The Plastic Hummingbird

“Sabrina fair,

Listen where thou art sitting

Under the glassy, cool, translucent wave,

In twisted braids of lilies knitting

The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair;

Listen for dear honour’s sake,

Goddess of the silver lake,

Listen and save.”

~ Sabrina Fair (subtitled “A Woman of the World”) is a romantic comedy written by Samuel A. Taylor

I recently purchased a wind chime. Well, it is spiral plastic flowers and hummingbirds that hang on the larger arbor of a hanging tubular burgundy flower bush highlighting our back French doors. They are also solar lights at night that are magical to look at. The cats like to look at it and so do I.

I went for a short cool down swim close to the morning, I looked up to see the plastic colorful hummingbirds and flowers spiraling around in the soft cool breeze. It was going to be a hot day. The Plastic Hummingbird sounded like the nice name of a book.

I started to ponder what the book would be about. The many places we have to be. In nature listening. On the computer writing. Looking into a realm of social media or in our mind’s imagination and then the world of our feelings. We have many places to be or focus our attention.

The world of technology is rather new, but we have long lived in the world of architecture, science, and places of another human’s imagination. Films, books, and music are blending all of these realms.

There is also the intuitive realm or magic, faith, and synchronicity.

Whiskey Girl July 2022

The computer being a kind of oracle. Build by codes among codes among coding… computer programming. A vast new realm of communication on all levels of consciousness by conscious humans or the ‘lack-off.’

Later I went for another quick swim to cool off and once out of the pool sitting on my chair under the cool harbor next to my plastic hummingbird, I hear the sound of a real hummingbird. Under the vining vines of tubular flowers and bush, I see hummingbird right before my gaze. Weaving a little back and forth beating wings of 10-15 times per second. I look at the plastic hummingbird and then the living one and realize the contrary nature of life, plastic, and nature. Quickly grasping those things made and invented by humankind and those made purely by nature.

I flash back to a 1954 film entitled Sabrina. Humphrey Bogart as Linus Larrabee is just discovering something called “plastics” in the film. SO much money, collaborating, thinking and creativity yet no sense of how what they created will affect the environment.

Oh, dear me back to the love story.

“Linus Larrabee: Listen, I work in the real world with real responsibilities.

Sabrina: I know you work in the real world and you’re very good at it. But that’s work. Where do you live, Linus?”

Sabrina ~1995

Babes That Keep Giving

These are a handful of Babes that keep giving. They have influenced generations by their singing, music, and right and left hand creative endeavors.

Alicia “Alice” Armendariz ~ Alice Bag from The early LA Band The Bags

Annette Celia Genevieve Zilinskas ~The Bangles, Blood on the Saddle…

Julie Lanfeld-Keskin ~ Sin 34

Kim Morris – Bass and vocals The Thingz

Susan Janet Ballion aka Siouxsie Sioux~The Creatures, Siouxsie and the Banshees

We are living through kind of depressing days. I think it is a nice time to share humor and look to some darn strong women!

Babes that keep giving.

I love the term BABE. It means so many things. Here at FLopside Comics Mr. Fuck and Mr. Shit mean it in a HIGH FIVE way. Lovers, girls, and best friends. Yet they also use the word ‘dude’ the same way when referring to their friends that are girls.

Girls, gals, women, females, dames, dolls, and broads.

Mr. Shit does not use proper English and prefers to use “that” instead of “who”… it is a slang thing… yet Babes Who keep Giving he said,

“Is fucking OK too.”


Falling between the healthcare cracks of scary…

“Health care must be recognized as a right, not a privilege. Every man, woman and child in our country should be able to access the health care they need regardless of their income. The only long-term solution to America’s health care crisis is a single-payer national health care program.”

~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

I am feeling very raw and vulnerable now. I have had some health issues. The disadvantages of growing older. I am between the Dentist and the Doctor.

I developed a lump under my right neck. I went to the Dentist, and he declared it had nothing to do with my teeth. Then I had a (CT) scan at Kaiser. The Urgent care team declared it as “the cause and effect” of an infection due to most probably my teeth.

A week or so later I went into ER and about died due to almost stroking out.

I notified my Primary care physician at Kaiser, and he never got back to me. I notified him again and no response from him.

I had a antibiotics test done as advice by the Dentist. I now know what I can take for this infection.

Yet after about 8 days now both my doctor and dentist have not responded. I left them both messages about the antibiotic tests. I also asked for their advice as well as for a prescription. Both did not respond. I also wondered is there a connection between the lump and the stroking out due to this infection?

My simple deduction is this. How difficult is it for a Dentist or Doctor to deduce that by calling each other than they could come up with a plan for me the patient? Does this ever happen? It should.

So now I have a new Dentist I will see tomorrow and have a new doctor. I will make sure that they both have phone numbers from each other. At my strong request.

We all must be proactive with our healthcare. I was failed over and over again. It’s heartbreaking for me to say this but one must anticipate incompetence.

