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How to Anchor This Energy in Your Psyche?

I examined the natal planetary positions for many other similarly Promethean figures. For example, I checked at once the case of Percy Bysshe Shelley, since he was so explicitly associated—even identified—with Prometheus, his Prometheus Unbound being the preeminent work on that figure in modern literature. If the thesis that Uranus was actually Prometheus had any validity, the birth chart of Shelley would provide the most obvious test case. I found that, in fact, Shelley was born with the Sun and Uranus in close conjunction.

Tarnas, Richard. Prometheus the Awakener (pp. 23-24). Spring Publications, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


I am enrolled in Zodiac Art Boost Seminar taught by Mat Gleason ~ Coagula Curatorial.

Meeting artists is kind of thrilling and I am learning from them. I hope good feelings all around are happening.

I am about to approach Uranus Square Uranus February 21, 2021- April 7, 2021. As so defined,

“You are being asked to claim some of the glorious wildness that can come only with the perspective of age. Time to drop the last stitch of the world’s phony clothes…”

I saw that Mat was offering the Seminar. I have known him for years and he has always been supportive of myself. So, I took a bold jump and enrolled, returning my support of his creative endeavors. Now I am delighted and challenged. I am being drawn back to my interests of Astrology, art and building community again.

I have shied away from Zoom meetings in groups. It is so intimate and up front. I also took the seminar as a move towards socializing again. As an introvert it is easy for me to get lost in music, books, old films and interpreting my dreams.

Here is a classroom assignment that was asked of us. An Astrological Portrait of our favorite artists associated with planets in our solar system.  

Sun- Me, Mercury- William Blake, Venus- Dionysus, Moon- Bees, Mars- Mad Magazine, Jupiter- Hildegard of Bingen,
Saturn- Gahan Wilson, Uranus- Praying Mantis, Neptune- Fennel Wand, Pluto- Nature ( Pluto loves Persephone)

And so I see Uranus and Prometheus…. has been my secret friend of liberation all along. As well as Praying Mantis… and the Fennel Wand…

Coagula SIte


Is out, new price and cover!

To Ride A Painted Pony Wild

I remember when films came out and played around for a few years. They would hit the big movie houses and then the smaller ones. They would play the drive-ins and then at the special theaters that played two or three films. The films continued to be promoted and there was not such a rush to go see them. The fees to see them were affordable and often 99 cent showings included a preface of a cartoon.

I am back to a slow promotional feel for my published books through The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing. I take it slow and continue to edit and promote my books when needed. I am back to the slow moving no rush way. Like when films and or books were presented and promoted when I was younger. Before the options of so much was introduced into our culture. Maybe it is because I have just slowed down too. Moments are precious.

This novella is nonfictional which is not supposed to be. They are popularly fiction or science fiction. Yet if you look around you will find embellished nonfiction novella out there, and a lot of early authors that came out with these sweet creation numbers. It captures an essence of something from my adolescence which is like a delicious perfume of wisdom and youth, before the pressure of growing up crumpled such high ideals, but I have found them again so what the fuck. It turns me on.

I even sent a letter to Bernie Taupin my hero, who is one of the persons this book is dedicated to. through Instagram. Most likely the closest I will ever get to him. Yet …. that is better than I dreamed. It is the reaching out that feels so good. Since I can remember reaching out with art, books and letters is what I have always done.

The Music that plays from a Supermarkets’ PA System

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Sue And Holly 1976

A moment can be an eternity some say. Then before you know it those moments add up and a whole lot of time has passed you by. I caught my son by the ear today and told him some of my moments. He looked at me and smiled. His moments are a lot slower than mine were at his age. He is sheltered in his room during a terrible pandemic as our lame duck President has been impeached for a second time. When I was 20 years old, I was already married running a fanzine and supporting a music scene. On my own with not a care and my moments were filled. College online in your bedroom is not all that different though. I ran my business in a bedroom converted into an office and I did spend a lot of my time typing on some sort of evolving machine. He games online with his older brother and buddies. I went to shows all night with mine.

