A nether payment.

A nether payment.

It was not one that I made. It was pending and was sent. I contacted the payee, and they after five days processed the payment. I asked them to send the money back because my bank had a glitch. Now I am waiting to process a single payment.

It has been four days. Two to five days is the given time for either or both major companies to process an electronic payment.

I talked to my oldest son who is a computer engineer. A cowboy coder who works for a major company. He told me that once money is sent to the “Q” then the money must stand in line to be processed. One at a time.

Kind of like standing in line at some crazy carnival. Until they are processed. The processor may be a big, massive computer or maybe not so big.

He said banks and mortgage companies usually don’t have the best processors like big tech companies.

I mailed a physical package on the same day I had the money reversed and the physical package got there already.

I got a call from my friend telling me so.

Yet still my money is lost in the interval.

The processing interval of money.


I am worried, my money may get lost in the electronic netherworld, and may never leave the place beneath the earth.