Sister Philomena

Be praised, My Lord, through Sister Water;
she is very useful, and humble, and precious, and pure.
~Canticle of the Sun.
1990:~After I abandoned Al and Flipside Fanzine for pursuing other men, there was something else that really inspired me away from the Punk Scene.. It was the contemplative life. I was in correspondence with the Poor Clares of Long Island for many years. They were part of my journey.  I stayed with the Poor Clares for some time. Their orderly life seemed very pleasant, and adjacent to their closure were the Franciscan Brothers. I would attend their early Morning Prayers with readings from the Canticle of the Sun.  Sister Philomena had a small newsletter called The Monstrance. She was a good friend and it was a dream come true to visit with her. One story I remember her telling me was before she joined the convent. As a young woman she enjoyed the Coffee Frappe while living  in New York City. At that time it was not a poplar drink as it is today. She would go to the Italian corner store and drink them. Now every time I get one…I think of Sister Philomena. I will never forget, as a brother drove me away to the train station, seeing her outside the car window …waving to me in full Habit and holy clothing… as the wind blew, her smile still affirms to me that a life with children was the best choice for me.

by Hudley Flipside on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 2:29pm ·

1950- 2012 on the Snake

Five Generations of the snake

That leads to the sea

Today I took that snake

To the sea

The smell of the salt

To grandmother’s house

The Hippies, incense and candles

As they hitchhiked to their utopia

Near Mulholland

The lonelier days of hitching rides

High as a kite on the road

The old VW bug

Where I nearly died after

Coming home from the snake

Body separating from its chasey

On Dumetz and Canoga

Hey ho with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

As we drive the

Labyrinth of pacific coast highway

Side streets viewing the vast pacific ocean

Listening to 1979[i] form the 1990’s

On the CD

But now making

Memories with my son

Cause we like to party[ii]

On the long snake

Garage sales and antiques

And our first sporting view of

The wild purple lupine of spring.

[i] The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979

[ii] Bas Ass Mother Fuckers Band

The Snake is the wild Topanga Canyon BLVD CA.

 by Hudley

My kids like the Smashing Pumpkins… I use to throw pumpkins at the the band… yet it is a strange truth to this story… that does describe that early time… 1979… to the young nobody punks that no one fucking cared about… !! I  remember you all…

“Ho-hum” a day at the J. Paul Getty…not so!

The J. Paul Getty Museum is a few miles from where I live. We decided to take our 11-year-old to the museum.  My husband asked me, “How about going to the orientation offered at the museum, or how about a tour?” Then my son said, “I just want to explore!” This is what we did, we explored the museum.  The first room soon made my son aware of nudity. A change has happened , he now was aware of the penis on a statue. He laughed and giggled at first. I then quick and calmly  added with motherly wisdom, “Shyane this is art get use  to it!” As the day evolved he became quite agreeable with the nude figures and all was well. I knew in my heart he reached a cross over from young child to a place of maturity. He no longer  lets me see him naked. With the loss of innocence comes an awareness of the mind.  We were soon greeted by a statue of Mercury. Caduceus in hand we refer to him as Hermes Trismegistus and  he welcomes us to the exploration of the museum.  We walked throughout the museum.

we filled our intellects as well as our souls.

A Mantis Carol by Laurens Van Der Post

“In a sense you’re right. I think there is a way in which both black and white did regard the Bushman in his natural state as a kind of wild animal.”

But to do justice even to the unjust, as we are bound to do, I regret, if we are ever to understand this horrible business, by “taming”, they meant becoming “civilized” in the sense the term held for them at the time”

~ Laurens Van Der Post

I was given this book by  my older brother Greg. He knew I was into the little insect called the Praying Mantis.  A Mantis Carol is a deep, slow-moving and intense story about so many interesting elements of nature, a man,  a woman and a Bushman.  One becomes aware that the Praying Mantis is always lurking about in this story. This is not a lighthearted book but asks some extremely deep esoteric questions. It contains beautifully written words that bring forth images of nature..

Personal space ritualistically


We all have our personal space as invisible auras around us. This can be as we see it. It can be experienced or thought of as consciousness, mental, emotional, sexual or whatever.

Today I had something very uncomfortable happen to me where I felt my personal space being violated. I know that different cultures have different personal spaces. I know that my personal space is there but today I experienced a disruption of it. I was checking out at a store. I noticed a young man come from behind me as my items were being scanned. He had one item. Normally, I would let a rushed person with one item pass ahead. Yet, my items were already being scanned. This young man was standing very close. Then I noticed I became confused in the sense that I could not remember my pin number for my debt card. I could not find my driver’s license to identify myself to the cashier. Then I looked over at this young man and he was very close. Before I signed my name on the computer prompt.

I told the guy to back off and that he was invading my personal space. He laughed at me. I was very serious.

Then he asked me how much. I reached out my arm as far as I could and said a little more than this. I then realized to myself , that this is in fact my own personal space. At first I did not comprehend what was happening, but after a quick association and sensitivity I then realized what was distorting my normal functions as a person within my own personal space. I went into the store with a very open personal space. I will not let that happen again. I want to let people know that to earn entrance into my personal space takes time. Maybe burning a little white sage might be the right way of ritualistically awakening the strength  of ones personal space within an environment that is based on a variable of unknown persons. Maybe eyeballing the environment  is what must be done.

Forgive me for any personal spaces I have violated unawares…

In all regards we need to respect another person’s personal space; realizing that when we find others in this life that bond with us, or let down their personal space for us in a complementary way, that it is a blessing. I do not like it any other way.

Punk Museum with Martin Atikins. This evening was NOT on Valentines Day

Photo By Hudley Flipside

Welcome to the Music business you’re fucked!

Synchromatic antidotes of his journey reflect what I have been wondering about for some time because they are very much based on synchronicity, music and culture. Yet, this does not surprise me. My antenna is up and I am digging it!!

It is an adventure to go downtown to help at the Punk Museum at KGB Studios. This evening was on Valentine’s Day and I was thrilled to listen to Martin Atikins speak about his life. Considered for his post-punk drumming experience with Public Image he has a lot more experiences to inform us on. His concepts and theories about punk rock are quite amusing and intellectually satisfying. His gentle ways mixed with the word “Fuck” are nice touches amongst his many stories. If you happen to take his picture, he has his stanch down hard, which is bent over with an upturned glare.

one from my generation that still projects the rebellious spark and is still affirming it. 

This is the look of confrontation and knowing which reveals a lot about his character and reflects what the hell he is all about. I did not feel any pretentious qualities in his presence. He was easy, accessible and most likely a very excellent teacher. It inspires me to meet up with such a man as he, one from my generation that still projects the rebellious spark and is still affirming it.  People talk about 2012 being the end of the world; instead I feel it is a time where many will go back to more Intimate relationships and basic communications. Tonight is an example of this and I was glad to be part of it.