The Saints Are Touring Again

A great dream last night

Those best feelings

of hanging with your favorite band

Touring as they were

Family and friends were nearby

Chris Bailey was sweet

His lovely sly grin shined my way

as he looked at me

a rich heavy Irish accent

formed few words

“I’ll see ya tomorrow!” I said.

Adoringly glowing a depth of love

and mutual respect

John and I left the band

until tomorrow’s show.

We walked by a large window coffee shop on the Blvd.

There Ed Kuepper sat alone.

He was having a cup of coffee and smoke.

Standing in front of a backstage club,

I looked at the bands list.

Many names flew by

Under crew – stage

I saw Holly Cornell.

John pointed it out

Feeling a joy

that only your favorite band

could give ya

We would be there

early tomorrow.

Come ‘on now

To help and see the band.

A Punk Poem by Hudley Flipside