It is unbelievable that I could be so ignored and misplaced due to two professionals who I thought I could trust. I deserve better treatment. They both failed me.

Punk Diversity

Doug Fitzsimmons @punk_diversity is dedicated to sharing music and art with a focus on the early LA punk scene.

It feels good to have inclusion in the punk rock and or underground narrative. Artists, writers, bands, and fanzine writers… all of us smiling into the internet. The electrical fire …. It is fun and surprising to me.

This is Doug Fitzsimmons journey and one can see it all on Instagram.

 “You know Iris Berry is the one that encouraged me to start this journey.”

He seems very driven.

“I know it is crazy. I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to meet so many. It has helped that the community has vouched for me & my project which is also to document those who might fall out of the narrative if it is not done soon.”

As we have lost a couple of good buddies recently from the punk scene, I feel his determination.

This picture has a story. I was at the Hong Kong Café in China Town. It was early 1979 and I did not know Al Flipside from Flipside Fanzine very well. Yet he took my picture that night.

He said when he went to bed later that night, he saw me in a dream. The picture he took. My image was made up of hundreds of little dots like an X-8 drawing. X-8 is the original master mind behind Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. Well, the rest is history.

I stand with Milo, just a singer in a rock & roll punk band!

Punk Rock Historian and Consultant

~Hudley Flipside

I am wearing my shirt today to support The Descendents as a punk band.


“Welcome to Der Weinerschnitzel

May I take your order please?”


Yeah, I want:

Two large cokes, two large fries

Chili-cheese dog, large Dr. Pepper

Super deluxe with cheese and tomato


You want Bill sperm with that?

A cross section or motif of the underbelly of an overall group or groups of people who seem to behold Donald Trump as a great leader.

To see them wake up and testify against him was amazing to witness. One guy a family-oriented person a responsible citizen and one a creative artist. Both pulled into this absurdity is very disturbing to my sensibilities.

Capital Rioter Stephen Ayers and Jason Van Tatenhove

They describe stepping back and then observing what it really is they were supporting and promoting. Their followers denying the holocaust or another noting that all the lawful cases of Donald’s were thrown out of our courts. The BIG LIE is here to be torn down … we now see the man behind the curtain.

“Who was the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz?

One of the iconic characters in the film is the Wizard himself, the Man Behind the Curtain. Dorothy was in need of a champion, someone who had the power to help her get to her home. Toto pulls back the curtain revealing the Wizard to be a fraud, all smoke and mirrors and no real power.”

The Descendents T-Shirt on Jason Van Tatenhove.

Milo Aukerman was on a cover of Flipside Fanzine #37. We thought they were so crazy good when they first hit the punk scene. Der Weinerschnitzel defined a “amber moment” in punk rock history. I never forget the first time I played it hot off the press.

We all did grow old and now we must address this issue now. I am wearing my shirt today to support The Descendents as a punk band that is not associated with the ideocracy of these stupid assholes and deplorable and lost persons who supported or were at the United States Capitol attack. They are our human doppelganger staring us right in the face.

What will it be like when i get old

Will I still hop on my bike

And ride around town

Will I still want to be someone

And not just sit around

I don’t want to be like the other adults

Cause they’ve already died

Cool and condescending, fossilized

Will I be rich will i be poor

Will i still sleep on the floor

In July 2016, Aukerman announced he would be leaving his scientific career to pursue the Descendents full-time, citing burnout with biochemistry and getting laid off from DuPont.


The mockery of the Monkees contrasted with real bands

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

~Hudley Flipside

While the sitcom was a mostly straightforward affair, the music production generated tension and controversy almost from the beginning. Music supervisor Don Kirshner was dissatisfied with the actor/musicians’ musical abilities, and he limited their involvement during the recording process, relying instead on professional songwriters and studio musicians.

At 8 to 10 years old my friends and I watched The Monkees. We were believers and were all inclusive in the voice of a generation. Crushes were flying around the place and mock band performances were as familiar as tents made out of blankets and sheets. As young girls this was spectacular.

Now I can not watch a show without wanting to regurgitate due to the sugarcoating like the cereal we used to eat back then. Or white bread sandwiched with butter and crystalized sugar.

Two songs come to mind “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone, and “I’m a Believer.”

“(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone is written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart and recorded by Paul Revere & the Raiders.

“I’m a Believer.” is a song written by Neil Diamond.

Yes, both songs were currently riding a generation that had a lot to say in real time. It was around 1966. Yet, the Monkees were riding their fame on fake time. The medium created by middle-aged men. Mirages in the deserts of youthful minds. That’s entertainment as the band The Jam would say.

“An electric train and a ripped up phone booth

Paint splattered walls and the cry of a tomcat

Lights going out and a kick in the balls.

I tell ya that’s entertainment, that’s entertainment.”

The album also includes “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone,” The Monkees’ version of which became a U.S. Top 20 hit in 1967.[3]

Sfetcu,Nicolae (2014). American Music. Niolae Sfetcu. p. 166.

