My holidaz 2 cents..

I got no blues when I speak my mind… and I am smiling my 2 cents worth…


Wal-Mart and McDonalds can go take a hike this Holiday season. They make me so mad.  They seduce the public with their low prices and good deals. Yet the CEO’s of these corporations buy up all their stocks and makes 800 percent more than their employees.  Take your McCafé coffees and enjoy a good enema.

What does make me happy are my local Trader Joe’s and Costco. They both have great deals, organic food and they treat their employers decently. Simple changes in our local communities can make a difference. I know, duh, you have heard this all before… well this is a reminder and a pledge by, yours truly, to support three companies that are doing a great job for my community.

The third company is a local Good Will Book Store that has just opened up. Most all book stores have closed down in my neighborhood and we all know why. I am going to once again browse a real book store that smells like books and find some great presents. You can donate clothes and other things their as well..

Also support your local artists, pubs and bands!!!

Good Will Book Store