Today I told my youngest son a story about a couple songs. I have my little shopping market in the San Fernando Valley that is not filled with people and has everything we need. It is like walking back into the 1970s because the music is relative to that period when moments are music from the radio.

I walked in the market and a Grand Funk (Railroad) song started to play. My first 45 I got for my 15th birthday., “We’re an American Band” was released on July 2, 1973.

“We’re an American band

We’re an American band

We’re comin’ to your town

We’ll help you party it down

We’re an American band.”

As I was leaving the song Honky Cat started to play. The song is off Elton John’s Honky Château album. It was released 1972. By the time I was in High School this song was enjoyed by my inner circle of friends. Moments in 1975 of pot and vinyl during after High School get togethers.

“When I look back

Boy, I must have been green

Boppin’ in the country

Fishin’ in a stream

Lookin’ for an answer

Tryin’ to find a sign

Until I saw your city lights

Honey, I was blind.”

I think this little Super Market has foresight and reflection and speaks to me through songs. It is alive like something out of the Twilight Zone….

a roundabout, KATZ bye bye see ya around.

Losing two buddies over a weeks’ time is a bit much to take as ridiculous dumb asses charge our capital and covid19 gobbles people up! What a crazy time.

Yet this is about a friend who has been around for a long time. Katz swam in the same scene as I and knows many of the same characters and players. I always enjoyed his pictures he put up on Facebook. Often, they were selfies of him, and some interesting females from one of his outings. I asked him for one too, yet I am past my babe days. I as he, gave each other a hard time yet I can tell we respected our perspectives on life. That is what keeps me bound to the underground and/or punk scene, such unique and colorful characters with minds and creativity that makes life good.

I remember we had a heated debate about a song… it was about love, being an outsider and other stuff. My son and his friends and music all a roundabout, inclusive and far reaching with songs. We often had such debates. I will not go into politics, but I was very shocked at his demise. Anyway, this is the song that we debated about, you come to your own conclusion. This is my creative endeavor to have the image I never got from him, yet I hope it will get his goat and make him smile if he comes floating by from the ether. We can have another good laugh.

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine 48 1986

Bomb Shelter Productions

The Grace of beauty and glory

New Project by the Seminary Of Praying Mantis Publishing

Art My Way

Monday, January 04, 2021

Overgrown is the bomb shelter in our backyard. A craziness of past generations. Yet, the time is right to move this project forward. It has been on the back burner for a few years. I completed many of my long-time goals.

Such as:

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary (replica) in bitchin’ paperback format.

A memoir My Punklullaby glossy cover paperback format.  

To Ride A Painted Pony Wild paperback novella.

13 music tapes of KFJC, Flipside Radio hosted by Hudley Flipside

It feels good to be freed up now to work with my many art illustrations and cartoons.

Bomb Shelter Productions will start with a single illustration of my art including an essay or talk about its relevance. I will start recording soon as I am now cleaning, painting, and making a place within the Bomb Shelter to do this.

Equipment: laptop and YouTube.

A great inspiration which I dedicate to AGLAEA.

The beginning of the year while safe in my bomb shelter.

How ironic is that.  

“Ha! Ha! the animation of delight”

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Wondrous to behold! Good friend Titan god of fire Prometheus, wonderful and wounded healer the great centaur Chiron, and human being poet Percy Bysshe Shelly’s brilliance always!

The most profound moment I can recall when myth and literature merged in my life started with a long stick, or some call it sheath, of fennel and a stencil of Chiron.

They were in opposition to each other for a few years. I sat between them in my living room. Fennel was cut from a plant from my front yard. It stood about as tall as me. As it dries, a thick fennel stick becomes stronger and more resilient. It rests near my hearth. The Chiron stencil is upon the wall in my living room. Art, I created years ago when my oldest son was young.

Yet there they were. I knew about the mythology that tells a story of Prometheus. He brought fire to humanity in such a fennel stick. For this sacrifice he was punished and tortured by Zeus. Bound to a rock, and so the story goes. Yet I finally stumbled upon a rather hidden myth that it was Chiron who set Prometheus free. The day I found this out. My living room bounded with joy. Here in my little living room, I came to understand this mystery! I felt liberated as well in a magical way. As if a secret story was only told to me. I finally comprehended it clearly. I imagined dancing around while holding hands with my two dear friends.

