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There are many stories from the BIG PUNK ROCK this is just one of them.


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1979 to 1989 Flipside Fanzine Covers


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Giving Punk Academy Talk UCLA 2018…. picture by Kurt Porter

For the last 10 years I was caught in a puzzle of wondering what purpose punk rock served in my life. What did this shared vision I had with others amount to? The answer came to me last night. It was so good to let go of this haunting curse of wanting to know that it had some sort of profound meaning in my life. It is as simple as a story. It all comes down to a story.

As bards of old sitting around the fire telling stories of tales from long ago. As the unofficial underground bard that I am, that is it. The conclusion to my question is a story

It might not be the best, or the best written, or the cleverest one. Yet often life is not perfect and often the friendliest stories are the simplest ones… told in truth and beholding to deep archetypal patterns.


Hudley Doodlings

All issues are 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 with 30 to 40 pages each… you could call them fucking fanzine style with a twist of honesty and punk rock integrity… a little punk chick tunnel vision punk addiction … and so there you go…   a taste… not the whole thing… a bite of the BIG PUNK ROCK…by a person who supported it.

Hudley Flipside Co-editor and publisher of Los Angeles Flipside Faznine 1979-1989



My Punkalullaby One

A dedication to the Saints Issue because they were the ones for me that got me into the curse of punk rock !!

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My Punkalullaby Two

The many Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine covers Issues because it was a big deal for us to pick the winner every two months. We had many many pictures to choose from !!!

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My Punkalullaby Three

The satire issue because with power comes humor even in a small draw of a pen or pencil…

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My Punkalullaby Four

The tape recorder issue because we had the same one for ten years… much love…. and many punk voices…

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