archaic and historical understanding of women.

The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception by Max Heindal.

Sun Flowers

Ever since I remember, I have had an altered sense of reality. Offbeat and introverted in general has given me the time to understand what the cosmos is all about…esoterically.

Yes, I would say I have a cosmic consciousness. I came to this realization last night while gazing into the darkness.  The real reach came years ago when I started reading books by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Rudolf Steiner. (Theosophy) The real big change happened when I began to read The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception by Max Heindal.

At twenty-two I lived a wild life. The Cosmo Conception gave me an esoteric perspective that I was seeking. The book revealed answers to the questions I was asking. The next twenty years I grew to know the Rosicrucian Fellowship, based in Oceanside California, very well.

I became a probationer and entered the beautiful healing temple on the campus located there. It was better than Disneyland and Halloween all rolled up into one. The study of the lesser and greater mysteries is fascinating.

The evolution of the cosmos is very heavy stuff…but I learned it. It is more than just mental knowledge because it is a heartfelt life experience of persistent spiritual work, one that I am still learning.

At times I did become dogmatic, yet now the beauty is still revealed slowly to me and it is subtly affirming many mysteries. This is a book well worth reading. The original copyright is 1909. When reading the book be contextually mindful of the time frame of when this book was written.

The historical time is very important. The wonder is not. I do not agree on all the concepts taught in this book currently, but I do see that the best thing mankind should do is combine art, science and religion.

I see it collectively as a new and life affirming part of human evolution, including this planet, all living creatures, (great and small), and the cosmos.

I feel if we integrate simplicity with modern technology LAUSD would save lots of money.

 California Schools’ Reliance on State Dollars Contributed to the Spending Gap

California schools, on the whole, rely on the state budget for a majority of their dollars. Moreover, the largest share of state General Fund spending supports K-12 education. The Legislature reduced overall General Fund spending from $103.0 billion in 2007-08 to $87.3 billion in 2009-10 – a drop of 15.3 percent – as policymakers responded to the dramatic decline in revenues caused by the most severe economic downturn since the 1930s.[1]


As a parent I am tongue-tied that the LAUSD would ask us to find ways to save money. As my son is entering Middle School next year the need to find a good school is difficult.  We looked at private schools costing in the thousands in contrast to those schools in very bad gang districts. This is the truth and the reality we face right now. We also looked at charter schools and magnet programs. This is what middle to low-income families are faced with. I was thrilled to find Enadia Way Elementary School two years ago.  I think that Enadia Way Elementary School is a well-run and thrifty school as it is. I cannot image ways that they have not already thought of when achieving the goal of saving money.

After some reflection and with what I feel is thinking outside the box I have come up with one solution to save some money. I think if we integrate simplicity with modern technology LAUSD would shave lots of money.

If one goes back to the stories of Little House on the Prairie one can see that life was not easy then either. Money was tight. Items for school were simple yet effective. Here one would see baskets, mini-chalk boards and journals being used in the classroom.

Now we have the help of modern technology as a great source for learning in the classroom. What we have now is the internet and there are many wonderful learning sources that can be applied in the students’ curriculum to save money. If families cannot afford computers at home, all libraries have computers now and in most classrooms.

Using simplicity and modern technology is a great place to start the process of saving money for LAUSD.

1. Instead of using so much paper in the classroom. Have children purchase small usable chalk boards and chalk for math and writing when learning the basics. Thus replacing work books and the endless trail of paper worksheets. I know for a fact the books are a lot of money as well as the workbooks.  That would save LAUSD lots of money.

2. A writing journal for students to use throughout the year. Students would use their journals for writing down their spelling, grammar and essays. A student then could process the things learned over the year.

4. Teachers could have the main lesson book. From Here all lessons could be copied on the board, on a mini-chalk board and/ or shared on the internet and printed out at home or at the library.

5. Recycle all used homework and or excess paper through a shredder for art projects. Paper Mache projects are creative and fun.

6. Help schools to become network savvy for teachers and the students to communicate. This includes lessons, emails and blogging.

These are just some ideas of simplicity with modern technology that can be applied for the time is now!!

Children! Can any of you spell “compassion”? Can any of you spell “understanding”? Will any of you tell us the meaning of these words? –Caroline, Little House on the Prairie