It is ironical when the Sex Pistols and Minor Threat both recorded versions of “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.” The Sex Pistols music is what it is. They did play by the Monkees playbook and included a lot of mockery and falseness to their persona.

I know Minor Threat was a real band.

That is a good contrast. The mockery of the Monkees contrasted with real bands. That is where my experience comes in. Working with so many bands I learned about the realness and authenticity of what bands do and who they really are. Real talent, intelligence, and heart and sometimes a lot of anger.  I am glad I know the difference and have that under my belt.

The Monkees] pioneered the music video format and paved the way for every boy band that followed in their wake, from New Kids on the Block to ‘N Sync to the Jonas Brothers, while Davy set the stage for future teen idols David Cassidy and Justin Bieber. As pop stars go, you would be hard pressed to find a successful artist who didn’t take a page from the Monkees’ playbook, even generations later. Monkee money also enabled Rafelson and Schneider to finance Easy Rider and Five Easy Pieces, which made Jack Nicholson a star. In fact, the Monkees series was the opening salvo in a revolution that brought on the New Hollywood cinema, an influence rarely acknowledged but no less impactful.

-Sandoval, Andrew. “How Davy Jones and the Monkees Impacted Music, Hollywood – and Jack Nicholson”. The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on April 30, 2012. Retrieved May 20, 2012.


Conspiracy theory are Shawn Kerri and Mad Marc Rude the same person?

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant.

~ Hudley Flipside

I may be whacked and out of this world but existing through the punk scene some things bugged the hell out of me. This is one story that needs some clarity.

Shawn Kerri is an American cartoonist who was dynamic through the 1970s & 1980s. She is known for her art as one of the rare female contributors to Cartoons Magazine and as part of the early Southern California punk rock scene, creating iconic images used by the Germs and the Circle Jerks.

Kerri moved to Los Angeles in 1977 and was involved during the punk rock scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In 1978, she published a fanzine called Rude Situation, with Mad Marc Rude, who was then her boyfriend.

‘During this period, she drew numerous promotional flyers and tour posters for her friends, which included members of the Germs and the Circle Jerks. One of her best-known images, “Skank Kid””

A little punk history, a cross over. I still believe that Mad Marc Rude and Shawn Kerrie are the same person. I thought this and no one has made me think otherwise.

When Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine came out with our Comic Relief Issue # 33 both Mad Marc Rude and Shawn Kerri premiered in this issue.

I have been studying both of their signatures. Both are different yet there is a similarity, though I must admit a very subtle one. As is their art.

Mad Marc always uses the © image in his signatures. Shawn does not very often.

Mad Marc Rude © Date.

Shawn Kerri

Then while looking for an image of Eddie Egan who just passed away for his memorial, I stumbled upon a punk cat image which seems to engage with the possibility again. The subtle difference is how each artist signs their artwork. Most often we did not see many © being thrown around. Yet in this one it is there and looks like a Mad Marc Rude merged with a Shawn Kerri and the surprise is at the ending of the signature.

It looks like Carrie © 85.

The “A” looks like a Mad Marc Rude “A.” It has the format of his signatures. Yet it looks like her signature in how the rest is formed except for two things.

A “C” is added to the beginning and an “E” is added at the end.

From Classified ads section Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 48 Doggie Style

The cartoon is humorous filled with punk savvy and has the Mad Marc Rude / Shawn Kerri style. During the early punk scene most all of our communications / correspondence was done through the mail. So many artists, friends, bands and beyond I never met in person. This is the case with Mad Marc Rude and Shawn Kerri. As a punk historian I may not find a conclusion to this narrative. Someone please help me debunk this with solid evidence.

Expose the falseness or futility of this. DEBUNK THE PUNK!

Moments in time, being was family, friends, touring bands, and a touring fanzine…

A jumble in time.

Wandering out of my cave at night like a stray cat, possum, or raccoon I am liking it. Last night we went to a local pub with an open bar. The Local Peasant – Woodland Hills Restaurant & Bar. It was open to the street and lots of fresh air. We were on a mission to find a pint of Newcastle beer. Yet all the pubs we visited once a few years ago, no longer carry it, or Bass for that matter. So, we settled to an Irish Mule, an Irish Stout and a Hefeweizen beer. All from microbreweries that have taken over the beer scene. Youngest son got the best darn cheese sandwich on sourdough bread I ever witnessed in my life. I try not to eat past 6 PM due to a nasty esophagus. Yet I was tempted. Then something rumbled in my heart and brain that reminded me of something. I was back in New York hanging with the band Detox. Maybe since Human’s death and talking to Tony Malone I am still grieving the guy and a scene that I just loved through and through.

One nice thing about documenting a scene is what is there to affirm memories. I like that best.

During the day it was so hot, and the subway shook the building where we were staying like a California earthquake. At night on top of the building we watched the businesses close down and open up again modern-day-speakeasies. The limousines drove up and out walked the rich old men and their tall, gorgeous models. It was a shocker but right before our eyes.

From Flipside Fanzine # 47. A Washington D.C. Special with Ink Disease and Flipside.