It took me a great deal of time to see this, but there they were in opposition to each other. Yet not them but the struggle was in me. I mused so many imagined ideas. How much longer was it that I also stumbled upon the quote from Shelly’s prose Prometheus Unbound? I suddenly read the passage and them knew the truth of what I read. A conversation between the earth and moon. Prose describing the liberation of Prometheus towards the heavens. The moment Chiron set Prometheus free.  Here is the quote.

The Earth.

The joy, the triumph, the delight, the madness!

The boundless, overflowing, bursting gladness,

The vaporous exultation not be be confined!

Ha! Ha! the animation of delight

Which wraps me, like an atmosphere of light,

And bears me as a cloud is borne by its own wind.

The Moon.

Brother mine, calm wanderer ,

Happy globe of land and air,

Some Sprint is darted like a beam from thee,

Which penetrated my frozen frame,

And passes with the warmth of flame,

With love, and odour, and deep melody

Through me through me!

(320 _ 330 Prometheus Unbound)

I cried. my heart almost leaps out with him towards the heavens. Overjoyed how this all came together. I bear witness to this. Now I share my joy here. To at least know in a creative way, how liberation may be viewed by the earth and the moon. Also, I address humanity … we need to see how precious literature merged with mythology is. To feel it and be inspired. To know the hope, it offers us now!

Prometheus Unbound is a four-act lyrical drama by Percy Bysshe Shelley, first published in 1820.

Happy New Year 2021 from The Seminary Of Praying Mantis….

Mysterium Magnum…

wait patiently

“I am not thoughtless but am prepared for anything and as a result can wait patiently for whatever the future holds in store, and I’ll be able to endure it.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I once took a course at California University State Northridge . It was a survey course, a history of early drama where I learned about the importance of the chorus . How early Greek plays built their dramas up using a chorus.

I highlight this song from the play Hair today because the elements of its structure are ancient. A singer , a story and a moral application which is amplified by a chorus.

I think we are living in one of the darkest times of our country’s history . This song is filled with foresight. The contrary experiences we face now are profound and we can not escape. What happens to the mass body bags? We do need to wear masks made from factories.

A grand mystery drama is upon us as a nation and we stand here.

Thinking upon The Magic Flute story and how at the darkest time is when the light comes . Are we waiting for deus ex machina?

I “wait patiently for whatever the future holds in store.”

Yes corny as it may sound , “let the sunshine in ! “

Courtly love as in the Knights of the Round Table.

“They both laughed and drank to each other; they had never tasted sweeter liquor in all their lives. And in that moment they fell so deeply in love that their hearts would never be divided. So the destiny of Tristram and Isolde was ordained.”
― Sir Thomas Malory




“Splendour in the Grass

What though the radiance

which was once so bright

Be now for ever taken from my sight,

Though nothing can bring back the hour

Of splendour in the grass,

of glory in the flower,

We will grieve not, rather find

Strength in what remains behind;

In the primal sympathy

Which having been must ever be;

In the soothing thoughts that spring

Out of human suffering;

In the faith that looks through death,

In years that bring the philosophic mind.


~ William Wordsworth


I recorded this today. I captured a moment of reflection that needed to come forth. It is in relationship with My Punkalullaby paperback book out on Amazon. As a self-publisher it is so rewarding to come out with my own renderings of my memories. My stories are not perfect stories just real-life moments of life. I think a good story is like that, it holds mysteries, truth, and often a few peppering errors. Which is OK by me.

I was filled with my feelings this morning about what the early punk scene meant to me. I like trying out things on my cell phone like my Voice Memos Application. I like what I captured.

I was reading and studying King Author and the Knights of the Round Table a lot in the 1980’s while in my twenties. I amplified this and superimposed it upon my life as a young punk rocker involved in a scene.  Yes, the bands and what we did was a kind of Knights of the Round Table experience for me. I do reflect upon those memories or amber moments because they still speak to me. The Knights were the many band members, and their music holds an epiphany of truth and rebellion always eternally youthful in my soul.